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A tool that enables blind people to tell apart their medications, bottles of wine, canned foods, and other indistinguishable items.

So, what's the matter? Just imagine reaching into your kitchen cupboard blindfolded and trying to grab the can of soup (no, not the can of dog food, silly!). You'd probably experience something like this:

Enter 6dot. Elegant and easy-to-use (and some might even say sexy), the 6dot creates Braille labels at the simple touch of your fingertips. With the 6dot design, blind and sighted people of all ages and all experiences with Braille can easily create embossed sticky labels... in any language!

So what? Well, just think about a life where you couldn't tell your medications apart, and where you occasionally walked out of the house wearing your wife's night shirt because it wasn't labeled properly. How frustrating, when what you really wanted to do was be training for your Mt. Everest climb!*

(*For tips on climbing Mt. Everest blind, place your $1000 pledge to our campaign to get your signed copy of Erik Weihenmayer's book, Touch the Top of the World)

Why me? Because you care about being independent. You care about being able to know what time it is, choose what you want to wear, cook your own meal, get yourself around without help. Independence is freedom. Freedom is opportunity. And blind people deserve the opportunity to chase after their dreams.

Why $50,000? Let me tell you about it: Our customers are waiting in line out the door and around the block for this product. We've got more preorders than we can handle, and a waiting list on top of that. $50,000 will put us well on our way to getting those first couple hundred products delivered to our customers, and starting the chain of impact we hope to have on the world. But don't get us wrong. $60,000 would go a long way, too. And so would $600,000. (We 6dotters prefer doing things in multiples of 6.)

So who are you guys anyway? We're just a team of friends who love to see people smile -- which is why we do what we do. Oh, and we love to smile, too. (See below.)


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  • Pledge $6 or more
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    CHEERS! Thanks for your $6 to 6dot! You've made a difference in the world, and you can be proud of that. :)

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    ACCESSORIZE ACCESSIBILITY! You get: (1) a 6dot silicone wristband embossed with Braille, and (2) six custom Braille labels that will be delivered fresh and crisp out of 6dot labeler prototypes. Labels can be up to 6 characters in length (naturally)!

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    24 backers

    (everything above AND) TWEET IT! Send us your favorite statement of up to 140 characters, and we'll mail it back to you in the form of a Braille label, fresh out of a 6dot Braille labeler! We'll even mark the label so you that you know which way is right-side-up. A perfect gift for a friend!

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  • Pledge $66 or more
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    POWER PLEDGE #1: (everything above AND) You'll receive two music albums, one each from blind recording artists Laurie Rubin ( and Ginny Owens ( Ginny Owens' new album, "Get In, I'm Driving," will be released Sept 13, 2011 -- be one of the first to own it!

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    (everything above AND) DECK OUT! We'll send you a pewter, heart-shaped pendant with "love" embossed in Braille, by award winning designer Leslie Ligon:

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    9 backers

    (everything else AND) LEARN IT! You have the choice between a one-hour workshop in Braille (to be held in the SF Bay area) or a one-hour mechanical engineering consulting phone call with a 6dot co-founder (mechanical engineering alumni of MIT and Duke). Whether you're looking to keep your brain sharp by learning a new language (Braille) or working on designing your own hardware product, this pledge is for you!

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    (everything else AND) CONQUER EVEREST! In thanks for your pledge, you'll receive one of the very first 6dot Braille labelers, and a signed copy of Erik Weihenmayer's Touch the Top of the World - A Blind Man's Journey to Climb Farther than the Eye Can See.

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    POWER PLEDGE #2: (everything above AND) DOUBLE TROUBLE! NBA players and twin brothers Brook and Robin Lopez (NJ Nets and Phoenix Suns) have BOTH signed 6 basketballs for 6dot! Pledge now to be one of just 6 people to receive this special item, plus everything else above!

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