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The E370 Quad Morphing VCO is a Eurorack-compatible module containing 4 independent digital voltage-controlled oscillators.
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E370 shipping begins on 5Dec!

Posted by Paul Schreiber (Creator)

After a few weeks of delay to get all the parts, panels and firmware ready, we are pleased to announce that the E370 is released to production and ready to begin shipping.

You should receive a 'reward survey' email from Kickstarter (PLEASE check your spam filters!). It is important for 'contractual obligations' with Kickstarter to respond, with the shipping address of your module. Even if you emailed it to me recently, PLEASE fill it out and send to the database. This is 'officially' how shipping/delivery issues are resolved.

The last day of shipping for 2017 is 20Dec. Shipping resumes around 5Jan and units are shipped in order by BACKER NUMBER. If you will be on holiday yourself, and you are Backer #80 or less, PLEASE send me a message to hold off shipping until January. 

We will so our best to ship as many E370s before the holiday break. But be aware we also have other modules to ship to dealers and users as well. It's not a speed contest., it's an accuracy contest.

Regarding black panel option: this is a SWAPPING for the silver panel. It is a $69 option but ONLY, and I mean ONLY available until 16Dec. If you want one, and have not ordered, send me a message.

Since I want to be sure I get everyone's order 100% perfectly correct, I will send you an email when your unit(s) is ready. PLEASE respond ASAP, the subject will say 'E370 - Ship info'. I WILL NOT, repeat, WILL NOT ship until you reply back. I will then email you a tracking number, Based on what I am seeing on E352 shipments overseas, the arrival time is 100% based on customs clearance times (as opposed to transit times). The transit times are ~8 days to Europe and 10 days to Australia/Asia.

The module will include a 4-page 'Overview'. In January, I will have a very detailed DivKid video, similar to the one he did for the E352.

We have spent 4 months beta testing the firmware, but this is a VERY complicated software project and I fully expect a few bugs to turn up. If you discover what you think is a bug, please PM me via Facebook or email me directly.

Lastly: the BEST WAY to get up to date info, demos, trick & tips is to join the SynthTech Modular group on Facebook (yes, I know some people are not on FB). 

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    1. Damien Higdon on

      Super stoked to see these becoming a reality. It's been an exciting journey to be a part of. Thank you for being so present and keeping us all in the loop with updates. You and your crew should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments in creating this astounding module... I know I am.