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Small HDMI screens are  expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
Small HDMI screens are expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
2,523 backers pledged £261,250 to help bring this project to life.

Driver Board Power Tweak, New Enclosure, Ordering LCDs Soon


Quite a lot of news this time :)

Driver Board Update

I completed my driver board testing when I got back from Poland after Easter. The only thing not looked at yet is HDCP functionality. Most of the issues arising from testing were small and most of those should be able to be fixed in software. (e.g. issues with some of the OSD menu settings).

But there were two issues that need to be fixed in hardware...

1. When trying to power the Pi from the USB 'Pi Power Port' it worked, most of the time. But when under heavy load, e.g. when using the Pi camera, the voltage between the Pi's test points sagged to an uncomfortable level.

2. When running from the 12V input, one of the inductors got rather hot.

Actually 1 & 2 are related, so a tweak of the power circuit should sort them both out.

We need the USB 'Pi Power Port' to be able to deliver whatever it takes to keep the Pi's working voltage under load as close to 5V as possible. 4.75V is regarded as safe for all models of Pi, although some can handle less (I consulted Gordon Hollingworth).

Using a bad power supply or the wrong USB cable was enough to put the Pi into a 'boot loop'. We need it to be more robust and have enough headroom. So some tweaking to the power circuit is currently underway and we hope to have the next iteration driver board within a week or so.

LCDs Will Be Ordered Soon

We are poised and almost ready to order the LCDs. We're now confident that things are falling into place and will place 'the big order' soon.

Survey Is Drafted And Will Go Out Soon

A draft survey is prepared and will go out soon. KickStarter has now made some changes so that you can update your address even after submitting your survey results. This could be helpful if anyone moves house after completing the survey.

Nearly There With The Enclosure Design

I just picked up Paul's latest enclosure design. Although it did need a little drilling and Dremelling to get a Pi to fit inside, I got one in and booted it up to see how it would work.

HDMIPi case proto 2 and driver board 2. With Pi inside case.
HDMIPi case proto 2 and driver board 2. With Pi inside case.

As you can see, it fits, and it works...

Rear view of HDMIPi case proto 2/driver board 2 with Pi inside
Rear view of HDMIPi case proto 2/driver board 2 with Pi inside

This was all running from one power supply.

Cambridge & Oxford Jams

Alex will be at the Cambridge Jam tomorrow and the Oxford Jam next week, and will take the lastest prototype with him.

For micro updates and the occasional photo, follow HDMIPi on twitter 

@HDMIPi or visit the HDMIPi blog

Have you a nice weekend.

Alex & Dave

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    1. ian deal on

      Good news, I hope the survey includes the provision for the purchasers contact telephone number too.

    2. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Aram Yes it was answered several times in the comments to the main page, but there's a lot of them and it's difficult to search. It's a TN screen.

    3. Aram Calebson on

      Sorry if this has been answered already (I could not find it anywhere). I was wondering about the LCD panel. Will it be IPS, TN, some other technology?

    4. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @seanmclennan It's all about choices. The case will be hackable and I would be very surpised if Pimoroni, or others don't do alternative case versions. We just can't focus on that right now as we have to get the job done for our mainstream users.

      Once we've got that sorted out we fully intend to consider other options, but there's a limit to how much you can do at once.

      The idea came from suggestions in the comments section. I don't remember when, but there are 452 of them. The sketch we did in Hong Kong in December was published in January (update 15) and clearly shows a Pi in the case, so it shouldn't come as a great surprise.

      But you don't have to put one in the case. There is an external HDMI port as well.
      At tomorrow's Cambridge Jam I will be using this model with 2 Pis attached. One in the case and another by the side.

      I don't know if case specs will be released, but it's possible that they will. Pimoroni has open sourced their Pibow design after all. I don't have any problem with the idea of releasing the specs at a later date. But please let us finalise them first :)

    5. seanmclennan on

      Since when was the plan to integrate an RPi "into" the case? I know the desire was always to design the monitor for use with the RPi, but I would bet (fairly confidently) that the majority of your backers don't actually have a Pi or want the case integrated.

      Would you be willing to release the case specs once finalized so others can build their own custom cases for other uses?

    6. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Nathan & @Alex 1/4-20 has been discussed to death. This kind of case is completely unsuitable to have one integral to the case. It may be possible as an add-on. The case is very hackable. It drills beautifully. We are aware of it, but our focus has to be on getting the product finished first.

      @Jamie Thanks :)

      @Beat We're on the lookout for a smaller HDMI to HDMI adaptor. We did enquire with the mfr about having a male connector on the board itself (as someone suggested that ages ago) but nothing came of it. Shall we change the driver board? ;p
      There will be bezel layer of some description. You're marking our unfinished homework :)

      @Paul It's not final yet, and the case is hackable so you can change things.

      @Hans thanks :)

      @Michael You probably can't see it because of the angle, but there already is a camera cable slot. But since I had to shift the Pi across about 1.5cm, it's now in the wrong place.

      @Geir There will be a Bezel and the fronts will all be clear. The rest of the case will be the colour you will pick in the survey.

      @Steve The case is very hackable, and I expect various alternatives will appear in due course. Before we add any more variants, we need to finish the product.

    7. Steve G on

      Would love an option for a second case designed just for the screen + driver board. I never had much use for tucking the RPi inside the case. Seeing it in action it looks less than ideal for keeping the case size nice and small.
      For those looking for 1/4 mounting point, wouldn't a vesa to tripod mount work? I think they have said vesa was planned for the case. I don't think you could reliably screw into layered acrylic the way you would want.

    8. Geir Eivind Mork on

      The clear back was practical, will it be possible to get black front and clear or some kind of translucent back?

    9. Michael O'Donnell on

      Hi Alex, thanks for the upgrade, it looks as if we are in the final straight now!
      I am anxious that you sort out the 12V supply problem completely as I have a redundant 12V supply that I intend to use and do not have a suitable 5V one. Since I intend to use it exclusively, the component that is running hot is of much concern as the voltage sag.
      Is the Pi positioning in the case just a test? The reason I ask is that it doesn't look as if there would be any access to the SD card without dismantling the case. Also, a slot for the camera cable would be handy as one of my main reasons for getting this display is that I can't see the camera output when I run a Pi over ssh/vnc as I normally do.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on

      Congrats Alex! Great progress!

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Kent on

      Good news on progress. New proto case has different layout to first & it looks like we can't fit a pi-sized expansion board alongside driver board & pi in this design :-(

    12. Missing avatar

      Beat on

      Thanks for the great update, looks very nice. A few ideas/feedbacks/wishes on the case:

      - if you could find a smaller hdmi plug-to-plug "cable", you could have a smaller enclosure, this one adds quite heavy borders. Even without, it could still be a bit smaller. One of the main reasons of getting an HDMIpi, instead of a small screen at a not very higher price, is its small size, so *enclosure size does matter* imho. Also it would look way more elegant with the transparent plastic (i like it) if the boards would be entirely behind the screen, and not partly visible on the side.

      - +1 on 1/4" 20 mounts on at least 3 sides (2 large + 1 for vertical mounting)

      - are wall-mounts and a foot scheduled ?

      When is the current ETA ? Looking forward to see it :-)

    13. Alex Forey on

      Yes, please please include a 1/4-20 mount on the bottom (and preferably on the top too)! Without it I won't be able to use it for video :-(

    14. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Awesome update - I'm loving' the attention to detail, especially with the power supply. Keep rocking' :-)

    15. Nathan DuMoulin on

      Still praying for a 1/4-20 mounting hole on the bottom of the enclosure. For us video guys, having a mounting point is absolutely critical. Otherwise it's looking great!