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We are a cosmically aligned electronic chillout group hailing from Denton, Texas with an emphasis on reclaiming our reality.
40 backers pledged $2,110 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Scott Werley (Creator)

Friends and family near and far,

Tonight we bring forth exciting news!!!  As of this evening, our campaign has been funded over 100%!!!  Thanks to all of you -- our 33 generous backers -- we have successfully accomplished our mission here on Kickstarter.  Thank you so much for bringing our vision to life for all to experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Near the end of May, Gravity Mission's "Before The Spoken Word" will be shipping out to mailboxes all around the planet.  There will be nothing to stop this album from reaching the ears of listeners world wide.  It is time for all of us to awaken together and experience the mysteries of our inner universe!!

We are without words... there is nothing that can compare to this feeling of excitement and utter bliss.  This may be the happiest moment of our lives to date!!!

Thank you for helping us to accomplish our funding goal in just 24 days!! With 6 days remaining till our campaign is over, we can now relax and perfect our star trail photos and place the final touches on our album artwork.

We are committed to providing the highest possible quality product that we can.  Our album is planned to be released in both CD and MP3 versions via a soon to be decided online distribution company.  Right now we are leaning towards Bandcamp!

Gravity Mission lives!!!  Our eternal thanks is being transmitted to all this night!!!!!

In honor of this timeless moment in our lives, we bring you the track that initially launched this project... written years back on December 18, 2006... the alpha and the omega of our mission...

Unsung Words.

With unmatched love and gratitude -- this one is for you guys.  The eternal champions and companions of Gravity Mission.

Cheers, fellow cosmic warriors!

Scott Werley, Director of Visual Arts and Lyrics

Ruben Erazo, Director of Music Production

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