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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Stretch Goal #4 Achieved

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

Child of Destiny Book 1, Royal Wedding

The next stage of stretch goals for Avalon’s Solo Adventure system has been achieved. This time around we have the first book of a seven adventure book series. The Child of Destiny series of adventures will take your four characters all the way from their first adventures in the core adventure book, and lead then across the fantasy world of Kierrn.

We do not want to offer up too much information on the adventures themselves, as that would be giving away the story, but we can say that the first book will offer more on the up coming marriage between one of your heroes and your young Princess Free. Not everything goes as planed though, and you will find several adventures within the pages of this book.

With a full color cover by the outstanding Beatrice Pelagatti, and clocking in at about 45 pages, you will find this is a great start to a grand series of adventures, adventures that will take your characters all the way to the top of their professions. Fully book marked and with a copy in a print friendly version. 

Avalon should have this ready to go by the first of the year (2019) and we will be offering it to you fans that backed the core game’s Kickstarter, at a discount off the listed price. Avalon will be sending out, when the adventure is released, an email with a coupon link for the reduced price, which can be redeemed at RPGNow.

We are looking forward to the next stretch goal, and as always we want to say thanks for your support and we hope you will have a great time with the game.

Robert Hemminger

Content Director

Avalon Games

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