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We are a cosmically aligned electronic chillout group hailing from Denton, Texas with an emphasis on reclaiming our reality.
40 backers pledged $2,110 to help bring this project to life.

A Cosmic Battle is at Hand

Posted by Scott Werley (Creator)

To our now eleven loyal cosmic backers,

Happy April Fools Day to you!  Let's be honest up front, this messge is not a joke... it's for real today! :D

Thank you so much for being our initial backers to support the Gravity Mission debut album.  We are so glad to have you with us and aligning with our cause.

It must be mentioned that without your support, this project could not happen!  In fact, it would probably be flopping on the ground like a fish out of water.  Can you imagine that?  Oh, actually... neither can we!

At this time, we are around 27% of the way funded to meeting our final goal.  If we keep up this pace, we will surely meet our campaign goal by our April 24th deadline.

Now that we have a loyal group of 11 cosmic warriors by our side, we are asking for your assistance once again.  We are writing today to encourage even further advance into the realm of possibility.

Our first week on Kickstarter has been successful, but the battle is not yet won.  We are in need of recruiting more generous cosmic warriors to help us move forward.  Such warriors could include mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, close friends, the crazy guy next door, or even the cute girl you talk to in the coffee shop every Tuesday morning.  All are valid warriors to join our cause.

We would be greatful if you could help us to spread the word by sharing our shortlink with others online.  This link will create a video on social networks for friends to view our cause.  With your assistance spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and by emailing your closest few, we can advance in strength knowing that our final destination is just peaking over the horizon.

Thank you again for your support and energy.  If it weren't for our loyal backers such as yourselves, we'd still be counting sheep.  Thank goodness that's over...

Onward we march!  Remember: the universe always says yes!

Scott Werley, Director of Visual Arts and Lyrics

Ruben Erazo, Director of Music Production


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