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A solo system for the 5e D&D RPG game system
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Avalon’s Solo Adventure system is a way for you to play 5e D&D by yourself, controlling a party of adventurers as they seek out glory and great deeds.

The system is perfect for anyone who wants to:

* play a solo 5e D&D adventure.

* learn the rules for 5e D&D by playing a fully realized solo version of the game.

* play a solo 5e D&D adventure that takes their characters from taking on their first adventure at an inn all the way up to defeating their evil nemesis.

* play a fully cooperative game without a Gamemaster sitting on the opposite side of the table.

* And for anyone who just has an hour or two and wants to play a game of 5e D&D.

It’s all here: the inns, the monsters, the treasures, the secrets, and the story!

The Avalon Solo Adventure system (ASA) will offer you a fully realized campaign world complete with towns, wilderness travel, set dungeons, randomized combat, special encounters, and a story—everything you need for a full campaign of 5e D&D.

Every aspect of the 5e D&D will be used during the course of the adventures of ASA, including combat, of course, but also skill use, character interaction, and the buying and selling of equipment within a limited kingdom economy.

While “solo” is in the title of this system, that in no way means that this is an adventure for a single character. Rather, it is a system designed for a solo Player. That Player will take command of an entire adventuring party and will guide them all throughout the campaign. 

The ASA rules will simulate the place of the Gamemaster, with randomized tables governing the game play, providing surprise and adding variety to the adventure. Since much of the content is randomly generated, a Player can even play the same adventure more than once and gain radically different results; however, Avalon Games will be providing many ASA adventures in the future in order to provide as many different solo experiences as possible to you, the Player.

In order to play ASA, you will need the ASA Base Rulebook and one of the ASA adventure books. You will also need the books for 5e D&D.

ASA is made specifically for solo party-adventuring, but it should be noted that the game can be played by a group of Players. 

The ASA begins with the Player reading the Getting Started section of the selected adventure, which will introduce the Player to the setting of the adventure and will likely also begin that adventure’s story. Then the Player can make four characters using the 5e D&D rules. The Player can make use of any official book of the 5E D&D system while doing so. The Player will begin to make choices as to where and how their characters will interact with the setting, and even decide what sort of adventures they will take.

While a game of ASA is governed by three books—the Base Rulebook, the selected adventure, and the Encounters book—ASA is organized in such a way as to greatly minimize the amount of switching that must be done between the books. The base rulebook governs the overall adventure (things such as wilderness travel and added combat rules and options), while an adventure book details all of the events having to do with the adventure’s story, any puzzles that may be involved, and the determination of the type and number of any antagonists that are met. The Encounters book will describe random encounters that are possible during the game.

Ranks and Titles

Throughout the game, the characters will gain ranks in set titles, which are then used to determine if the characters obtain boons and favors from NPCs within the game as well as for possible future adventures.

Glory: Glory is a measure of the number of great deeds that the party has accomplished. Amassed Glory will influence how certain encounters play out and how NPCs will react to your party of adventurers. More specifically, the more glorious deeds the party have accomplished, the greater the chance the party will be recognized by those it meets. That can be a bit of problem when the party meets forces of the enemy it has been committing those great deeds against.

Notoriety: A measure of the amount of criminal mischief that the party of adventurers may have gotten up to. It is, in many ways, a mirror of Glory. Certain actions, when taken, will raise the party’s Notoriety. While the level of the party’s Notoriety has no effect upon the chance of having an encounter occur, it can change the nature of those encounters, particularly when said encounter is a meeting with an agent of the civil authorities (such as a town guard).

There are layers upon layers of maps within the game, each narrowing down a location to show more and more detail. The basic map within the game is the encounter hex—a small, detailed location of a set valley, village, or whatnot.  Movement within this level of hex is from building to building, and can all be done within a few minutes or hours.

The next level is the region hex. These maps show the general region the party is currently in, with large areas of terrain shown, marked with points of interest, as well as the locations of town, well-known ruins, and the like. This is the main hex on which overland movement will be conducted, and is measured in terms of hexes traveled per day.

Realm hexes are the next level higher, depicting whole realms. Here you will see the borders of realms outlined, with interior regions shown and large settlements marked.

