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A tabletop roleplaying game about life in the revolutionary underground, where a roll of the dice can change the world.
A tabletop roleplaying game about life in the revolutionary underground, where a roll of the dice can change the world.
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What Happens Next

Posted by W.M. Akers (Creator)

The campaign is finished, and y'all are the people responsible for making it an astonishing success. We fell just short of unlocking the Muckraker, but as a consolation I'm going to make something I'd been considering as a kind of mini-stretch goal: a blank character sheet that will let you and your players build a new playbook on the fly. 

Here's what's remaining on my to-do list before the PDF is released on March 29:

  • Collect NPC information from our Citizens of Khresht. (If you're one of them, check your Kickstarter inbox for info on how to send that to me.) Add that info to the book and to the Khresht: 1915 handout.
  • Finalize the party character sheet
  • Create the one-sheet guide to New York: 2025
  • Create blank character sheet
  • Create black and white versions of all the supplements
  • Proofread everything one more time
  • Send a message to all $15+ backers that includes a link to download your free PDF of the game and all supplementary materials

Once that's done, y'all will have two weeks with the PDF before I send the final print files to the printer. I'll create a form for you to fill out noting any typos or other errors that you encounter in the book. After I send the book to the printer, it will take about a week for them to process the files, and another week or two before the proof is sent back to me. If it looks good, I'll release codes to all the $25+ backers with information for them to get their at-cost copies of the book. If not, we'll have to do another round of proofs. 

Once all of that is finished and the final book is available, I'll start working with our Heroes of the Revolution to design their custom playbooks, all of which will be released for y'all to enjoy. 

But that's all in the future, and none of it is your problem, anyway. For now, raise a cup of coffee, tea, water, or wine and toast yourselves for making this game possible!

Thank you again!


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    1. Pedro Salgado on

      I couldn't afford the Kresht NPC level, but if any of you who did are looking for inspiration, please look at Brazil. Plenty of good ideas around here.

    2. AdamUltraberg on

      There's a double .. or 2 in the Kresht guide.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tymon Wall on

      Hey I might have just pledged $15 yesterday after I saw the ad on FB (because I don't have the level of $$$ that woulda allowed me to already have a Kickstarter account, ya dig?), but the pledge I kicked ya was a lot of $ to me, and I really appreciate your super open and clear communication in this post. Can't wait for the pdf, I'd like to help out by copyediting!