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oort is a system of intelligent connected devices that lets you control your whole living environment with a single app.

oort is a system of intelligent connected devices that lets you control your whole living environment with a single app. Read More
pledged of $100,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 9, 2014.

About this project

We’re used to tapping our phones and instantly getting the results that we want – whether we’re looking for a new restaurant, finding movie times or just checking our email. But when we get home, the process is still pretty primitive. We turn on lights individually, flip on the television and fiddle with the air conditioner.

But what if you could make your phone a remote control for all of those appliances? In the morning, you could tap a button and turn on the coffee machine. As you leave, you could make sure all of the lights are off. And, when you’re coming home on a sweltering summer day, you could start the air conditioner so that your home is cool and comfortable by the time you get there.

oort helps you do all of this and more. Through a unique system of beacons and sensors, oort turns your phone into a remote control that has the power to turn off lights, control the temperature and even keep track of objects, pets and people.

All of this is possible thanks to oort’s multi-radio WiFi/Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) hub, a true Internet of Things (IoT) hub that connects all beacons, power strips, adaptors and environment sensors to one simple, easy-to-use interface that can be managed right from your phone or  an Internet browser. 

You can…

  • Easily build your own wireless smart home or business – control every appliance with the tap of a button!
  • Create reports that show you power consumption & let you save your money.
  • Monitor your beacons, whether you’re keeping track of valuables or making sure your children got home safely
  • Create an affordable home security system with presence sensors which monitor your house while you’re away
  • Unlike other Internet of Things solutions, oort doesn’t only work with some devices – we’ve designed it to interact with all standard BTLE profiles.
  • It’s extremely easy-to-use – after downloading the free oort app, users can manage devices and sensors from their iOS or Android. You can also do it by any common web browser. 
  • Since our beacons work across any environment and device, users can personalize their oort experience to fit their lifestyles, creating action triggers based on their own routines

Oort is the first smart home system that uses Bluetooth to communicate between individual devices. While competitors rely on Z-Wave or Zig-bee to pair products with compatible devices – ultimately reducing how many devices can work with the systems – we’re ahead of the curve. Oort can be controlled by the smartphones users already own, and can interact with any BTLE-compatible device in the marketplace.

Competitors often require users to manually integrate devices into a new system. Oort does all of that automatically, which means anyone can build a smarter home and start using oort beacons and sensors within a few minutes.

If you enable oort’s connectivity, your phone won’t just sense and detect your own devices – it will be able to sense others, allowing you to interact with any BTLE-device.

Our goal is to make sure that oort is not just user-friendly, but also affordable. We priced Hub at $99, so everyone can start building their own personal smart home and unlock the power of the Internet of Things. 

 oort HUB

oort Hub is the heart of the oort ecosystem. It allows your smartphone to communicate with your smart devices and sensors not just through Bluetooth but also through the Internet. Use the hub as a gateway to check what’s going on at home even when you’re on vacation across the country. Control individual beacons and sensors as well as whole sets of devices. Access all the data from all of your devices in one place. You won’t believe how well it works until you try it yourself.

What can you do with it?

  • Control devices connected to hub from anywhere
  • Set customized actions when a particular device is in range
  • Gather data & create reports of power usage


Do you ever get annoyed when you can’t find something? That will soon be a thing of the past. Just attach an oort Beacon to your car keys, pet or cellphone; whatever you regularly lose. You’ll always be able to locate them within minutes. With the tap of a button in the app, the Beacon will sound an alert and the location will be displayed on your smartphone. Could it be any easier? Actually we have three types of beacons:

  • Standard beacon
  • Temperature measuring beacon
  • Finder beacon

What can you do with it?

