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A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
4,668 backers pledged $154,715 to help bring this project to life.

Linux & Mac Port Update

This is a quick update centred around porting the game to Linux / Mac. If you're a happy Windows user, then you can entirely ignore this update!

If you are interested in our Mac or Linux port, we've got a a survey for you to fill in so we can gauge interest in the various operating systems / distribution systems available. These are pretty simple surveys that should only take about 60 seconds to fill in, but will allow us to tailor our ports to your preferences.

Linux survey:

Mac porting survey:

Hopefully we'll have a Mac / Linux version of the demo available in a few weeks so you guys can check how it works.


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    1. Nissarin on

      @David Athay
      I'm fully aware that it's a commercial game, maybe I didn't explain too well. The idea is to have the game split into two packages - a binary and the assets. Binary (with associated libs, etc.) by itself would be totally useless (i.e. won't work without the assets) but lets assume it can be downloaded by anyone and allowed to be repacked and redistributed (and only that). That way anyone interested would be able to provide the binary part in any way they want. E.g. it can be hosted on distro's mirrors in distro's favored format. The player would have to manually put the assets (after buying the game obviously) into the right place before the game starts (or point the location on launch), in case of Windows players: lets say you have to download assets and put in the same directory as installer (which is a non issue, especially with physical copy of the game).
      There are probably some positive aspects of such approach - you can have (huge) single assets download for virtually any version (platform) of the game and only a few small packages with the game binary (platform dependent). Possibly it's also easier to provide the updates, assuming you don't touch the assets.
      I think it's very easy to do from the technical point of view, I don't know if engine can read the media from a archive directly, that would be even easier but most importantly I don't know if it's doable from the legal point of view (if engine/libs license allow that), that's why I asked in the first place.

      So, about the tar vs exe, sorry but exe (or any "self executable") is not the same as simple archive. I can unpack in and just play, I can put it anywhere I manually "setup it" or my distro, with it's packages manager can do it for me (which, IMHO is the preferred way).
      It's not "tied" to Wine in any way, which is not the case with the installer and I'm not "limited" by Wine in any way, e.g. distro can install "system wide", Wine doesn't even need to be present.

      TBH zip is as good as tar.

    2. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      MG3 - it's already on Steam for Windows (check the FAQ). Is that what you're after?
      Joe - much as we want one of your lungs, I'm afraid Android might be a bridge too far in porting terms given the complexity of the interface.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Athay on

      @Nissarin There are no free parts, this is a commercial game. Those requesting .tar will probably be happy with getting the windows version, since they would need to setup wine themselves with just a tar file.

    4. Missing avatar

      MG3 on

      want it for steam!!

    5. Joe Young on

      Port it to Android and I would almost give a lung.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Skyman on

      I agree with Nissarin: .db (my choice) needs to be complemented by .tar.gz! Hope you'll make it...

    7. Nissarin on

      In my option having plain old tar (tgz/tbz) is a must, no matter what you decide to use, simply because it works everywhere.

      If you want support anything else then fine but you might be asking for troubles ;) Maybe instead of investing your own time (and money) you could ask the community to make packages, Ubuntu recently is pushing hard on "Linux Games" front, perhaps it's worth a shot. Also, an ebuild can be provided by anyone (I actually chosen that, because, well, I use Gentoo) so it's not really an issue (once you have the tar :P).
      There are also some other choices like Loki installer but I'm not sure how that works.

      BTW: can you split the game into "free" client/binary part and the "non-free" assets ? If you could then it might be even easier to repack the client (by the community) and the user would have to put the assets in the right place.

    8. Missing avatar

      MG3 on

      I did use Linux for some time, and know it's a great operating system, but I stopped using it because so few games where on linux, I'm really happy for them. because Linux is better than windows :)

    9. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      We can't do a native Linux port as we don't have the engine source code,, though we'd like to. We don't think there'll be too many difficulties with winelib though. If there are massive issues I'm sure we can arrange refunds for those affected.

    10. Missing avatar

      lexa2 on

      Answered both linux and mac surveys as I use both of them. Evgueni, what is the source of your information about Xenonauts being ported to max/linux by means of winelib?

      I have nothing against it and actually I re-compile and use Wine to use Windows apps and games on daily basis - and it works not so bad in general. Still, having native port would be a better thing IMO, at least when it comes to avoiding compatibility problems with pulseaudio (it'd be a problem with 99% of current linux distros) and lowering memory footprint.

    11. Evgueni Baldin on

      Wine lib is not the best options but better then nothing. In any case thank's for Linux demo. I am looking forward to test it.

    12. robertoszek on

      Done (Linux survey). That was pretty easy, wasn't it? ;)