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Small HDMI screens are  expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
Small HDMI screens are  expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
Small HDMI screens are expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
2,523 backers pledged £261,250 to help bring this project to life.

Rev 3 Driver Board, Rev 3 Case, We're Getting there!


Rev 3 Driver Board

On Wednesday morning Dave brought me this...

Rev 3 HDMIPi driver board
Rev 3 HDMIPi driver board

I was teaching on Wednesday afternoon, but on Thursday I was able to give it a thorough testing. The news is good. All the issues previously identified have been dealt with, one way or another. In the rev 2 board there were a few on-screen display menu settings not working properly. These have all been fixed now in rev 3. Two more little ones were found, and they will be fixed for production.

The hardware issue we had with rev 2 was voltage sag under load on the USB Pi Power port. This is no longer a problem when powered from the 12V input, and the bottom-left inductor no longer gets uncomfortably hot to touch.

The only remaining hardware issue is a slight voltage sag on the Pi Power Port when the whole thing is powered from the 5.2V input. So we've decided, rather than go through another driver board iteration, to simply supply a 5.5V, 2 Amp PSU with HDMIPi (for those rewards that included one, and people who added one) instead of the planned 5.2V, 2 Amp PSU. This compensates for the Voltage drop across the driver board and ensures an adequate Voltage gets to the Pi. Simple solution :) This is to try and make it bullet-proof.

Let me stress here, that, in testing, a good 5.2V, 2A micro-USB supply does work to power...

  • HDMIPi screen
  • driver board
  • Raspberry Pi model B (rev 1 & rev 2 tested)
  • Edimax wifi dongle 
  • Wireless keyboard dongle
  • Pi camera shooting video

...but while shooting video, the Voltage across TP1 and TP2 on the Pi goes well below the 4.75V recommended by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

By compensating for this at source, by supplying 5.5V in, we hope to pretty much eliminate this as a source of problems for end-users.

We could redo the power circuit on the driver board, but we know you don't want to wait an additional iteration's worth of time (6-8 weeks). We certainly don't either. It's time to get HDMIPi out to you lovely backers, who've been waiting so patiently and expectantly. This will get the job done and provide sufficient Voltage to reliably power the Pi.


You should all have received your surveys by now. ~80 people still haven't replied. If you backed through the KickStarter, and you haven't received a survey email, log into your KickStarter account and you can find it there. (If you pre-ordered through the Cyntech shop, you will have received a different email. The two systems are entirely separate.)

For those who were hanging back because we didn't show you the colour options, here is an idea of the colours. The pink colour is still not fixed, as the one we originally chose wasn't suitable. Not many people chose pink. Over half of you chose black.

HDMIPi case colour options
HDMIPi case colour options

Case Rev 3

Dave also brought me the latest case from Pimoroni. It's also at the 3rd iteration. There will be a thin bezel at the front. But if you prefer not to fit it, you can leave it out. Here's what it looks like for the moment. This is not the same blue as the blue we chose, it's what Paul had in stock to play with...

HDMIPi Rev 3 case front view
HDMIPi Rev 3 case front view
Rev 3 HDMIPi case
Rev 3 HDMIPi case

It's coming along nicely, and we're nearly there.

Close-up of HDMIPi case rev 3, transverse view
Close-up of HDMIPi case rev 3, transverse view
HDMIPi case rev 3 rear view
HDMIPi case rev 3 rear view

UNICEF Pi4L Project

In the previous update I mentioned that I'd be blogging about the UNICEF Lebanon project. I was deliberately a bit vague on that because I'd been asked to write a guest post for the Raspberry Pi Foundation's blog. That blog article, detailing the whole project, can be found here

When Will I Get My HDMIPi?

We're hoping to go straight into production now. If all goes well, we hope to be able to ship within 4-6 weeks.

That's about it for now. We wish you a happy weekend.

Alex and Dave @hdmipi

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    1. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      "Survey response
      Responded on May 24 2014"

    2. Michael O'Donnell on

      @seanmclennan If you check your selected reward level, at the bottom there should be a note of the date the survey was sent and a link to see your response.

    3. seanmclennan on

      I believe I did a survey, but I can't remember for certain and I don't see one in my messages. Is there any way you could double check? Sorry for the inconvenience.

    4. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @iwooten we're going for a coloured back, I think.
      @Price OK
      @Antoine, answered your PM
      @Cleo/@Martin the Kickstarter system makes it very difficult/impossible to alter pledge contents or value
      @Martin changed you to black

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Cockerell on

      Hi, the 'Electric Blue' is not what I was expecting - please can I change to a Black case instead. Also, is it possible to upgrade from the 'Deluxe' reward to 'Mega'?

    6. Cleo Qc on

      I'm an early bird backer. Can I add a stand or is it too late?

