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Preorders are open at our website!
Preorders are open at our website!
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21 Sep 2348

Posted by Grand Gamers Guild (Creator)
I was working in the Quarry, and came upon a rich mineral deposit. I've heard that my consistent performance is making its way up the chain of command. Not to sound ungrateful, but if I ever want to get out of here, I need to stand out.

I worked my way deeper into the cave, cutting and loading. I'm not sure how many hours passed, but I worked until my seabarrow was overfull and the power indicator was flashing.

When I looked up I couldn't even see the entrance. I cursed and I holstered my laser. It as all I could do to master myself and begin my way back. I was on the edge of panic when I remembered the homing beacon on the seabarrow. All I had to do was hold on and let it take me back. Phew!

I could not believe how deep I had gone. My team had been looking for me, but they'd not yet reported my absence. I could see through their masks that I was about to get the dressing down of a lifetime, but then they saw my cart. At least that helped. Alone. Terribly alone. Never again, Diary.

Colonists, it's been an amazing few days. Every Kickstarter hits a lull, and every creator gets that sinking feeling, trying to figure out what's next. What can we possibly do to reinvigorate our campaign?!?

You'd long been asking for a Solo mode, and you got it. And boy did you ever respond.

How did we get solo? TOGETHER! ;)
How did we get solo? TOGETHER! ;)

As always, thank you.


The Directives were something that Daniel & Daryl introduced later in TAP's development. You know how sometimes you sit down to a game with so many options, you wonder, "Where do I begin?"

We don't feel that TAP ever really suffered that issue, but the Directives certainly speak to that possibility. Moreover, they provide each player a small end game bonus that only they know, and we really liked that.

The game sings without them, but they make for a nice extra mechanic. What we didn't really realize until we got some feedback on the solo mode was how fantastic the Directives could be in heightening that experience. The exact rules are still being massaged, but we're working hard to dovetail them to solo play so that it provides a more varied game.

Reviewer Spotlight

By the time our campaign is done, our prototypes will have made their way through over 20 Reviewers. Without those folks, our campaign would not be possible. Today I'd like you to turn your attention to The Boardgame Mechanics.

They did a great video for us, and to return the favor we're asking you to check them out. Subscribe to their YouTube channel, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks so much everyone! Let's get those Directives!


The GuildMaster
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