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Small HDMI screens are  expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
Small HDMI screens are  expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
Small HDMI screens are expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
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Very Short update


Some of you are keen to hear an update. We haven't a lot of news, but you need to be kept informed, so here is what we do have.

The Good News

The good news is that we have seen a photo of the driver board. It's a rather poor quality phone shot, but it looks like what we specified. Everything seems to be in the right place. I'm not going to tease you. Here it is...

HDMIPi driver board proto - phone shot
HDMIPi driver board proto - phone shot

The Bad News

The bad news is that it's not in my hands, or even in this country yet. So I haven't had a chance to test it. I hope to have a working driver board in my possession within a week or so. They're working on the software this week.

Once I have it, I'll take some better photos and show you what it looks like properly.

The other thing which changed is, that, in order for there to be a second HDMI port, the composite pads had to be deleted. There were a few of you who wanted this, but the designers said we couldn't have both. Sorry about that. The second HDMI port is a 'killer feature' of this board, so it wasn't a tough choice.

The above prototype has a VGA port, but the final version will just have the pads, so you could add one yourself if you needed it. Presumably they put one on to check that it works.

Hardware is Hard

I'm disappointed that it's all taking too long, but people keep telling me that this is quite normal for a hardware project, and it's more important to get it right.

I'm 'holding fire' with the survey until we have a working driver board. I thought we'd have one by now.

Thank you for bearing with us. We hope to have the working board in our possession quite soon and then I'll make a video.

All the best and have a good week-end

Alex & Dave @hdmipi 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on April 15, 2014

      @alex I have solved my display problems by buying a 7 inch lcd screen on ebay, 45 euro. It has a similar (identical?) board, with HDMI, VGA and composite. It performs fine for my purposes and also works good enough as Pi HDMI screen. So no worry about composite.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on April 6, 2014

      @alex You wrote: "we might be able to supply you the same board we used for the prototype instead of the new one. Or if you want both, we might be able to offer it as an extra."
      Thanks for the positive answer. Any indication of the extra cost involved? The VGA and composite are valuable for me.

    3. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 27, 2014

      @Mac. I weighed proto 2 the other day. It was 550g The final case should be a bit lighter. It's a bit early to be publishing specs and schematics as I dont even have them myself. ;p Mounting holes, we hope will be fixed once we get a working board.

      You also have to realise that, although we are trying to be as transparent as possible because it's crowd-funded, we want to be prudent so as not to give away all our IP and ideas before we actually have a product. We know that other people are 'watching', and that's all good, but it means that, even if I had all the diagrams etc. I think it would be a bit premature to publish them at this time.

      Having said all that, though, the above driver board photo is what I have at the moment.

    4. Mac Rutan on March 26, 2014

      Alex & Dave, I'm betting the HDMIPi will be worth all of your efforts. I'm satisfied with the progress as it reminds me of posts anticipating the first RP's from China. There were flaws, they were revised and look at where we are now. Remember you are not only bringing an excellent product to market, you're dropping the cost and that takes time.
      However, while we are anticipating, are the mounting holes on the PCB finalized? Is there any chance of getting some case specs, schematics etc. posted so that we may start building mounting alternatives. Also is there an estimated total weight? Some information along those lines could help keep us occupied.

    5. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 23, 2014

      @Hans Sorry, but we couldn't very well sacrifice the promised second HDMI in favour of composite. For the very few people who absolutely need composite, we might be able to supply you the same board we used for the prototype instead of the new one. Or if you want both, we might be able to offer it as an extra.

      @Paul Sorry, not yet. But I think there probably would be space.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Kent on March 23, 2014

      Have you got dimensions of the boards/case yet?
      TNC-Pi is same size as Pi: would both fit side by side if linked by gpio cable? Not enough space stacked I would have thought... And space too for Adafruit ultimate GPS?

    7. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on March 23, 2014

      Quite disappointed to see composite pads gone , after high hopes and promises and such a long long wait (it is now nearly 4 months since the end of the campaign and will take at least two months if I read correct the ordering time of the screens), ... it makes the display now a lot less attractive for me to be honest. Hope to see it before july but I doubt it.

    8. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 22, 2014

      @Taint as shown, with the flat side towards the back of the screen but further to the right and down a bit. I published a sketch a couple of updates ago showing position and orientation. The buttons will probably be 'long' ones and protrude slightly through the case.

      Just to be clear though, the driver board will ship _without_ a VGA port. It's an optional 'solder it yourself if you want/need it' extra

    9. Taint
      on March 22, 2014

      Which way up is the board mounted in the case? Is the PCB orientated towards or away from the back of the screen? I only ask; as if it's towards the screen, it should be an easy mod to protrude the additional VGA port out of the case. If the PCB is orientated away from the screen, then space rapidly becomes an issue.

    10. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 22, 2014

      @Robin It's one of the later Realtek chips, which supports HDMI 1.4. I don't have the specifics to hand, but will let you know when I do.

    11. Robin Evans on March 22, 2014

      Just wondering, what is the IC? would be nice to look up what it can and cannot do, I am also interested in 15khz support on the RGB and knowing what its using would be good, that said the board looks good, looking forward to it!

    12. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 22, 2014

      @Simon I don't know for sure, but I was under the impression that there was a limited number of pins available on the chip, hence the need to delete one port. Otherwise we would have left it as unpopulated pads.

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Lam on March 21, 2014

      Are the composite ports still available as pins on the ic? Because then we can do some really awesome direct solder hacks lol

    14. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 21, 2014

      @Geir if enough people want one (and I can't promise anything at this stage) it _might_ be possible for us to offer an alternative driver board separately as an extra. The off-the-shelf one we're using _does_ have composite already (haven't tried it though).

    15. Geir Eivind Mork on March 21, 2014

      Damn, I was really excited about the possibility to get composite back on. However, my main use will be r'pi and DSLR monitor, which means second hdmi gets priority over connecting it to my good old trusty 80s and 90s machines for some gaming on the small screen. Would of course work very well if the VGA sync to 15khz, then i could connect my trusty old amiga via a db23 to VGA adapter and not through an expensive (or crappy) scanconverter.

    16. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 7-time creator on March 21, 2014

      @Taint there will be solder pads so you can add your own VGA port, but it won't fit in the case (unless you mod it or add another layer) which is why we took it off.

      @Middelthon Innovasjon Yes the composite was completed removed from the design.

      @Mario we will

      @Barry sorry about loss of composite. We had no choice really, having committed to two HDMI ports.

      @Simon & @Tim thanks :)

    17. Tim Richardson on March 21, 2014

      Great to hear of the progress.

    18. Taint
      on March 21, 2014

      Thanks for the update. I'm definitely interested in the possibility of adding a VGA port. It would make the screen a lot more general purpose. Would the case accomodate the additional port?

    19. Missing avatar

      Middelthon Innovasjon on March 21, 2014

      Did they have to remove the composite pads and traces all together or is they still on the board somewhere? For those of us who might like to use it and don't mind soldering wires on it to get an external connector.. ;)

    20. Mario Lurig on March 21, 2014

      Definitely hold on the survey till they can be shipped. I'm in the US and moving in 3 months, so it seems we'll be close so it's best to not get survey address info until you are ready to ship.

    21. Simon Day on March 21, 2014

      Thanks for the update and totally understand the problems with prototyping, can't be helped! Can't wait to see more :)

    22. Barry Carter on March 21, 2014

      Composite would have been useful. A shame.