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The E370 Quad Morphing VCO is a Eurorack-compatible module containing 4 independent digital voltage-controlled oscillators.
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New V1.1c released/Current progress

Posted by Paul Schreiber (Creator)

a) A new firmware version 1.1c has been released, that fixed a few bugs in the UI screens. It's on the E370 product page on the website.

b) Shipping has been steady, but "not fast enough" for some people. Please note I have 3 shipping queues running in parallel: the E370, the E352 black panel version, and everything else to over 15 dealers world-wide. All 3 groups (understandably) want their order to have 'top priority' all the time. But this is just not possible so every gets a time-slice. 

As of today, I have shipped 98 modules to 87 backers. From March 8-18, the E370 does have first priority and by the 18th I expect to be up to backer #123 or so. There is what we call in the US 'Spring Break' following that, and by the end of March should be close to Backer #145.

I ALWAYS email a tracking number the day I ship, so you can know your order isn't "lost" and no one is "forgotten".

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    1. Syruss Flyte on

      Does this mean I'll get a tracking number email soon? (backer #86) I've got this big hole in my case right next to the E340 and E350 that's desperate to be filled.