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A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
4,668 backers pledged $154,715 to help bring this project to life.

Xenonauts Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced!

The poll results are in – we’ve had some 1,101 votes in less than 24 hours and the survey has capped out. It’s great to see so many people giving their opinions and so quickly, so thanks for giving us your time! We weren't expecting to have anywhere near this number of people voting!

Here’s how the poll results look (image at the bottom of the page):

1) Hire Level Designer (10.56)
2) Indoor Missions (10.21)
3) Soviet Town tileset (9.31)
4) Military Base tileset (9.30)
5) Reaper Hive tileset (8.78)
6) Female Soldiers (8.44)
7) Tileset-specific NPC soldiers (8.08)
8) Motion Detector (6.95)
9) Soldier Memorial Screen (6.71)
10) Vehicle Combat Experience (6.45)
11) Pilot Portraits & Callsigns (6.15)
12) Proxy Grenades (6.10)
13) Tall Grass (5.94)
14) Human Psionics & Blaster Bombs mod (5.38)
15) Mac / Linux Porting (4.57)

I suppose this shows the value of asking people what they want – more maps and tilesets, apparently! As mentioned in the previous Update, we were already planning to put more maps and tilesets in the game, but we probably underestimated quite how important they are to people. It’s good to know that.

Ironically, the two features that had the most vocal supporters did not do very well - the female soldiers came 6th and Mac / Linux porting came dead last. A victory for the silent majority?

Actually, it’s a victory for everyone. We’ll also be putting female soldiers into the game, and providing a Mac and Linux version of the game too.

Though a fair amount of the debate on female soldiers consisted of needlessly aggressive and largely counter-productive internet rage, a few people made the reasoned argument that if we use the unisex sprites soldier solution, it’ll only cost a few thousand dollars to female soldiers to the game. As we’ve put ethnic soldiers in the game to be more inclusive, should we not do the same for female soldiers?

Having mulled that over for a day or two, I’m inclined to agree. The final game will include 25 female portraits and modified Basic Armour art (the other armour types are too bulky for it to make a difference), though the sprites will remain unisex for all soldiers.

The Mac / Linux ports also suffered badly. They received a lot of votes for being extremely important and a lot of votes for being very unimportant, but not a great deal in-between. This is not entirely surprising – you either use Linux / a Mac, or you don’t.

Nevertheless, the level of interest suggests it would be worth porting it anyway. If the porter we are talking to is able to deliver the ports for the price we’ve just agreed, it should be worthwhile from our point of view.

These two items have therefore been taken out of the stretch goals. Unfortunately, we’ve also taken out the Reaper Hive tileset. This is because all the popular stretch goals concern tilesets and we already have another four to add to the game.

We could probably just about stretch that to a maximum of six, but any more than that and the amount of work remaining would be weighted so disproportionately towards the tilesets that it’ll cause us major delays (we need to use the same artists for consistency reasons). As the Reaper Hive got the least votes of the three tilesets in the vote, that will not be included.

Therefore the stretch goals will be:

$75,000 – Hire a Level Designer - we will hire a dedicated map designer to add more variation and randomisation to the maps!

$100,000 – Indoor missions – these would be missions where combat squads are sent into large buildings or into underground bunkers to clear out an alien strike team.

$140,000 – Soviet Town terror tileset – the current terror tileset is an American town. To fit with the Cold War theme, we’ll put in an alternate tileset for the Soviet bloc countries using Soviet-style architecture.

$180,000 - Military Base tileset - this tileset would allow us to put military terror sites in the game, where aliens have attacked a military base and you are sent in to deal with them.

$205,000 – Tileset-Specific NPC Allies – we do have friendly AI soldiers in the game, but only one type. This would add different variants – police on the Industrial tileset, farmers with shotguns on the Farm tileset, mujahedeen with AK-47s on the Desert tileset etc.

$230,000 – Motion Detector – This would be a one-hand soldier item that, when equipped, will display a coloured overlay on the battlefield to show any AI movement in previous turn within range of the soldier holding it.

$255,000 – Memorial Screen – This would be a tab on the UI which allowed you to view a list of all your dead soldiers, including the location and time of death, their portrait and number of kills etc.

$280,000 – Vehicle Combat Experience – soldiers level up with experience, vehicles do not. This would allow vehicles to increase their stats (not armour / health) by a maximum of 15% with combat experience.

$305,000 - Pilot Portraits and Callsigns – at the moment, the aircraft are just aircraft. This would give each aircraft a pilot portrait and a callsign, so they seem less expendable. These pilots will not level up with experience.

