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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Stretch Goal 2 Achieved

Posted by Robert Hemminger (Creator)

Town Guard Book 1

We have reached the next stage in our Kickstarter campaign for Avalon’s Solo Adventure system. This stretch goal will allow us here at Avalon to bring you great fans the first adventure book outside of the core adventure book that you get with your backing of this campaign.

Set for an adventuring party of 2nd to 4th level. 

“Joining the Town Guard has given you four heroes steady work and a steady income, but it is not always the most interesting of jobs. Things, though, are about to change. Given your lack of seniority in the Guard, you have been given assignments that boil down to "beat cop" work. The more interesting jobs are taken by those who have several years of experience. The four of you are chafing at the bit to find something more interesting on which to spend your time. And as fate would have it, your chance has just arrived.”

Expanding on the adventures you might have taken in the core adventure book when you joined the Town Guard, this adventure book follows up on some of the plot points found in the early adventure, and offers even more excitement and thrills as you four try to keep the town of Frith safe. This adventure book is clocking in at around 84 pages long, and comes with a full color cover by Wayne Peters and is written by Jennifer Povey. It is fully book marked and with a copy in a print friendly version. 

Avalon should have this ready to go by the first of the year (2019) and we will be offering it to you fans that backed the core game’s Kickstarter, at a discount off the listed price. Avalon will be sending out, when the adventure is released, an email with a coupon link for the reduced price, which can be redeemed at RPGNow. Here is a list of the adventures that can be found in this book. 

Murder of Crows 

Dead Man’s Curse 

Pirate Plunder 

The Black Spot 

Curse of the Sewer Rats 

Curse Of The Banshee 

Stone Man 

We are looking forward to the next stretch goal, and as always we want to say thanks for your support and we hope you will have a great time with the game. 

Robert Hemminger 

Content Director 

Avalon Games 

PS, just a side note, if the kickstart here continues to be popular, we might run a second Kickstater to offer the adventure books to you fans.  We were thinking that we might offer the books in groups, say three or four booksat one time, which you can then back at a discount. Then when the adventure books come avalinle, we can send you a copy for free as prt of your backing.

Any Thoughts? If so post on the comments section of this campaign.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alastair McBeath on

      Better to add additional pledge levels to this KickStarter for the adventure books than confuse matters by trying to run a separate KS for different groups of the books, I think.

    2. Robert Hemminger 3-time creator on

      Ya I may not have been clear on that, good point

    3. dunbruha

      You should make it clear on the campaign page that the adventure books are not stretch goals. Rather, the ability to purchase them at a discount is the stretch goal.