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Years after his death a Hall of Fame baseball player is almost completely forgotten.


After a storied career and incredible life everything about the man is lost, maybe even the man himself. However, a struggle to find the truth is underway. Independent historians and baseball fans have begun a long journey to restore a legacy. "Is This Heaven?" takes a look at the seemingly impossible task of righting the wrongs that have been done to Pete Hill posthumously.

The Man:

Can you imagine having never heard of Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio? In 1919, Pete Hill hit 28 homes runs, the same year saw Babe Ruth whack 29 in more at-bats. Pete may have a legitimate claim to the longest hitting streak in baseball history, a record many believe will never be broken. He may have been one of the greatest of all time but somehow this champion of America's past time was almost completely forgotten.

The Film:

After hearing that a Hall of Famers grave may have been disturbed I decided that I wanted to follow this story to the end and do something I've always wanted to do ...make a movie. So I maxed out a couple of credit cards on some film equipment and started following the story wherever it went. I've been all over the country at this point, sometimes going on trips alone with camera in hand, filming the latest development.

I hope that with this film Pete Hill's story will be told in a more accessible way, that people will be made aware of the things that he accomplished. My goal is to raise interest in discovering history about a subject that one can speak passionately about. The film is called "Is This Heaven" because I feel like "Field of Dreams" is happening to me. I encourage you to listen to that voice and do something completely crazy (like max out credit cards on film equipment) because it's when we stop listening and stop doing crazy things that we lose these stories in the first place.

Funding Goal:

Now that many of the major interviews and events have been filmed it's time to start putting things together.  After a year and half of filming, the project fund (which is my bank account) is running low. Even though the production stage is coming to a close the cost of buying the appropriate stock footage is more than I can handle at this time. With a little help I can move right into post-production and complete the film.

The costs include:

  • Stock footage
  • Rights to photos
  • Editing costs
Here is a piece of the interview we did with U of I professor Adrian Burgos Jr. He talks a little about latinos in baseball and the importance of understanding the history of Americas favorite pastime.

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The only way a project like this can get out of my head and into a theater is with an audience willing to see it. Take a minute and watch the trailer, if you like it tweet it, post it, blog it, whatever it is you do ...even if you think it sucks, as long as you're talking about it, that will help get "Is This Heaven?" out there.


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