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A 13-week guided journal to help you walk with God at His pace. Weekly / daily prompts teach you to notice God's activity in your life.
A 13-week guided journal to help you walk with God at His pace. Weekly / daily prompts teach you to notice God's activity in your life.
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Final Update (Probably)

Posted by Corby Stephens (Creator)
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Howdy friends and neighbors!

This is probably the last update for this Kickstarter Project. I can't tell you how humbled I am that you helped make this a reality. What started as a personal project a year ago September is now being used by people from coast-to-coast in the US, as well as Canada, the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong! Craziness!


  • Last Friday the 15th two amazing things happened. I saw Star Wars The Last Jedi twice (awesome!) and I picked up the final batch of printed journals from the printers.
  • Yesterday (Sunday) I delivered the Church Bundle to the church that graciously supported that reward level. I was also contacted by another church who is interested in it. (If word gets around and your church is interested please have them contact me, details below).
  • Apart from the journals for college students being delivered, and the two backers who I have never heard back from (one in Canada and one in a band, are you out there?), all of the journals have been delivered as of the 15th. As you may recall one of my goals was having them all shipped by the 15th. Mission accomplished!

What's Next

  • Video Workshop - Now that all of the journals are out and the online store is functioning at a basic level (still lots to do!) I will be focusing on producing the online workshop for those who backed four or more journals. Heads up! For the rest of you, if you sign up for the email list you will automatically receive a coupon code for discounted access to the workshop once it's ready.
  • Selling On Amazon and Etsy - I'm in the process of getting setup to sell The Rhythm Journal on Amazon and Etsy. More exposure is better, right?
  • Hardbound Edition - My original Kickstarter goal was to offer Standard and Deluxe versions of the journal. You all ended up with the Standard version. I still want to make a Deluxe version that is like a Moleskine journal. That will be the next Kickstarter sometime later 2018.

Well, I think that's it! Remember, as you start using it, if you are inspired to share your experience with the journal online, there is a page near the beginning of the journal with a list of hashtags you can use. Please use those as I have a search setup to find them.

Don't forget to join the closed Facebook Group! Some very encouraging posts starting to appear there. 

Feel free to contact me at with any questions, comments, and concerns. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN SOOOO MUCH!

Signing off (for now)

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