$330,000 - Proxy Grenades – These are fun. This would add a secondary fire function to all advanced grenades (Alenium grenades upwards) that allows them to be used as proxy grenades.

$355,000 - Tall Grass – There’s waist-high grass in X-Com. This would put it in Xenonauts too, complete with the ridiculous (yet amusing) fire mechanics from the original.

$380,000 - Human Psionics and Blaster Bombs – We’ve removed these from the game due to balance reasons, and we will not put them in Xenonauts. This stretch goal would bundle the game with a developer-made mod that allowed people to put them back in.

Enjoy, guys! You've told us what you want, now it's time to get your friends donating!

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    1. Oleg Tsarev on

      One more backer wants Linux!

    2. S.D. on

      New backer here for Linux!

    3. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      We'll be revamping the tiers in an update tomorrow to give a few more options at the $50 price point!

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Neill on

      Hey guys, how about a $100 with a 4x pre-order reward with no extras or something like that.


      Thats because Linux users are rich because of all the money they save not buying opperating systems or soap and mac users have more money than sense :P

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Brill

      It does make sense to ask. If you study the screenshot closely you can see the number of people needing a port.
      It just might have made more sense if it was a yes/no question similar to the boxed edition rather than ranking it amongst the features you want to see.

    6. david on

      @Jakub Zdzieblo My point is just that it makes no sense to ask this question in a poll. Everyone knows that Linux & Mac are a minority... But a minority that is willing to pay a descend price for software. Look at the Humblebundle stats.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vadim Peretokin on

      Found out about the game & funded it because of Linux support. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kirin on

      YAY for Linux support!

    9. Jakub Zdzieblo on

      @david What a brilliant idea to ask Mac users if the resurces should be spent on Mac port instead of new game features and content. [/sarcasm].
      I'm still thinking the finished product could be of better quality if the devs would focus on the game itself, and port it later. But this is a moot point at this moment and let's not start platform wars here.

    10. david on

      What a brilliant idea to let Window users decide if there should be a Linux / Mac port ... :/

    11. Missing avatar

      Henry D. C. Williams on

      Benjamin Glatt - There's no need to shout. The alpha build we're playing at the moment is only a small percentage of the complete game, which has a great deal more content regardless of whether or not the stretch goals are met.

    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Glatt on

      I'd rather have actual new stuff in the game than just more tile sets. COME ON.

    13. Michael on

      Suggestion: Provided we reach 305,000$ and unlock Pilot Portraits and callsigns (or maybe an incentive to include it earlier), it could be used as a new pledge. As I assume the pilots will wear helmets you can't really judge apperance, so you could easily add a 'Callsign pledge', where the backer would get to add a name to the Pilot Callsign database.
      Obviously, real names wouldn't work, but that's actually the beauty of it. People could use their forum/ingame/account names, since it'd allow a bit more freedom as Pilot Callsigns often aren't too serious.
      What'cha think?

    14. Andrew Easter - on

      @Chong FAQ has been updated by Goldhawk

      "As explained in Update #5, Xenonauts currently only works in Windows but there has been enough interest in porting the game that it will recieve both a Mac and Linux port for release."

      Hope that satisfies you... SPREAD the word :)

    15. Chong Pak on

      I'm not able to read all the comments to know if I'm being redundant but part of the Mac/Linux problem is that the sheer number of people who aren't on Mac/Linux simply cause games won't port over are in no rush for that option, rather, and would opt to get other features since they don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

      Thankfully it sounds like you guys are still making that a priority... which is good since part of the reason I backed this project is cause you guys did mention the desire to have that happen.

    16. wererogue on

      I agree with other commenters that female soldiers is higher priority than
      other OSs, but I also agree that Linux is a chicken-and-egg problem. I'd
      have ditched Windows years ago if it weren't for the shoddy support from
      games devs, and with Valve working on a Linux version of Steam and increased
      support and messaging for Linux, I'm starting to think that now might be a
      good time to take the plunge.

      However, I for one disagree with the poll regarding representation being
      less important than content. If you're going to do an XCOM game, you should
      do it right, and having a diverse team was one of many great features that
      the original had. As such, I'm ecstatic that the team has chosen to commit to it regardless.

      I'm also impressed that Goldhawk went deeper into the data than the biggest numbers, to see that some less popular features were very important to a minority of voters. That shows a lot of care and attention, and it gratifies me greatly.

    17. Matt Roberts on

      Damn, I missed this poll. There was no indication in the update that the poll would be so meanly capped, otherwise I would have spent less time considering my vote. Was going to vote this lunchtime, but ah well.

