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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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While we wait

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

Hi everyone, Rob from Avalon Games here.  Well the waiting game is here.  Kickstarter takes about two weeks to process all the payments, until then we just sort of wait.  While we have the time I have gone over all three books once more, fixing little typos and grimlins. It seems to be a never ending task of editing, but we are trying our best to get you the bset game we can.

Also while we wait, work continues on with more adventure books.  I just finished a fun little adventure, the start of a three adventure story arch. These will pop up in the side track adventures books coming out next year.

So then I have a question for all of you.  We plan to run a Kickstarter to continue funding adventure books, so we can put them out for release all throughout next year. Here is the question.  Would you rather have us offer you all at once the books we have, that are completed or in the process of being completed.  Or would you rather we run several kickstarters and offer the adventure books in waves.

An example, we have, as of right now, six books fully done, and another 14 in the works, either needing editing and or cover art and layup.  We then have another 11 books either in the works of being written, or that are in the planning stages. Say ten or so books per wave would thus be possible, based upon funding through the various kickstarters.

So would you rather we offered all 31 books at once, or do it in waves, say ten books or so a wave.

If we offer the adventure books all at once, then I would more or less keep the same people working on them, as this will allow us a steady stream of work throughout the coming year. (I have to think about the well being of my freelancers. They have to be feed, groomed and given treats once and a while, like all well trained animals.) 🤪

If we were to offer the books in waves, then I would have to go out and find some new folks to work on them so we can keep up a good pace and keep the flow of books rolling along at a nice rate of completion.

So let’s here what you want.

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    1. Virago

      I'd rather they all be done by the same group.

    2. Ian Holden on

      My vote, as a purchaser, is I'd like waves which spreads out my investment over time. If you allow catchup options on subsequent waves, if I miss a wave I can get myself caught up. I'm largely only interested in the PDF format so if missed books when ordered later are only available in PDF and not print then that's fine to me.

      I, like others, do see the advantage to you of committed full orders and how this can allow you to lineup your talent to complete the books. But to me, that's your side of the business. I'm a buyer and I'd rather buy in waves than be asked to commit once for a product that will appear over a large time.

      Either way, looking forward to what we have coming in the current project and monitoring how things go forward from there.

    3. Daniel Lamoureux

      Prefer the wave! Give you the chance to play the book before havant the new one

    4. Kev S on

      *grimlins, *bset, *here

      Can't believe I'm going to be "that guy" but please make sure your product is better proof read than that update!

      Unless of course it was a joke that I didn't get. In which case, sorry!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alastair McBeath on

      Waves makes sense for me too, both financially and in terms of actual use.

      It's actually more complex than just book numbers though, as from the descriptions already provided, it's clear I'm going to be more interested in some of the adventure book strands than others. I'd be less inclined to buy-in if the books on offer as a package weren't all of equal interest to me, for example.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Dawkins

      I like Ian's ideal below of a "mix". Doing waves and yet offering the option of picking up older waves for those that couldn't afford the earlier waves seems like the best of both worlds. If you space out the waves nicely enough you would (hopefully) be able to keep the same set of folks working on them and so you also get the consistency of style that is nice as well.

      I will agree as well with those that said doing it all at once will probably lead to fewer backers given the cost of backing all at once. I would do it, but then I'm in a financial situation where I can afford to do that. Not all will be so lucky. Doing waves should allow more to back.

    7. Gauthier D.

      All at once. As James said, keeping a unified style is important too. Also, as I'm working with freelancers too, I like the team spirit instead of just "fire and forget" collaborations.

    8. Missing avatar


      oooh thats a hard one. On first glance, I would prefer waves to spread out the purchases for my money poor soul. However, if that means sacrificing continuity and writing styles etc... I think I would rather go with everything all at once. I know what it feels like to read a continuing story written by different authors and you can always tell.

    9. Mark Schipper on

      Are any of the adventure books in this kickstarter similar to the ones you are making in the future? I'm not 100% sure what to expect.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben van Gastel on

      I also prefer several waves of 5 - 10 books.

    11. Missing avatar

      Irene Mathisen on

      I think getting the books in waves would be best :-)
      But I personally will probably buy the anyway.
      As someone else also mentioned: please reoffer the first books later one :-)

    12. Jean-Pierre Ollivier on

      I think that waves might get you more customers, but your loyalty to your freelancers is admirable and I am willing to buy in either way. Supporting folk that keep my enjoyment of the hobby going is worth it :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Hsu Wei Chun on

      waves book please

    14. John Gardiner

      Although I would love to see all 31 at once I agree with others here that putting all in one KS might result in people passing due to the financial commitment all at once so probably better to do in 10 at a time. Shame that KS don't allow a COMMITMENT to all 3 with staged pledges for payment taken :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcos on

      Please, split in several kickstarter. It is too much pressure to decide about 15, 20, 30 games all at once.

      So please 🙏.

    16. Frankschtaldt on

      Waves makes more sense.
      It will give backers more time to save up between rounds.
      Also, people can only digest so much information. The prospect of backing 31 books all at once would be exciting for a small number of people but most would think it overwhelming and too risky.

    17. Mark Schipper on

      Waves of 5-10 books. I'd also suggest that you reoffer the core and previous 'bundles' as seperate pledge levels so newcomers still can get in on the core material but im sure you already thought of that.

    18. Missing avatar


      Why not both options? If the plan is three waves then offer up a Wave 1 option, and a Waves 1-3 option. Don't do a discount for getting all 3 at once so as to make it fair for anybody buying in. It would be easier for those buying based on paycheck or if competition is fierce at the time. I would prefer to buy them all because I work wildland fire in the summer and miss a few months where I may not be able to buy a wave.

      If you did it this way, then on Wave 2 you could also have an option for Wave 1 and 2 at whatever the discount over retail for people who missed out. It would maximize your funding for keeping the same crew employed for consistency, but allow for continued revenue stream as the books are released. Also, people hate to miss out so I would steer clear of KS exclusives if the project gets spread out. My 2 cents.

    19. Missing avatar

      A.A. on

      Waves of books

    20. John Bowlin

      Not sure where you are wanting us to give feedback on the question, but assuming it's a public discussion, I would suggest NOT releasing all of your titles (especially ones just in-the-works) all at one time. Splitting your KS out and doing 2 or 3 books per KS every 2-3 months will net you much more in funding. Why? Well backers have to have time to save up for their next fix, that's why. If you try to do one massive KS for 30+ books, you might make more money for that KS than you made for a smaller batch, but it will be too much for most people so they will pass. And you'll have already "launched" your product line and while you could re-up with another KS later for the same 30+ books, it will feel shady. Take a look at how Art of the Genre releases their Folio adventures. They do 2 Folio adventures at a time per KS. They pretty much get it almost ready to ship before they launch the next KS and while they announce shipping starting on the last KS they're launching a new KS for the next 2 modules. Then after they have a whole campaign of modules done, they do a hardcover book KS for a collected edition in hardback. This is a brilliant marketing strategy and every time they do another KS they get more fans and their overall KS become more and more successful.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Nadeau on

      Waves of 10 please