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A feature film about siblings, health insurance, Los Angeles, black eyes, and existence.

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Recently laid off, with a gigantic medical bill and no insurance, Matt waits for the results of a major test while preparing to leave Los Angeles for good. With his sister in town on business, and his apartment full of cardboard boxes, Matt explores the limits of friendship and family in all their manifestations: his relationship to a city that cares nothing about him, and the pressures of time that is quickly running out. BIRDS OF PARADISE is a very big film, in a very small time, on a very small budget.


Limitations make your brain work double time, and BIRDS OF PARADISE was written to accomodate a quick shooting schedule and a tiny budget. So we're going to run-and-gun this film in two weeks in July and have the film ready to submit to festivals by the fall. That sounds hard and almost impossible, but why sit on a good film forever? Films are meant to be made and seen. Let's get this one made and seen.


The money we need is for the least exciting and most important aspect of filmmaking: keeping our crew comfortable and treating them well. It'll go to food, transportation, equipment rental, and all that little stuff. It'll also go towards festival submissions, which are easily $100 a pop. So every single penny counts.

Here's the kicker - if we DON'T MEET OUR GOAL in the allotted time, we DON'T get to KEEP ANY of the money we raised. However, we can EXCEED our goal, so tell everyone you know and let's get this film made!


Check out who's working on this project, as they are incredible, wonderful, talented people.

HILLARY SPERA Cinematographer - Hillary is an amazingly talented cinematographer and camera operator, working on some of the best and brightest indies of the past year, including The Catechism Cataclysm, The Lie, and The Freebie. She is a fine barbecuer of vegetables and best person in any place at any given time. Hillary is also shooting Katie Aselton's BLACK ROCK this summer, donate to them too! And check out the rest of Hillary's credits here.

SARAH GERARD Producer, Writer, Actress - Sarah Gerard is an MFA candidate at The New School, poet and critic. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Brooklyn Rail, elimae, Caper Journal, DOGZPLOT, and many more. She has never written down any two words that aren't perfect for each other, and she quite literally ALWAYS has a pen. Ask her for a pen and see for yourself.

KYLE ARRINGTON Actor - Kyle is a screenwriter, playwright, actor, and MFA Graduate from Florida State University. His plays and films have been seen all over the country, and is currently writing and starring in the independent feature DEAD DAD. He pays his bills by working as a researcher on Fox's House M.D., and can drum solo your pants off. 

Huge thanks to JAMES ARRABITO for making the teaser possible! His company Brooklyn Media House is doing our post production! 


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