      Very glad to see that female soldiers are being included anyway - that was going to be my top vote out of principal. Similarly glad about Mac and Linux ports. Out of selfishness I probably would have voted other things higher than this, but I agree that it is 'a good thing'.

      Other than that, all the additional features are great so no complaints really! Really got ot get as much funding as possible now to get through those tilesets!

    18. Missing avatar

      Gustaf Carstam on

      @Miika K Ahonen: In Xenonauts you are also going to lose the experince of a veteran tank if you either lose it or trade it in for a newer model.

      Upgrades to tanks you already have seem unlikely we are going to get better type of tanks instead.

    19. M.A. on

      IIRC that's how Altar's UFO series did it, in Aftershock or Afterlight. However, it could be considered that the vehicle operator (driver or person controlling them remotely) is the one gaining the experience, though in case of remote controller it doesn't make much sense for them to lose it if the vehicle is destroyed.

    20. Chris Grenard on

      I have a suggestion on vehicle combat experience. It seems odd to me that a vehicle could gain "experience" in the same way as a person. Perhaps instead each vehicle will have 1-3 slots in which to install upgrades. These upgrades would be based on researched items. Such as "better plating" could come from research on alien metals. "Better reactor" could come from researching the equivalent of Elerium-115 and give the vehicle a few extra Time Units. Some things like that. It would make more sense, in my opinion.

    21. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      It is possible, but we don't have any plans to do that at this time.

    22. Koshinator on

      There's always the possibility of expanding tilesets and new environments after game release, as dlc (which could help with extra funding too)... so while I would like to see the reaper hive make it in, being excluded from the initial release doesn't mean we won't see it at all.

    23. Andrew Easter - on

      @Jerry Fu -force soldier: Mark Bril , Welcome to my Xenonauts team :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Kroax on

      It's a shame that the reaper hive tileset won't make it in, it sounded like a cool idea, but I can understand if it's difficult/time consuming to implement along with everything else so I'm cool with it being left out.

      Glad female soldiers are making it in and I can't really complain about the order of the stretch goals either. I upped my pledge by $40 to help meet the first one! :)

    25. Jerry Fu on

      aww I can't believe Human psionics finished so poorly! that was one of my favorite parts, once you're able to mind control a bunch of aliens at will :-P It is horribly imbalanced once your soldiers get too good at it, but that made the old game charming to me.

    26. Jerry Fu on

      I became a mac user, and until recently, I basically didn't play games that weren't on PC (I finally made an exception for SWTOR, and it involved peer pressure). However, I think the trend is towards games being supported on Macs (At least Blizzard and Valve seem very behind this), so I think it's a great thing for you to support macs as well!

      Personally, I upped my backing level from $100 to $150 after learning that you were considering supporting Macs. I imagine you don't have the time (or even data) for this, but as the last guy broached on the topic, I would be interested to see what the ranks looked like if you weighed the scores on the survey by the amount of backing that people are providing :)

    27. Missing avatar

      kwm1800 on

      For linux & Mac concern, this is really egg & chicken question.

      Pretty much all of linux gamers know that, and pretty much only way to show the support is putting big wallet, not the number in strength. Thus you see average amount of money paid by linux users on Humble bundle is significantly higher than most of windows users.

      That said, as a linux user, I am also one of those who chose $200+ option for very same reason.

    28. Atarun

      @Matias Berrondo
      "I commend the team for taking the effort to assure that Xenonauts reaches out to all audiences with both female soldiers and Mac/Linux support"
      I see a fundamental difference between the two, personally (which is reflected in the survey results, IMO): Mac/Linux support really only affects players who don't have a PC running Windows, whereas women in the game's world make it more realistic for everyone.
      Personally, I would mind just as much if there were only women in the game and I know guys who mind sausage fests as well as girls who don't. So it's really not reaching out to female players.

    29. Andrew Easter - on

      450k stretch goal: Setup elaborate duplicator machine so that 2 copies of the team can actively work on the game at the same time. Because only 1 team is the real team with lives and families, team 2 can live in Chris's basement and live off of bread and water until release day.

    30. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Reaper Hive tiles won't be happening, I'm afraid. Even if we do make the walls etc indestructible it's still 6 and a bit tilesets we need to put in the game. Our upper limit would be six (and even that is going to be hard for us) so we can't put them in. We weren't expecting to get all three tilesets in the top five results tbh, and we should have structured the question so "New Tileset" was an option and you have those three choices but I couldn't get it working in the survey setup.

    31. HeroicVandal on

      So what's happening to the Reaper Hive missions? I'm happy about FemTroops but I'm just wondering about the fate of the Reaper Hive missions...

