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I want to learn more about recording cars and integrating the sound into a game, so I'll be putting my car on a dyno for recording.
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Happy weekend!

Posted by David (Creator)

We've got to very nearly 2/3rds of the way to the goal! Things are looking great. A huge thanks to all who have donated so far.

Just a couple quick updates. I've finished a "Take List" or list of everything that will be recorded for this project. I have separated it into things that are recorded on the dyno and things that can be recorded away from the dyno. The links will open up .pdf's for you to browse through. As you can see, the on-dyno list is 4 pages and the foley a solid 8. Also in the foley list is some impulse responses. I'll also add the links into the FAQ on the main page. If there's something you want and don't see please message me and we can see if it'll fit in.

The car will be at local carshow MN C&C tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to advertise the project there.

Lastly, I've located a dyno shop! Yang and the guys at Devoted Autoworks are excited to work on this. They have a hub-style or "Dynopack" dyno setup, so it's looking positive so far. I just need to get to 100% so I can schedule the time! Speaking of, we're looking at June 16th for a potential date.

Thanks again for the support!


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