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A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
A blend of turn-based ground combat and strategic command, Xenonauts puts you in charge of defending the world from alien invasion!
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    1. Magma Dragoon on

      Just got my code guys. Thank you and I look forward to the finished game.

    2. Knight PT on

      @ Hans, I disagree. Game can only be judged when it's on the release form. A delay in the release date is something very common in all kind of companies ranging from realy big ones to small ones. Saying a game is crap because its delayed and you pick up an alpha version and say its crap because its the only version you can play on the time YOU decide it should be done is something i disagree. You can complain of the delay, but not say its crap because of an alpha version => 2 diferent things.

    3. Hans Melius on

      @Knight, except the game was SUPPOSED to be released at the same time XCOM: Enemy Unknown released. So the fact that I still haven't received my finished game, I have to agree with Manuel.

    4. Knight PT on

      @ Manuel Otera Moreira, are you for real? do you even know that the game is still in early stages of being balanced and the AI is realy still in early stages? like in ... the game is still in beta? like in ... not released yet ?

    5. Manuel Otero Moreira on

      a crap of a game.
      in easy mode they dont know to shoot. the soldiers are stupid. shoot at other soldier or everywhere except to the aliens is patetic. to point to another alien is difficult and unfriendly.
      the aliens dont have a lot of mistakes but the soldiers....really int=0
      and drop a granade ..... or shoot behind a bush.... you shoot to the bush the earth the sky but to the
      FUCKASDFQ·$%!"·$ front no way. its a shotgun only look in the way.
      and money funds..... a sad day when i backed this .....
      a huge mistake backing this game.

    6. ThomasN on

      With like a publisher I mean they enforce in Germany all players have to have the version without the blood and so on. Talk about artistic freedom.

    7. ThomasN on

      You know steam is like a publisher and receives 30% of the game's money, right?

    8. Onno Ebbers

      Yes!, Steam keys!

    9. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Dmitriy - we'll do our best!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dmitriy Skryabin on

      Please do not forget to add the Russian language. thanks

    11. Onno Ebbers

      Thanks Dave, I'll try that!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      I've had issues with Desura too. Best workaround I know of is to go to their website, log on through that, and go to your CD keys page. You should be able to download the stand alone installer from there.

    13. Onno Ebbers

      I still have alot of problems trying to download through Desura... Am I alone in this, or is it a common problem?

    14. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Thanks. Big update coming in the next couple of weeks too. Got something I'd like to announce, but need to get a final confirmation first.

    15. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Oh this sound like a bad time/money sink, but I have faith you can handle it.
      So far reading the background story (iceland incident) and the occasional kickstarter updates is making me want this game to be my first xcom experience, even held of buying XCOM: Enemy Unknown :)
      Good luck hunting and fixing those bugs.

    16. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Current build has some quite major bugs in it, I'm not writing an update advertising it until it's stable again.

    17. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Wish there was a march update, even if it's from the bahama's.

    18. Paul on

      Wow, this is taking a LOT longer than expected...

    19. Thomas Melberg on

      Hope youre still kiling bugs and make good game ;)
      Take youre time and make it as good as i would :P

    20. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Sadly it's only cost-effective to ship the rewards together, so we're limited by the slowest ones to produce - the DVD copies, which can only be burned when we have the game finished. Possibly we'll look at getting the other stuff done first and shipping it to people who don't need a DVD (we've got more storage space now we operate out of an office) but I want to hit beta before I consider that.

      Sorry for the delays though, we're working on it as hard as we can!

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gustaf Carstam on

      Jakub: I assume that he wants to ship as much as possible together. Although I don't know if there is anything that still needs to be finished before shipping it out.. maybe the softback art book?

      The expected october shipping date was the expected release of the game wasn't it? Since the release has been deleyd maybe the shipping of goods has been pushed back too? I don't know it is a fair question and I'd suggest asking it on the forum :)

    23. Jakub Zdzieblo on

      Chris, what's up with the T-shirts? Estimated delivery October 2012... The spring is almost around the corner, I'd like to have something to wear when the sunny days come back!

    24. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Just wanted to say thanks again for the update. Certainly a lot of good progress!

    25. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      I'll post an update here if V17.52 (released today) proves stable. The last couple of releases have had some game-breaking bugs in them and I'm not going to be shouting about them until those are gone.

      Andrew - the AI is closer to being finished than the UI is. The combat UI is done but there's a lot of Geoscape UI screens are a major upgrade and only the first has been put in the code thus far (though all the concepts are finished now).

