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Preorders are open at our website!
Preorders are open at our website!
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16 Sep 2348

Posted by Grand Gamers Guild (Creator)

Diary, life has taken a turn for the exciting. Before we can even begin the actual building process, the raw materials need to be harvested from the Quarry. As I'm relatively fit, I was chosen to be on a team to head beneath the ice, into the surrounding darkness of the vast ocean.

I'm told the work is repetitive and sometimes menial, but being assigned to the Crystal Foundry means I don't have to live in the Shelters. Life in the Shelters is less certain: no steady work, and an energy outage in the Shelters can mean lives instantly lost.

There are 5 of us on a team: me, 2 other divers, and 2 marines. Our job is to locate large mineral deposits and put them on the submersible to be brought above. The 2 marines are there "purely as a precautionary measure". I'm told that there is sea life that can be hostile and aggressive.

Despite that, I'm actually kind of excited. I feel as if I've been chosen for a special task, and I've actually gotten to spend time and get to know my team. The other 2 divers are pretty cool, and they came through the Doorstep just before my ship. The marines seem okay, but they're a bit standoffish. They say that it doesn't pay to get to know new divers just yet.

Tomorrow will be training to go below, and if we perform reasonably well, we get issued our tools and get to work.


Con Life

The last day of GrandCon was excellent to us. We got to play a pickup game with the "Voice of The Dice Tower", Eric Summerer!

Summer(er) on Europa
Summer(er) on Europa

Eric is a heckuva guy, and it's always special when one of the 'celebrities' of our industry takes time out of their busy con schedule. It was a fantastic game (though I'm biased). I got to try a completely new strategy, and while I didn't win--big surprise!--the game ended with a spread of 5 points. Intense.

This Week on Europa

I'm hustiling as hard as I can to make this campaign as successful as possible for all of us. Here's what's coming this week:

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What Else Can You Do?

We still don't have a numerical score for The Artemis Project on BGG, as there are not enough ratings yet. However, the scores we do have are high, and the comments are super. If you have a BGG account, give us a rating now.

That's all for today, Colonists. It's going to be an amazing week. Let get through those Expeditions and make that Snowcat ours. Vroom, vroom!


The GuildMaster

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    1. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      Ok nice info, but maybe make a real copy of the game , someone can be more involved to back if can see a final version ( a really good final version , that wort the pay)

    2. Grand Gamers Guild 3-time creator

      @Danilo The game in the picture is a prototype. The finished board and players mats will be larger dimensions. The dice and bits (tokens, cubes, rescources) are all standard size pieces you'd find in any modern game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      looking the photo, the board and the matts looks soo tiny... olso the dice and the tokens looks small, why so small items for that price?