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A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
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    1. Missing avatar

      BillD4 on

      I second Dave's request, for the same reason. :D

    2. Dave Michalak on

      I will definitely be playing the heck out of XCOM (actually, both of them), but I have already seen that there are some aspects of the original that it will not fulfill for me. I'll be looking forward to Xenonauts to fill in those gaps.

      Also, can I get an updated ETA on the final release so I can update my Kickstarted spreadsheet? Thanks!

    3. ImpKeeper on

      when is the steam release ? XD

    4. Gilbert Palau on

      Got an interesting comment to make regarding the Caribbean Base. Why is Havana Cuba listed in the map but not San Juan, PR (that is a US Territory)??

    5. Patrick Corneliess on

      Are these builds accessible through desura? Because it keeps telling me it needs an update and then giving me a weird error message.

    6. Adam Collins on

      This is really exciting!

    7. Runar Jenssen on

      Yeah Marcin's idea wasn't half-bad at all! I think it should be more expensive though (just like in real-life, high priority shipping often costs double if not more), but it would be a great feature for those moments when you just absolutely need certain gear, to avoid having the game fail on you (with the high price it would still be likely that you could fail, but it would at least give you another variable, another chance). :)

    8. David Sherman on

      Sounds great! I look forward to seeing what is coming.

    9. Ben Mitchell on

      Can't wait for the new build. :)

    10. drakrochma on

      That´s an option i would prefer and that should not cause much work, or?
      Everything else looks great.

      Once the final release is out, I think I will have to call my boss and tell him I am ill for a few days ;)

    11. Marcin Dabrowski on

      The arrival delay system sounds good for strategic planning, but how about adding an "expedite" option which would make the delivery arrive within a day but add, say, 15% premium on the purchase?

      just a thought :)