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We are a cosmically aligned electronic chillout group hailing from Denton, Texas with an emphasis on reclaiming our reality. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 24, 2012.

We are a cosmically aligned electronic chillout group hailing from Denton, Texas with an emphasis on reclaiming our reality.

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Check out Gravity Mission's SoundCloud Page to listen to the duo's three singles: Instincts, Activation and The Hive Mind.


During the early days of the year 2011, a cosmic event took place when Scott Werley and Ruben Erazo joined forces while collaborating on Ruben's Subito Pianno debut album Paisaje Mental (Mental Landscape).  At the time, Ruben hired Scott as a professional contractor to execute the design of his website and album artwork.  During this creative process, a moment of Ruben's poetic discovery of Scott's previous works blossomed and unfolded with a flash of white light, forming a permanent interstellar connection between a 70's/80's disco-charged, classical Colombian musician and a young electronic DJ with an impressive eclectic music catalog, holding a small yet devoted underground following.

As many other unexpected projects have started in times of past, the concept of Gravity Mission was conceived at a local bar on the backside of a simple white napkin.  From the chaos of the atmosphere, two words emerged from the smoky blackness: GRAVITY MISSION.  This was the beginning of an unparalleled, year-long, perilous yet bountiful exploration through all of space and time.  Ruben and Scott entered into the void together and came out holding a star that outshined their darkest nights, "unburdened by the gravity of their mission" (anonymous source of design).

Inspired by the vibrant and rich headspaces and lyrical masterworks of Tycho, Röyksopp, Late Night Alumni, Sigur Rós and Samantha James, along with the commanding natures of George Michael, Lime, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and the classical genius of Bach, Gravity Mission found itself standing on its first set of hybridized legs while Spring emerged throughout North Texas.


Throughout a year defined partly by professional transitions, Gravity Mission's final line-up of eleven album-making tracks were conceptually constructed to form a larger constellation of meaning and intention. The duo's ideas were purposely stored within one smart phone's dedicated micro SD card.  The fate of that card to water or digital corruption would have at anytime marked the end of the duo's work.  Unforgiving?  Yes.  Yet they stayed loyal to their purpose.  Everything is impermanent, and what a better way to experience this than to purposely not have a backup.  This little card was the heart and flesh to Gravity Mission's soul.

Countless nights filled with hours of YouTube music video sharing, disco-chillout swap sessions, and photographic experimentation propelled the interests of the group's mission forward into the territories of the written word.  Building from the foundation of two of Scott's previously abandoned poetic selections "Unsung" and "Turning Point," the words for Gravity Mission's entry album "Before The Spoken Word" seemed to appear as if ghostly figures were rising from the blank pages.  It was a process of activating what had laid dormant within, slumbering yet waiting to be called into existence.  A website was immediately launched with a mission that has remained unchanged since its conception.  It was clear at this moment that this was the point of no return.

During the production stages, Ruben would come up with the rhythm, chord progression, and melody and Scott would brainstorm the designated lyrics and visual interpretations to match the transmissions he received.  The process was challengingly specific, yet naturally comfortable, while focusing on a pre-assembled list of track names to match an idea larger than its parts. "Before The Spoken Word" is a conceptual yet accessible album that sprouted upward through this sustainable system of concept, music, lyrics.

"We wanted to create something unique that we had envisioned in our minds and not yet heard expressed in the music world," says Scott.  "Our discussions of humanity's past health and wellness, natural beauty, and simplicity in the face of complexity guided us upon the idea of 'Before The Spoken Word' -- that is -- before an age corrupted by the abundant poisons of a self-destructive species."


Ruben and Scott completed their eleven track vision along the tides of February 2012. The recording, mixing, arranging, and mastering of the album was directed by Ruben and fine-tuned by Scott's judgment.  Applying the final polish was a time of open criticism of their shared vision.

With the final updates implemented, several pre-release copies were shared within the depths of the internet.  Only a select few individuals were gifted this pre-release.  Yet simultaneously, the group released their first single "Activation" as a free promotional download for all to access on their homepage,

Shortly thereafter, a SoundCloud player spawned with a total of three singles to pave the way for their final release.  Diverse in their presentation yet connected by their core, these tracks were shared openly throughout various social media outlets to announce the upcoming final album release planned for summer 2012.


Gravity Mission is currently in the art direction stage for the final album design. The group is excited to announce the typography and lyrics are being hand-written with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Gravity Mission will be experienced more like a written journal than the common pixel-perfect, geometrically inspired layout.  Its impact will exist within the fibers of its listener's direct experience and memory of it, rather than by the mechanical perfections of an industrialized and entitled age.

The duo has a total of thirty days to raise awareness and funds for this project.  Both Scott and Ruben are grateful for all of the support they can get.  From kinship to stranger, this shared vision will become a reality through the selfless assistance of others inspired by the group's unwavering three part mission:

"To recover
our conscious form that connects us to all living things.

To pursue
with dignity the endless mysteries of life and love, death and absence.

To remember
we are ancient secrets - stardust and all of its impossibility -
on the bountiful shores of our infinite cosmic reality."


Thank you for supporting Gravity Mission's goal of $1,700.  Your pledge will help Ruben and Scott to fund their vision of producing one thousand professionally printed CD copies of "Before The Spoken Word" to be distributed to listeners of all ages seeking to reclaim our reality.  Your donation will help the duo to begin positively shifting the consciousness of the planet through the power of music!

With this album's launch comes the first burning embers of Gravity Mission.  This is only the beginning of the group's musical journey.  A second CD release is already in production and will be announced when the time is right.  For now, they are opening this collaboration to the world and asking for support and loyalty.  Every donation made whether small or large will help Gravity Mission continue forward with their endless pursuit of artistic collaboration and inner-navigation.


A brand new Gravity Mission website is currently in production and is planned to launch in May.  This new website will have an emphasis on audio-visual interactivity, digital galleries and unreleased demos.  Stay tuned for more information!!


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