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The best Atari 2600 programmer said it couldn't be done!  
Now, over 30 years later get your very own Atari 2600 Star Castle cartridge!
The best Atari 2600 programmer said it couldn't be done! Now, over 30 years later get your very own Atari 2600 Star Castle cartridge!
418 backers pledged $23,946 to help bring this project to life.

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EVERYTHING is now free for download ~ enjoy


Yep, it's all free for download.  You can download the CD master iso, a zip containing all the files on the CD, or smaller individual files containing the StarCastle2600 ROMs and Stella emulators preconfigured for each supported platform.

Links to the files can be found on the blogspot page:

~ Enjoy

I'm and "Expert"


If you haven't already seen the hilarious comedy "The Expert", you've just got to. I've had more than my fair share of those meetings:

The Expert (original)

Anyway,  I am able to draw seven perpendicular red lines, some using green ink, some using transparent ink... and one in the form of a kitten. Don't believe me? Here is how I do it:

(My embarrassingly campy rebuttal)

In upcoming videos I'll show how to draw red lines using blue ink, and how to inflate a red balloon in the form of a kitten.

Be sure to send the link to anyone who things it can't be done.

D. Scott Williamson

All Kickstarter orders have shipped!

These are the last eight individual orders, I just shipped them!

Thank you everyone for your support and your patience!  This has been quite a project for the last five years!

Stay tuned for more Star Castle 2600 news in the coming days and weeks ;-)

Pogress is great! Closing in on the finish line!

Here are the 32 that went out a few weeks ago

Here are the 50 that went out yesterday

Here is a picture of what the shells look like before cleanup fresh out of the mold:

There are only 33 more Kickstarter orders to go! One of the molds is worn out and we are making a nice new fresh one for the final stretch which will lower our count this week but I hope to have all the Kickstarter cartridges shipped within two weeks! Thanks yet again for everyone's patience and kind words out on the internet!

D. Scott Williamson

Seasons Greetings!

We are happily continuing to work through this holiday season.

As of about an hour ago, 44 of the remaining 159 $50 pledge Star Castle 2600 cartridges have been shipped.

Put another way, 28% of the $50 orders have shipped which brings us to 71% of all Kickstarter orders overall.

It is also worth noting that at this time ALL international orders have been shipped.

Progress continues to be steady.

Here are some more production notes:

Sometimes the shells are not perfectly formed when cured because they have to be removed from the molds while still slightly soft and can take several hours to fully cure.  I had been heating the few warped shells with a heat gun to straighten them out but found a much better way...

After trimming, grinding, drilling, and cleaning each shell half I clean them and then immerse them in extremely hot water.  The water is well over 120 degrees, I discovered this when I destroyed my favorite alcohol based photography thermometer measuring the temperature.  Here are around 40 cartridge halves.

This softens the shells and then when laid out together on a flat true surface they all end up perfectly flat and square.  Here you can see a soft cartridge back and cool re-formed halves in the background to the right.

When heated this way they are a soft as undercooked pasta and can be manipulated but cool to their corrected rigid form quickly and easily.

I've decided that cutting the cartridge pins ("lollypops") from sheet acrylic is faster and produces a far better part than casting so that is how the remainder will be made.  Here is a batch of 39 being set free from the bulk sheet material.

Lollypops with sprinkles!

Here is a $50 pledge Star Castle 2600 cartridge and CD ready to ship

These orders are going all over the world, that's pretty exciting!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

D. Scott Williamson