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The E370 Quad Morphing VCO is a Eurorack-compatible module containing 4 independent digital voltage-controlled oscillators.
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PLEASE READ the new FAQ section (especially if you bought 2 modules!)

Posted by Paul Schreiber (Creator)

When I started this KS campaign, I was HOPING that I would reach $90K which is around 100 modules.

Well, I was REALLY wrong, but in a good way.

It is looking like the production run will be around 350 or so. This is due to 2 factors:

a) Many people have bought 2 Early Birds, hoping to 'flip' 1 of them later
b) a few of my dealers have bought some to sell at retail (but at $1000 or more).

I have changed my original thought to the original "1 and done' message when the Kickstater launched.

So, the FAQ has been updated to reflect the current state of the campaign. The short version is: I do not plan to run more in 2018 or ever. The only way I will run more (and if I do, they will not be ready until late summer 2018) is if my 'normal' modules fail to perform and I *have* to sell more E370s. But I have many new modules planned, both analog and digital, so I will say, right now, the chances of more E370s is < 20%.

If you bought 2, with the intent/hope the E370 price would double in 2018, and feel that you cannot afford to "wait and see" and wish to cancel, I understand. I would rather lose the sale than think I was saying 1 thing and doing another and people were misled.

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      Armando Cajide on

      wow, I couldn't be prouder to be a backer of your product.