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In 1994 an 11 yr old boy shot & killed a 14 yr old girl took Chicago Police on a 3 day man haunt & was gunned downed before his capture

72 Hour Nightmare in Roseland is a powerful Documentary about a sad but true story in Chicago. An 11 year old boy named Robert "Yummy" Sandifer choice of bad actions were so un real that  everybody wished that it was a bad dream. This 11 year old boy had 23 Felonies and 5 Misdemeanors before his death. The courts couldn't prosecute him because he was so young. Gang Leaders knew that and sent him to do their dirty work because he wouldn't get in trouble if caught. On Sunday, August 28, 1994, Sandifer began harassing locals from his neighborhood. He opened fire several different times with a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol, striking several youths. Sandifer quickly fled the scene. Shavon Dean, age 14, later died from her gunshot wounds. The crime spree made national headlines. The nation was shocked by the brutality of the crime and the fact that the alleged perpetrator was only 11 years old. The Chicago Police began a manhunt for Sandifer. According to Sgt. Ronald Palmer, of the Chicago Police, Sandifer's actions were a gang initiation gone awry. On, Wednesday, August 31 while still in hiding, Sandifer was met by brothers Cragg and Derrick Hardaway, ages 16 and 14. They were members of the Black Disciples. Sandifer was ordered to get into a waiting car where he was told the gang would take him someplace safe. Instead, he was brought to an empty viaduct underpass and told to get on his knees. While on his knees, he was shot twice in the back of his head. Sandifer's body was dicovered by the Chicago Police Department in the early morning of September 1. Both Cragg and Derrick Hardaway were later convicted of Sandifer's murder. The story received national headlines appearing on Time Magazine Sept 1994 issue. Tupac Shakur made a song tribute to "Yummy" and Oprah did a show on the him. President Bill Clinton Radio address The National Gang Prevention Week Sept 10, 1994 because of what took place in Roseland. This story took place in 1994 but is still relevant to this date. 


TRAVEL EXPENSES - Flights to and from Chicago with a crew of 5

HOUSING FOR 2 MONTHS – Safe environment for crew to rest after each day 

VAN RENTAL -  Van that transport all of crew and equipment across Chicago

FOOD  - 2 Meals a day for 2 months

CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL – Canon L series Lenses, Shure Fp33 & lapel mic

INTERVIEWS- Family, Friends, Journalist, Narrator, Police, Hardaway Brothers 

POST PRODUCTION EDITOR – Experienced documentary editor

ARCHIVAL RESEARCH -  (New Clips, News articles, Magazines)

MOTION GRAPHICS – Animation of the re enactments 

AUDIO PRODUCER – Sound Score and Music

SOUND MIX AND COLOR CORRECTION – Audio from interviews, sound score, dialogue

FINAL DELIVER STEPS – (Master, Closed Captions, etc.)

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Filming in a Americas most dangerous city. Going to the same neighborhood where all this took pace and still is taking place. By this being such a sensitive subject people will be hesitant to talk about what they know. It will bring up old scars that some family members want to forget. But by re ensuring that this for a good cause and explaining that the story of the love ones could possibly save some kids lives who are about to make the same mistake as Yummy did by joining a gang.


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