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Preorders are open at our website!
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17 Sep 2348

Posted by Grand Gamers Guild (Creator)


They used to say that we had 2 great frontiers: the deep ocean and deep space. I signed up for the latter, but I had no idea in doing so that I'd also be exploring the former.

Way back there was a place on earth called the Great Barrier Reef, long since destroyed, but I've seen pictures. I think that today is the closest anyone will ever get to the Reef anymore.

Even though I'll be in the Quarry, we dove today with a Vent team to train. The Vents connect all the way to the mantle, and an active vent can power a Battery Bank seemingly forever. The energy from the Vents is the only reason we are able to survive here; it powers everything from the Doorstep to the Shelters.

It's not just us that depend on the vents for our livelihood. The oceans are teeming with organisms of all sorts. A marine biologist from Earth would have a field day categorizing these strange floating ghosts. Some of the creatures that gorge on the vents have a glow emanating from them, and their faces are haunting. And these are just the ones that are harmless.


Not a lot to say today, Colonists. Every day I worry, "Is this the day we slow down?" and every day we have a strong day. Maybe I shouldn't say that aloud, but I'm a full disclosure kind of guy.

I really appreciate all of you who are sharing our posts and retweeting. Effective marketing takes a lot of touches, and you reach exponentially more people than I do alone.

We start the day over 50% of the way to our next stretch goal!

Pay no attention to the typo! ;)
Pay no attention to the typo! ;)

This is going to happen, and then we get to ride that sweet Snowcat. It's another great day on Europa!


The GuildMaster

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