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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Email link on its way

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

Well you great fans, the funds have been transfered and so we are now able to send you the email with your link for the game.

Everyone should recieve in the next few days, and email from a RPGNow, with a link attached to said email. If you do not receive this email, check your junk mail filters first..  Not there, then contact me directly at...

I will then work on getting you the files some way or another.

If you do not have an account with RPGNow, it is easy to set one up.

Ok the with that link you will find a pile of files to download.  

The rules and a print friendly version as well

The adventure book, also in PFV

The encounter book, also in PFV

The adventure record sheet

A permission to print statement

A zip file with all the extra goodies and games. There is also a super secret surprise gift as a thanks to all you great fans

Ok once again thanks to all of you.  We are hard at work on adventure books and will run a Kickstarter in a few weeks for the first wave.

Once you have started to play your game, log on to our forum located on our web page. There you can ask questions, make comments and tell us all about your game.  What kind of characters have you generated, what adventures have they had?  Write stories about it, tell us what you think, etc.

We really want to hear from you, so join in the fun


Avalon Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alastair McBeath on

      @Robert: I'm not seeing that "X10 figure flat pages in a zip file" among the downloads you mentioned in your comments here, nor is it among my RPGNow Library items from this set. As you didn't list it in your posting here, is that actually still to come instead?

    2. Ian Holden on

      @robert - thanks. Looking forward this weekend to sifting through all these treasures.

    3. Robert Hemminger 3-time creator on

      Let’s see here.

      With the email link you should be able to download the following items.

      All three of the ASA books, plus their print friendly versions.
      The battle map book
      The adventure record sheet
      The permission to print document

      X10 figure flat pages in a zip file

      All of these are in a zip file
      S&G Dungeon, the core game
      Heroes and Villians 1
      Backgrounds 1
      IF Aliens
      Counter Wars, the core game
      Avalon Lairs, King of the Sewers

      And the secret freebee, Avalon Battle Tiles, 10’ Dungeon Passages

    4. Ian Holden on

      Could you provide a linkage between what you have provided to us now and what it refers to in the Kickstarter. And is there items still to come? I'm unclear and just wish to align what was promised and stretch goals versus all the files I have on my computer that I'm sorting through.

      The standard things - Adventure Book, Adventure Rules, Book of Maps aka Adventure Tiles, and Book of Encounters - are straightforward. It's the stretch goals where I'm lost.

      So, I'm trying to determine which file corresponds to the "Paper Figure Flats" or "Town Guard Book 1" - though that I think is a future item. I have a lot of files and would to know which files relate to which stretch goal item.

    5. Roy Goncalves on

      Great! Any chance for a youtube playthrough of the character creation, initial steps and encounters, a scenario or 2?

    6. Missing avatar

      Alastair McBeath on

      Excellent work and delivered AHEAD of schedule too! Well done. Reading time approaches...

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben van Gastel on

      Error with the ZIP files is solved… it was just an error on my PC .. sorry :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben van Gastel on

      Thanks. I have downloaded the files, and started reading. Looks great so far, excited to start playing

      I do have a problem to open the file with the Stretch Goals. For some reason I got an error when I open the PDF’s in that file.
      He can’t extract these ZIP files . Is this just me?
      Just very curious to know what the surprise will contain :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Unai Gomez on

      Mine well received and downloaded! Time to do some reading! Thanks Rob and congratulations to the whole Avalon team!