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A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
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Reward Tier Revamp, Art Book & Boxed Copies!

Posted by Goldhawk Interactive (Creator)

A couple of days we passed the $75,000 mark on the game, so again we want to say a big thanks to everyone involved with the project! That means we’ve hit our first stretch goal and will look to be hiring a dedicated level designer in a few weeks, once we’ve done a bit more work on the tools and the tilesets they’ll be working with.

In the meantime, we’ve been looking at our reward tiers a little – particularly the $50 reward tiers. First thing to say is that we now have a preview of the Art Book, which you can find here. This is a 6-page preview of what will be a 48-page full colour book (A4 pages), the purpose of which is to show off a selection of the best art in Xenonauts and provide commentary and background on it both from the artist and the project lead.

This is the item I’d actually be most excited about getting my hands on if I was a backer, and it is available as PDF at the $50 reward tier, in softback form at the $60 tier and in hardback form at $100.

The item that other people seem most excited about, however, are physical copies of the game. We have therefore added a physical copy of the game as a choice at the $50 reward tier. We have created a new tier for this, but this is because we cannot edit tiers once people have already pledged at that level. If you have a $50 pledge of any kind, you will be able to choose a DVD copy of the game as your reward if you want.

These copies will be a standard black DVD case with a colour printed front and back, containing a printed 20 page manual and a printed DVD containing a DRM-free version of the game. You will only receive a single license for the game though, so you can’t (legally) give your physical copy to a friend and keep your digital copy for yourself.

Though several people have asked for them, we will not be offering a deluxe boxed copy with various cool things in it for a few reasons. These would be a more premium item and we’re not sure there would be enough demand at a higher price point to make up the minimum print runs these require, and while we are confident we could sell a hundred normal DVD copies of the game throughout the rest of development if we had them left over after the Kickstarter, we’re not so sure we could do the same with a deluxe boxed copy.

There’d also be quite a lot of time investment into adding extra goodies to the box, whereas it’s relatively simple for us to do a normal DVD copy. Less postage / shipping costs for a small and light DVD box too!

We’ve also added a reward at $50 where you can choose an extra Premium Pre-Order as your reward, giving you a spare copy to give to a friend (again, this is open to existing $50 backers too). A few people have requested it, and it reduces the amount of physical goods we’ll have to distribute when the project closes, so we’re all for it! 

Finally, we’ve confirmed that the Xenonauts will be available on GamersGate on release, and that will be a DRM-free option for pre-orderers if you’d rather take that over a Steam key. We’re still looking at other options, but that’s at least one lined up for you!

EDIT - just to clarify, the physical copy and the second digital copy of the game are standard $50 rewards. If you want to pledge at $75, you can choose two of the $50 rewards, now: poster, t-shirt, digital art book, physical DVD copy, second digital copy of the game. The same logic follows for the higher tiers too - you can replace any of the existing three $50 rewards with one of the two new ones.

EDIT 2 - Just added the $85 tier for people who want the softback Art Book plus one additional $50 reward (t-shirt, poster, DVD copy, second copy for a friend)!


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    1. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      James - you can replace any of the $50 rewards with it, so if you'd rather have a DVD copy than either the poster or the T-shirt that's fine by us!

    2. Missing avatar

      James M McKeon

      I just jumped in at the 500 level, How could I get a dvd copy? It doesnt look like it comes at that level

    3. ThomasN on

      Got it. I will get asked about the "or" stuff in the pledge text by a survey after the kickstarter ends. Thank you for clarifying and adding the $125.

    4. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Thomas - it won't go out until the Kickstarter is over. The $100 tier is just a copy of the game and the hardback artbook though, if you want the DVD you can either go down to $85 and get the softback art book and the DVD copy, or we can add in an extra tier at $125 giving either the hardback Art Book or a soldier name in the game, plus a DVD copy of the game.

    5. Andrew Easter - on

      @ThomasN survey will be released after KS ends. Then it will ask you what you want etc. The $85 tier gives soft back book and dvd.. though 100 is hard back book.

      @Goldhawk is it possible to add a DVD to the $100 tier?

    6. ThomasN on

      @all: I pledged the first $100 entry. I have no survey in this Web-UI, nor in my Mailbox. I know I could change to the second $50 entry to get a DVD, but I'd rather have the physical artbook AND the DVD. I'm lost...

    7. Missing avatar

      Gustaf Carstam on

      THomasN you should be able to select one of the new $50 tier rewards aftr pressing the "manage your pledge" button.

    8. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Thomas - should be a Kickstarter survey (or some kind of survey) sent out to each tier allowing you to choose which ones you want!

    9. ThomasN on

      "you can replace any of the existing three $50 rewards with one of the two new ones".
      How? Will you handle that per E-Mail later?

    10. Missing avatar

      Henry D. C. Williams on

      Book looks great. Very excited about getting mine :)

    11. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      You already get Desura keys (and always have). Yes, we've looked into GOG but we weren't able to agree a price point.

    12. Brantley Love on

      Keys for Desura would be very nice. By the way, have you looked into as another possibility for DRM free distribution?

    13. darkstorm on

      cool, cheers for letting me know.

    14. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Yes, it is DRM free (updated the text to reflect that). For the $100 reward, no - though at $125 you get the soldier name and the hardback Art Book too. $100 is one or the other.

    15. darkstorm on

      Is the physical disc version drm free - no online activations or any such garbage?

    16. Zombie Pug on

      So at $100 (soldier name), not even the digital copy of the artwork is included?

    17. Daniel M

      So if I pledge $75, I could get a physical copy of the game and a tshirt if I wanted?

    18. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      @Christian - if you pledge either $50 or $60, both include a digital version of the game so you'll have a copy of it. However, if you pledge $60 you get a copy of the softback book as your additional reward and it doesn't include a choice of the $50 tier rewards too. It's a bit difficult to get both under the current system now you point it out, actually...maybe I need to put in an $80 tier including that.

    19. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      @Christopher - yeah, that's not a problem. Though you'd have to message me seperately about it once the Kickstarter closes and I'll send you the extra key manually, as the current pledge system doesn't let us do it automatically.

    20. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to help.

    21. robertoszek on

      Thanks Chistopher.

    22. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Christian, I think (after looking at that tier) that it includes the $30 tier with the softback copy of the art book. (the $50 tiers, are all "Premium Pre-Order +" not just the $30 "Premium Pre-Order". So I don't think there is choosing involved.

    23. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      robertoszek, Yes. You would pick one of the $50 tiers as your reward (that has a shipping cost), but in your pledge amount, you would put $60, instead of the $50 for that tier. If you wanted the $60 tier, you would choose that as your reward, and add $10 to the actual pledge amount, making it a total of $70. Hope this helps.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on

      If i take the 60$ pledge, I still can decide which 50$ pledge goodie I'll take?
      What about the access to development builds and beta testing, if I choose physical copy of the 50$ pledge?

    25. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      I like the physical dvd addition. I just pledged for it. Would I be allowed to up my $50 pledge to $70, to include the $20 tier, so I can "legally" gift that copy to a friend?

    26. robertoszek on

      I'm a little confused about +$10 for international shipping... So, if I pledge $50 for the reward of "$50 or more" (like the physical copy) I must pledge $10 more for the shipping, then I pledge $60 in total. But I won't receive the rewards of pledging "60$ or more" doing so (like the softback Art Book), right?

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Please add keys for Desura as well, unless you want us to buy two copies ;)

    29. GamingLives on

      All sounds good :) Art book looks great so far, really looking forward to seeing it.