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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Wow we are just about to hit 3k!

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

So we have blown past all our stated stretch goals, so what now. Well how about some free games!

Yep for the next series of stretch goals Avalon will be offering up to all our backers, some free games. First up as a thanks for all of your support, we are adding a free 5e D&D Adventure, King of the Sewers. This is the first in a 12 issue series of short, fun adventures that you can drop anywhere in your game. These Lairs are fast adventures and fun, fun, fun. We have the first of this series as a free gift to all out fans, so enjoy.

Next at $3,000 we are going to offer up a free sample of an alien race for use in our Infinite Futures, a Sci-Fi RPG, which is of course based on 5e D&D. (There is also a Pathfinder version as well) This alien race is one of many that can be used in your game, so have fun with it. If you like this, then check out the full IF product line that Avalon has to offer, which of course can be found at RPGNow.

At $3,500 we have another free gift with each backer gaining a free copy of Arcana. Arcana is Avalon Game’s generic RPG setting. Designed to be used with any RPG system, Arcana is a game world like no other. Rich and full of history, detailed and full of adventures, the world is deeply explored, not only in the various setting and realm books, but also in the monthly Journals which offer up even more detail and lore on this grand gaming world.

At $4,000 we have a free copy of our 5e D&D modern backgrounds. Each issue details some new backgrounds for a modern world.

At $4,500 we have a copy of our series Heroes and Villain. Each issue offer full stats on some heroes and super villains for use in out 5e D&D version of Heroes Wear Masks. Super heroes for %e, what a way to play D&D.

Our last goal is a free version of Avalon’s Counter Wars. This base game offers a full conflict between the dwarfs and goblins and it can be fully expanded, with more races and even other genre, with super heroes and sci-fi now available.

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