    7. Missing avatar

      Antoine on

      Do you plan to give room in back plate for 3x Pi Heatsinks ?
      The models I have slightly modified are 14mm hight (stacked USB ports level), based on this:

    8. Missing avatar

      Price on

      I would like to change mine to Electric Blue as well, if possible.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl on

      is the 12v input regulated or will it only accept exactly 12v?
      just asking cause normal 12V batterys have arround 10-14V

    10. iwootten on

      If that is the case, I'd like to change my colour choice to black from colourless.

    11. iwootten on

      Is it only the trim that will be coloured? If so, I don't think that was made clear in the post on selecting colour choices.

    12. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Rajesh There is going to be a black bezel. There may be other colours - we'll see.

      @Chris in the On-screen menu there are settings for both horizontal and vertical flip, and, as Andrew pointed out, you can do it on the Pi as well. Spoilt for choice :)

      @tedder No idea.

      @Edward W. Might be able to change it for you

      @Eric You have it exactly right. There is a 12V barrel input and a micro-USB 5.5V input. We are supplying (with those who pledged for one) the micro-USB PSU.

      @John There's always one ;) I would suggest wait and see. My Pis work OK with a good 5.2V, but the voltage can get down to 4.1-4.3 if you really hammer it. 4.75 is considered foolproof. Provided our design engineers don't come back to us and say "you can't run this at 5.5V in" we're doing this for robustness. :)

      @E Laycock We'll see. Hopefully there won't be any more issues, but we can't rule it out.

    13. Steve G on

      Rev 3 looks great! Can't wait. I like that purple case.

    14. Missing avatar

      E Laycock on

      Really looking forward to this arriving! It's a present (a bit belated) for my daughter so really hoping for closer to 4 weeks!

    15. Missing avatar

      John Paul Bierly on

      Personally, I'd vote that you take an additional 6-8 weeks and fix the power supply sag issue. I didn't add a power supply to my order because I have a plethora of 5.25v power supplies, but now it looks like I might need to order one to make everything "bulletproof."

    16. Eric Falsken

      The bit about 12V confused me. Does the board accept both a 12V barrel and/or a 5.5V Micro-USB power input? But you'll be supplying only the Micro-USB, right?

    17. Missing avatar

      Edward Wilkinson on

      Filled my survey in web weeks ago, now wishing I'd picked elected electric blue instead of black.

      Ah well, still can't wait.

    18. tedder

      OMG YAY, so happy. I'm really curious if I can fit the display into a classic Mac. It's going to be close.

    19. Andrew Scheller on

      @Chris The Raspberry Pi can already do that by itself :-) See the display_rotate option in

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris R on

      Will it be possible to configure the screen driver so it flips the picture horizontally? That way case could be turned so the LAN socket and USB would point downward which would be a lot better for people connecting to those ? Thank you

    21. Missing avatar

      Rajesh B.K on

      Thanks for the update. One question, does the colour shown applicable to both the front bezel and back cover? With the colourless option, will the bezel also be colourless. I was looking for a black/white bezel with a colourless back. Can you. Please provide update regarding this.

    22. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Beat We have a right-angle USB to micro USB in mind. This is still a 'cobbled together' prototype.
      The Pi audio plug will be accessible if you hack your case a little. But in reality you won't need it because the HDMI sound is broken out to a stereo 3.5mm jack on the HDMIPi driver board.

    23. Missing avatar

      Beat on

      Thanks for a great update! Wohohoo!

      One question though: The mechanical constraints on your too short Pi power-supplying cable seem to be very high. Do you plan to fix this with a bit longer power-cord between the 2 boards ?

      Also is there enough room for the audio-plug to be usable ?

    24. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Malcolm We have no mechanism to do that. The best approach will be to try it with 5.2 (it will probably be fine) and, if not, order a 5.5.

    25. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Aymerick there are planned VESA holes, but keyholes is a good idea too

      @Adrian I don't think so.

      @Andrew they will be longer, but I can't say whether ethernet will be flush or not. It's a trade-off. The case is designed to be easily hackable though :)

      @Roger No the stand included in some of the rewards will be one called 'the Spider', which is a flexible tablet stand

      @Graeme No. No VGA. They include it on the prototypes to ensure that the pads and tracks on the board are correct.

    26. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Jones on

      Due to the possible need for a higher voltage 5.5V supply, is it possible to add this to the order as I did not originally order one as I have a few std 5.2V supplies ?

      Look forward to receiving the display.

    27. Graeme Ogilvie on

      I noticed the VGA port on the rev3 board - will the final one have it or Is still coming off?

    28. Roger Sharp on

      @ Alex:
      Thanks for the good news.
      Is that the stand mentioned in the rewards?

    29. Andrew Scheller on

      Great Update :-)

      Will the case also be provided with 'longer' mounting posts / spacers, so that it'll be possible to have a flush back on the HDMIPi, without the Ethernet and USB ports sticking out?

    30. Adrian Bury on

      Is there any news on whether you'll be able to supply Australian power adaptors? Thanks a lot for this, I'm really looking forward to receiving it :)

    31. Aymerick Dupouey on


      just noticed something : I see nothing to hang the case to a wall.

      Not sure its the best option but i think one (or two?) key hole is a must have !

      But it seems its kinda late...