The last hex is the world map, and here you can see the entire game world as a whole, with major terrain features shown, such as coastlines and mountain ranges.

Each adventure will allow you to take your four heroes though some sort of exciting adventure, encounter, or exploration. In most cases, this will result in having to make choices and pick directions to explore. These choices will have consequences, though, and may well haunt you later on in future adventures. Make a poor choice early on and you might find you have a more difficult time in subsequent encounters. Choices might well open up new adventures and encounters, so play wisely and have fun.

Make allies and enemies, seek out lost ruins, and save the realm if you can.

What do you get with your Kickstarter backing?

Avalon is happy to, with your help, release the core of the ASA system on or about the first of 2019. That does not mean that you, the backers, have to wait so long.  Nope, Avalon Games will send all the backers of this Kickstarter campaign their PDFs on or around November of 2018. That’s right, you get to have the game a good two months before the general release. How is this possible? Well, Avalon has a lot of pride and purpose going into this great game, so much so that we have been paying for all the work, the editing, the art and everything else right out of our pockets. The Kickstarter we are running will help Avalon get the rest of what we need and offer us the chance to get this great game out sooner than we would normally be able to release the product line.

When you get your copy of the PDF, each backer will receive the following…

The Core Rule. A PDF of 24 pages, which covers all the rules you will need to run the game, as well as some option rules to make things even more fun.

The Book of Encounters. A 90-page PDF of encounters and encounter charts to make things random and fun.

The Book of Adventure. A giant 300-page PDF book of  over 50 exciting adventures, which will allow your group of heroes to progress up to 3rd level or higher, and open the door to future adventures to come.

The Book of Maps. Over 30 full-color battle maps, which will allow you to create an endless series of encounter locations and places to battle evil foes.

All of these books are offered in a print-friendly versions should you wish to print up a copy on your own.

Each book will also be bookmarked for easy use.

All of the PDFs will be available for download at RPGNow with an email sent to each of you when the product is ready for our backers. (Note that you will need to set up an account at RPGNow if you do not already have one.  It’s easy and costs nothing.)

On top of all that, we will be offering to you backers the whole bag of goodies at 25% off the listed price, so you get it all, early, and at a better price.

Why release this great game in PDF format only? Well, as you can see, this is a lot of stuff, and if we were to print it all up, four books, in full color, it would cost you fans well over $150. That’s crazy. Avalon would rather you spend that kind of money on your friends and family, or buy a bunch of other games from Avalon or some other small print publisher.

If, though, in the future there is a great demand for a full print run, then we here at Avalon will look into what it would take. Ultimately, we here at Avalon Games want you, our fans, to get a great game and a great price.

Campaign Goals

$1,000 – Funded

We have reached our goal and will be able to release the early version to all our backers.

$1,100 – Paper Figure Flats

A series of five never-before-released figure flat sets, which you can print up and use to battle your adventurers. Monsters, bandits, and pirates all for your use. This is an exclusive for our Kickstarter backers and these figure flats will never be released by Avalon ever again.

$1,200 – Our First Adventure Book, The Town Guard Book 1

At this point, we can release our first adventure book. This book of adventures will allow the party of heroes to join the town guard and deal with the many plots and stories already hinted at in the core adventure book.  Backers of this campaign will receive a discount on the purchase of this and other adventures books to be produced.

$1,300 – More Paper Figure Flats

Five more figure flat sets, this time with plenty of adventurers and more monsters to deal with. Once more, these are exclusive for our Kickstarter backers and these figure flats will never again be released by Avalon.

$1,400 – Child of Destiny Book 1, Royal Wedding

This is the first in a series of seven adventure books that will follow a grand story and take your party of heroes all over the lands seeking adventure and glory, and raise them to a higher level.

$1,500 - The King’s Guard Book 1

Joint the king’s guard and protect the realm from foul plots and dangers.

$1,600 - Child of Destiny Book 2, A Witch is Born

The exciting second part of the series of adventures that tells the continued story of the Child of Destiny.

$1,700 – Rauh’s Roughnecks Book 1

Seeking to live life on the other side of the law, here is a series of adventures for those that join Rauh’s Roughnecks. Beware, a life of crime may not always pay off. 

