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I want to learn more about recording cars and integrating the sound into a game, so I'll be putting my car on a dyno for recording.
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Licensing, or What You Can Do With The Sound.

Posted by David (Creator)

It's been brought to my attention that the end-user license agreement was left very unspecified so I'd like to post this update so all are on the same page. I have posted this in the FAQ section but wanted to make sure all my backers got a copy as well. I must admit I had not thoroughly planned this out beforehand, and as such had not correctly addressed usage rights from the onset. For that, I apologize. Here is the rundown of the usage agreement.

First, the sound files will not be sold after the conclusion of this KS project, so please do get it now (and make sure your friends do too) while you still can!

Second, I have decided to remove required attribution, however if you would still like to, please credit David Nichols @ Track Time Audio. This is to encourage your use of my sounds in your projects. This includes commercial as well as non-commercial use.

However, the right to repackage and/or redistribute the pack of sounds as a pack of sounds is still being reserved. Let me clear this up with a few examples. You are welcome and encouraged to take these sounds and create a video game or film or installation or any sort of creative project. What isn't cool is reselling the pack or sharing it in part or in entirety on a soundfile hosting site. To word it differently, the right to have access to the pack of sounds as a pack of sounds is limited to those who have purchased the pack via donating to the project.

Now, I have been asked by some folks at some sound sharing sites if the sounds will be available to their user databases. My intention is to release a very small subset of the sounds under public domain such that those sites and their respective communities may have access to them. The amount of sounds available will be less than 10% and closer to 5% of the total amount in the pack, so you definitely will want to donate! I will post an additional .PDF with sounds that can be expected as public domain (which is compiled from the master take lists posted earlier) tonight. Expect it to mostly be from the "foley" side.

My apologies for the confusion here, and thank you for your comments and thoughts.


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