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I want to learn more about recording cars and integrating the sound into a game, so I'll be putting my car on a dyno for recording.
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Holy wow!

Posted by David (Creator)

Hey everyone,

I just want to say a HUUUUUGE thanks for backing me on this. The funding is already nearly at 50% and it's only been 3 days! I am truly blessed to have your support.

Just a quick update, I have found a number of shops in town that are willing to tackle this project, and as soon as funding hits 100% I will go ahead and schedule. I found one shop that is very close that operates Dyno-Pak, or "Hub Dyno" setups which would significantly increase the sound quality as this style of dynamometer is much more quiet than the in-floor style.

I have also purchased a Cold Gold contact microphone which will provide some very interesting sounds from the diff and/or transmission. I will be experimenting with it this week (as I have never used a contact mic) and will post up some samples.

Again, thank you!


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