    32. JJL on

      I wonder why Reaper Hive was lower than other tilesets =/ Are people really that afraid of challenge?

    33. Matias Berrondo on

      Glad to see the results panned out in a favorable manner, I think everyone was in agreement that assets which would improve the overall quality of the game itself were first and foremost. Still, I commend the team for taking the effort to assure that Xenonauts reaches out to all audiences with both female soldiers and Mac/Linux support. Keep up the great work!

    34. Missing avatar

      AhmNee on

      The survey results are almost exactly in line with how I voted. I just want to note that I think it's a good idea to have female soldiers in the game but not at the expense of the scope/depth of the game itself. Here's hoping you meet more than a few stretch goals.

      I purchased back in November of last year but pledged for another copy. I've had too much fun with the alpha already not to.

    35. Andrew Easter - on

      Lets get that level designer before the morning :)

    36. JJL on

      I think being indestructible might work better because if it explodes easily, why would you send soldiers inside it?

      I mean, which sounded smarter in Alien 2, nuking alien hive from orbit or sending soldiers inside hive full of aliens which breed through other creatures?

      Same could apply to here, have a reason why they can't just nuke Reaper Hives and why you have to send soldiers inside it and it being highly damage resistant except for weak spots(or maybe just have mission be putting nuke inside it to kill all reapers/destroy hive from inside) :)

    37. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'm in agreement with Barac Baker Wiley re ports - as a Windows user (for the moment) they'd be of no personal benefit to me either, but having the option to play Xenonauts on another platform in the future is still a benefit. So it's good to see a commitment to porting, regardless.
      My second choice was the Reaper Hive. I'd agree with JJL in hoping this can be managed somehow. Rather than indestructible tiles you could instead make it highly combustible, meaning any attempt to destroy tiles results in a big boom game over - which would add an interesting tactical twist to dealing with them!

    38. JJL on

      Please consider adding Reaper Hive in same way you are going to add female soldiers D: Aka cutting out unnecessary work, its alien hive after all, you can give story reason for why it can't be damaged meaning you can cut out damaged tiles except for objects you need to destroy..

    39. Missing avatar

      Wootles on

      I was excited to participate in this survey, and for the most part what I voted for seemed to be in the majority. One thing that I am kind of bummed about is that we won't get any soldier memorial screen. Guess I was hoping for a way to pay my respects to those who gave their lives to combat the alien menace. Still, thanks guys for letting us have a say in where you'll direct the money!

    40. James Yee on

      We'll see what we get but I'm glad to be on board whatever comes! :)

    41. Martin Kramer on

      Okay, now to get people to pledge a quarter-million bucks, or preferably even more. I think it's time for additionally incentivized new pledge tiers!

    42. Zombie Pug on

      I'm not sure why everyone seems beholden to Linux users. It's less than 2% of the market. Granted they are certainly vocal. I just hope we can get to $305k. I want my pilot callsigns!

    43. Joshua Ouille on

      Awesome, less than 9,000 away from an additional level designer!

    44. Barac Baker Wiley

      I'm a little disappointed that Soviet towns (which strike me as essentially a reskin) are being prioritized above tilesets that would seem to include a wider gameplay variance like the military base and reaper hive, but I'm sure they'll look cool, and maybe they can be stretched to provide some gameplay impact.

      Also happy to see female soldiers and ports off the list of stretch goals and just included by default. The former has no tangible gameplay impact but seems like a reasonable thing to have. The latter has no impact on me whatsoever as I no longer use Mac and have never run Linux, but the more games that support other OSes, the better the chances that someday I could ditch Windows, which is a nice thought.

    45. Jakub Zdzieblo on

      I do hope you will reach even the most streched goals anyway, but nice to see the results have influenced the game development. That's pretty unique!
      I'm still not convinced the Mac/Linux port is needed at this point, sounds more like unnecessary distraction. This could be done after the game is finished and released, to bump up the sales.
      And yay for female soldiers! I hope the portraits will be as bleak and sad looking as the male ones, I really love this grim feel of the game so far.

    46. Atarun

      Personally, I'd say 6th position for female soldiers is a win. It came just after content and before all extra features. ^^
      Though I feel bad for all the counter-productive internet rage you've been on the receiving end of on that subject... :'( I did try to show restraint and reason in my arguments, but I know not everybody does that. -_-
      Anyway, female soldiers are in, I feel really good backing this project and you bet I'll spread the word to every gamer I know. ^^

    47. Tor-Eilif Hargaut on

      Great news about females and Mac/Linux users. Now let's get us a level designer!

    48. Koshinator on

      I think most people will be happy with this list, well done all of us!