  • Set custom alerts to be sent when devices are in range of beacons
  • Measure temperature in every environment
  • Find your lost belongings, pets and whatever else you like

air quality monitor

Research shows that adults spend on average about 80–90% of their life indoors. The time spent indoors increases for small children, the elderly and the ill. What does that mean? The people with the weakest immune systems are the ones who spend the most time vulnerable to bad indoor air quality. 

oort Air Quality Monitor features a set of sensors to help you stay healthy - a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and most importantly the volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor (patent pending). Monitor your air quality so you know the air you and your family breathe is free of unhealthy levels of over 6000 compounds created by paint, varnishes, adhesives and everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning. Access the results from anywhere using your smartphone or desktop web browser. Join the community of environmentally-aware people and share your air quality information to contribute to a better world. The oort Air Quality Monitor can be an important part of your healthy world.

What can you do with it?

  • Keep you & your family safe by monitoring the quality of your air and react when there is an alert
  • Measure the humidity & temperature in your living environment


Monitor the power usage of your house, office or factory. Remotely switch off the power to limit the energy consumption. Schedule the process so it’s done automatically, for instance when you go to sleep. Generate beautiful, detailed reports on energy efficiency with a variety of easy to use charts and graphs. All with the simplicity of oort. Need US version? European? No problem - we got both! Go green!

What can you do with it?  

  • Feel secure, save money and energy by remotely turning off all connected devices

oort lamp

Become enlightened and manage all lamps in your home or office by one simple application. Went to bed and forgot to turn the light off? Do it without getting up! Traveling on a long anticipated vacation? Use the lamp to simulate that someone is in the house and keep burglars away. Or maybe you just want to create a specific mood? Control the brightness of your light and do whatever you want

What can you do with it?

  • Turn your lamp on or off with simple smartphone app
  • Create a specific mood by regulating brightness
  • Control it from anywhere with an oort hub 

soil humidity sensor

Love your plants? Want to create the best conditions for stable growth? With this device, you will give them an opportunity to communicate with you! It measures soil humidity, so when your plants need water, you will receive a message on your smartphone!

What can you do with it?

  • Measure the soil humidity of your plants
  • Get notifications when they need to be watered 

oort Hub

First working prototype

 Actual prototype


Actual prototype

oort connects things using Bluetooth Low Energy with iBeacon profiles. Eventually, it will operate on multiradio, which will make oort the most accurate 3D location system on the market, with tracking beacons ensuring 10-30 cm accuracy. oort uses a WiFi/BLE hub to connect data from beacons to the cloud.



An example use of the multi-radio capability of the oort hub supporting the simultaneous use of Bluetooth low energy and WiFi to create miniature gateways. The oort hubs communicate via Bluetooth low energy downstream and WiFi upstream. The WiFi up-stream link is connected to a WiFi router connected further upwards to the Internet services. This scheme may be used to extend the range or the system size.

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We will enable interaction with your favorite wrist bands: Jawbone Up, Fit Bit & Nike Fuel. It will allow action triggering between the devices. Let your smart device world react & adapt to you as soon as you appear!

We will develop the tech geek KIT. An open hardware set that will allow you to experiment with our beacons and make various modifications.

We will develop a fully environment friendly & battery less beacon. All backers who support us with more than $499 will receive the oortato kit – the first internet of potatoes device.

Shipping costs:
- T-shirt (US free shipping, outside US - 10$),
- early adopter (US free shipping, outside US - 15$),
- other rewards (US - 10$, outside US - 20$)

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For more information visit our website:

Risks and challenges

The oort team has designed and built other electronic products. In the team’s experience, there are several points in the design, manufacturing and certification processes that could cause delays. We will keep you informed and ensure you know right away if we have run into challenges.

Certification, software and hardware design all have the biggest potential to affect timing. Our goal is to make oort as intuitive and innovative as we possibly can, that means we’re putting a lot of hours into working on and improving our software and our hardware. The more innovative the products, the more time we might have to spend getting them certified. Our team will be watching the clock and the process so we have the best chance of delivering with no delays.

Overwhelming demand for oort products might also cause a delay. We do plan to release products to supporters in batches so that the earliest backers are the first to receive their sets.

Finally, there is always the possibility of supplier delays. We use technologies from many different companies in our devices, but we have established relationships with all of them during the prototype creation process. We have also made sure we have multiple pipelines for each part.

Whatever happens along our production timeline, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated on our progress.

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