$1,800 - Child of Destiny Book 3, Terror at Raven Crest

The gripping third part of the series of adventures of the Child of Destiny.

$1,900 - Temple of Light and the Order of the Silver Rose Book 1

Seek further adventures as servants of the Temple of Light. What foul plots do the forces of evil perpetrate and can you stop them?

$2,000 - Child of Destiny Book 4, Gieldrith

The fourth part of the series of adventures that tells the story of the Child of Destiny.

$2,100 - The Town Guard Book 2

Seek out new adventures and save the town of Firth once more from those that would see it brought low.

$2,200 - Child of Destiny Book 5, Boader Princes

The fifth part of the series of adventures of the Child of Destiny.

$2,300 - The King’s Guard Book 2

New plots wait the princess as she tries to keep the realm safe. As part of the king’s guard you must protect her and see that she is successful in saving the realm.

$2,400 - Child of Destiny Book 6, The Grey Man

The sixth part of the series of adventures that tells the story of the Child of Destiny.

$2,500 – Rauh’s Roughnecks Book 2

More illicit activities with the rough folks that work for halfling crime lord, Rauh.

$2,600 - Child of Destiny Book 7, Rise of the Lich King

The seventh and final part of the series of adventures that tells the story of the Child of Destiny.

After all of these adventure books have been produced, we won’t stop—we have plenty more in the planning stages and some even now being written.  So, if our funding reaches any higher we will just fund these adventures as well.

Just a fast note on these adventure books; they are not a part of this campaign, but seperate products that will be released at a later date. Your support here will help us to produce them and we will offer a discount for each adventure that is produced, to backers of this campaign.

The Team

Robert Hemminger

Creative Director for Avalon Games, Robert has been a game designer for most of his life and has written or guided into production well over a thousand games and gaming products. He has been a published writer and artist for many years and holds a Master’s Degree in Art.

Jennifer Povey

Born in Nottingham, England, Jennifer R. Povey now lives in Northern Virginia, where she writes everything from heroic fantasy to stories for Analog. She is currently working on an urban fantasy series of which the most recent volume, Fallen Dark, was released in the summer of 2017. Additionally, she is a regular writer and designer of tabletop RPG supplements for a number of companies. Her interests include horseback riding, Doctor Who, and attempting to out-weird her various friends and professional colleagues.

Wayne Peters

Wayne Peters is a freelance 3D artist and digital illustrator and games industry veteran. He lives in Wales in the UK with his wife, two kids, and his dog, Merlin.

Beatrice Pelagatti

Beatrice Pelagatti has been an Italian freelance illustrator for five years.

She loves everything about fantasy and sci-fi art, in all their declinations. Some of her clients are Paizo, Legendary Games, Wayward Rogues Publishing, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Kobold Press, Lost Sphere, Eos Sama, Ufo Edizioni, and she volunteers for the magazine Wayfinder. She is also a Co-founder of Potato Killer Studio and Lead Artist working on "Fangold" (TCG).

This year, her work has been selected for the international art collection Infected By Art.
 During 2015, she did some 2D illustration for a tablet game for Ferrari.

In 2014, she was a "runner up" at a concept art contest for the videogame Rift.

In her free time, she works on private commissions and personal paintings, loves to play videogames, RPGs or board games, practices yoga, travels when she can, and pets her two cats.

As a gamer and dreamer herself, her goal is to help people live their adventures with the images she creates.

Jennifer Sadler

Jen has worked for a myriad of game companies, starting with West End Games in 1996. Since then she has been published under Seiden, Schoonover, and Sadler, and hopes she never has to change her last name again. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with a number of family members and pets, and dreams of a place where she can write and edit in peace and quiet. 

Risks and challenges

While this is Avalon Game’s first Kickstarter campaign, we have been around for a long time and have produced well over a thousand PDF games. We have plenty of experience in generating this sort of gaming product line and we are sure we will be able to offer you backers all we have promised and more.
If, for some reason, we are delayed in the release, we will keep you backers well-informed and updated on what is going on. If we cannot for some reason release the product, you will be reimbursed for your backing or given a series of games, your choice, in compensation. We do not foresee this taking place, but it is our goal to keep all of you great fans happy and will bend over backward if need be to see that all of you remain our fans.

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