      On the plus side, the old UI is still perfectly usable so the AI is actually more important at the moment.

    26. Andrew Easter - on

      It appears that the new UI is almost finished.Combat and geoscape UI are in game. The big missing link is the AI which appears to be in the last stages for a major overhaul

    27. S.D. on

      I think it's a great time for a new update, now that the holidays have passed. A December development wrap-up would be welcome :-)

    28. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      @fellow backers Shameless plug but if you enjoyed the original Quest for Glory hybrid Adventure / RPG games, you might want to know that the original designers (Lori & Corey Cole) are back at it with a new KS project - Hero-U. It's said to be a "a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story". So if that sounds like something you might be interested in check it out.

    29. Missing avatar

      BillD4 on

      I understand that the forums are faster for updates, but I have backed 84 different Kickstarters. 24 have delivered on time, 31 have not met their projected delivery date, and 29 are pending. I simply do not have the time or ability to have dozens of forum addresses, usernames, and passwords at hand every time I want to check on the status of what I have paid for. A duplicate comment here, as well as on the forums, when there is a quick update would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    30. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Sorry, we'll post something up here shortly. I've been terrible about updates but our main site is slightly better, and our forums are MUCH better for quick updates.

    31. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      They been updating there forums often...not so much here

    32. Niggles on

      No updates on KS since Aug 26th?

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrei Sokolov on

      Hello. Can you tell when finished game will be out?

    34. Hans Melius on

      What is the status on the Physical copy of the game?

    35. Devon Rampe on

      Hopefully there will be a tutorial implemented in the future. :) I've got this installed on Desura, but tried just jumping in and playing, and I was stumped immediately. hehe

    36. Jason Christopher Faught on

      What are your plans for the game manual? I hope you put some effort into designing it. I'd hate to get a crappy black and white boring scrap of paper... Maybe you could dress it up as a rookie Xenonaut's handbook? I think we would all love that! Give us flavor for the game please like: "In the case of mind controlled squad mates don't hesitate in inflicting non lethal wounds for the sake of the squad and the mission."

    37. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      You should have been sent a Desura key which will let you access the game. If you've not got it, email me at chris(at) and I'll sort you out.

    38. Jason Christopher Faught on

      My step father and I both pledged and do not know how to access our digital rewards. We would both like to play, please let us know what to do to get our rewards.

    39. HeroicVandal on


    40. Stormfury on

      Double clicking the save game will CTD, but I was able to load the games if you single click them and click the load button. Try that, hopefully it allows you to play a bit more.

    41. Missing avatar

      Hunter Chace on

      I'm having similar problems to the ones Morg is having. I can't load saved games or Xenonauts will CTD. Also, I'm not sure if anybody else is experiencing this problem, but after a while at random times Xenonauts will CTD. I've checked the forums and didn't see anything helpful but maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

    42. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Morg - without access to the bug forums or our internal bug tracker, I can't really give you an answer. If it is actually a bug, something that serious will be given priority for a fix in the new build.

    43. Goldhawk Interactive 2-time creator on

      Just an update on the forum situation - they're still trying to get everything back online, which is laughably incompetent of them and I plan to cancel the subscription as soon as the game is released. I'm just not willing to do it yet because all our developer online tools and code hub use the same server and I don't want to risk data loss and confusion in the team. Sorry about all the downtime but there's not really much we can do (it's also made this week rather unproductive in development terms too)...

    44. Missing avatar

      Morgurthion on

      damn, is there a way to get saves to load? I'm itching for some Xenonauts but loading my saves just makes the game CTD, and without the forums, I have no idea if and what I can do to fix that.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ben Fraser on

      Thanks for the reply and excuse poor spelling and punctuation, kickstarter could really do with edit post functionality...
      Glad to hear it's nothing like you lot having lost all your work so far or anything really terrible. Hopefully everything else is trundling along nicely.

    46. ThomasN on

      I think OYA is a great scam milking (700$ for cheapest dev-kit) devs by pressuring them with a vaporware-dream-product (100$ for some smartphone hardware in a box which in no way or form can play AAA games contrary what they show in the video) hammered so many times in unsuspecting consumers by means of buzzwords and lies until they believe it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Adam Lang on

      So, looking for a new hosting provider? I know of several who would be happy to have you, and who wouldn't take DAYS to get your site back up and running...

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