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$6,201 pledged of $24,000 goal
$6,201 pledged of $24,000 goal


Crafted to resemble quaint buildings, the cuckoo clocks Jodie Davis collected over the years made her long for one designed after one of her favorite places: a quilt shop. Her dream became a reality when she contacted the Schneider Cuckoo Clock Company of Schonach Germany. She pitched her crazy idea and they said go!

$395 plus shipping (see below)
$395 plus shipping (see below)
 Like every cuckoo clock, on the hour and half hour the cuckoo emerges to proclaim the time. But on this clock the cuckoo precipitates a chain of actions. The quilter’s arm moves to rotary cut the fabric painted on the table, the kitty jumps up and down on a stack of fabric bolts and a chimney sweep pops out of the chimney.
Cuckoo door and quilts.
Cuckoo door and quilts.

 Jodie designed the quilts by the door of the clock using Electric Quilt 5. She scanned and emailed catalog images of a rotary cutter and fabric bolts to help the sculptors in Germany carve the props.

Thread spool pendulum.
Thread spool pendulum.

 Note: The little wooden plaque at the front bottom of the clock will not be on your clock. It was a miscommunication between Jodie and the factory. (German/English) The idea was to have it signed on the side. Better to have no signature!

The Schneider factory in Schonach, Germany.
The Schneider factory in Schonach, Germany.

 Hand made in the heart of the Black Forest, this limited edition quilt shop cuckoo clock is created by skilled craftspeople, with some of the stages of manufacture taking place in their homes as they have for over a hundred of years.

Development of the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

While we started the design process when I was in Germany, we perfected it once I returned home. I sent drawings and pictures of cutting mats and fabric bolts as a guide for the prototype.

I traced the basic clock from the catalog and drew in what I wanted on the clock. Then I numbered parts and gave more detail on additional pages.

 This was my first rough sketch:

 The entire process was immense fun, but the best part is the what the quilters who received that batch of clocks had to say.

Kimberly Jackson of the Stitching Post Quilt Shop in Burkburnett,Texas writes:

"I get so many complements on my clock in my store. I can't tell you how many times I have to fast forward the time to noon so we can watch her cut fabric."

She raises her arm to cut!
She raises her arm to cut!

 So many people have asked me when I'll be bringing in another batch so now, thanks to Kickstarter, here's your opportunity to have one of your very own!

To read more about the development of the clock, go to my web site to read Diary of a Cuckoo Clock Designer.

Details About Jodie's Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

  • Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock made by the venerable Schneider Company in Schonach, Germany 
  • Hand carved quilter, kitty, fabric bolts and thread spool pendulum.
  • Animation: On the hour  and half hour the cuckoo pops out of his door and sings, the quilter rotary cuts fabric, the kitty jumps up and down on the fabric bolts, and the chimney sweep peeks up from inside the chimney.
  • Cuckoo door can be latched to silence the cuckoo.
  • Instructions for setting up and caring for the clock are included
  • The pendulum is a hand painted spool of thread
  •  Measures 10" W x 12" T x 6.5" D minus pendulum and weights
  •  Brass 1-day movement
  •  Pine cone cast weights
  • A lever on the side sets the cuckoo to silent at night
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made by hand in a small factory in Germany, the clocks are the real thing!

To learn about how cuckoo clocks are made, how to hang them and more, visit the Cuckoo Clock Designer web site. http://thecuckooclockdesigner.com/

Explanation of Funding

The funding goal is set according to the factory minimum order. The price includes Kickstarter and Amazon Payments fees.


I have a purchase order ready to sign, scan, and email as soon as the campaign ends. In order to get the clocks made before the factory's long Christmas holiday, I'll order the clocks as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends successfully. This way the clocks will be on their way before the shop closes for the long holiday vacation. The clocks travel by sea, and can take some time to clear Customs. (Although avoiding the Christmas rush should steer us clear of that.) Expect your clock to arrive at the beginning of February. I will, of course, keep everyone in the know as to the progress of the clocks. Here's a little graphic of the expected timeline:


Each clock is packaged in its factory packaging which will then be placed in a USPS-approved box and sent to you.

Shipping via USPS Priority mail to the continental U.S. is included in the price of $411. ($395 plus $16 shipping)

If you live outside of the continental U.S. I'll be happy to ship your clock to you. I've figured up additional shipping (beyond the $16 already accounted for) for places cuckoo clock-loving quilters are most likely to live. Please add that amount to your total upon checkout. I'll double check before I send the clocks and confirm with you that all is well.

Alaska $39 (ex. Add $39 to the $395 = $434)

Canada $24

Great Britain $44.

Germany $34

Australia $69 (yikes!)

For other countries, please send me a message.

Risks and challenges

This is what I wrote for my previous, extremely successful, Kickstarter for the clock:

"Since we are working with one of the oldest cuckoo clock makers in Germany through a proven US-based distributor, plus the fact that a few years ago I imported two batches of clocks, our only risk is, well, not much.
I have factored in a little extra for both production time shipping time, so I'm very comfortable with the delivery date.
Of course, I will keep everyone apprised of the progress of the clocks via email and Facebook and through Kickstarter updates. Part of the fun is the anticipation!"

Turns out everything went great, the clocks showed up on time... but... they didn't have animation. When I opened a box that Friday afternoon of their arrival to check them before shipping them (labels printed and ready, USPS lined up to pick them up) it was a shock that they lacked their animation! It had been several years since I had ordered them before: no one caught the mistake. So back the clocks went to Germany to be repaired. Boy, were they mortified back at the factory and a steam of apologies crossed the sea from Germany!

As soon as the campaign closed for that batch I received emails and messages on Facebook from people asking if I had any more clocks. Anticipating this I had increased my order, but it wasn't enough. So I planned on launching another campaign for a second batch of clocks as soon as I shipped the first batch.
I now have a list of over twenty people who want one and the first batch of clocks won't arrive back here for a good month. So I decided to go ahead and launch another Kickstarter. I simply couldn't make those who want them wait for them. And they agree!

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