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The acclaimed Xenonauts franchise continues with another deep & complex turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic X-Com titles!
6,827 backers pledged £191,107 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Knightshade on

      Yeah, I'm really not a fan of the air combat changes.

      I get trying to make it turn based to fit in with the rest of the game, but the rest of the game has room for skill to help mitigate for lack of weaponry.

      This honestly reminds me of Fraxis Xcom ufo shoots.…

    2. Shaak on

      aircombat in x1 was perfect.. why you try to change something like that not understand

    3. Tactical Dragon Inc on

      Eugeny Kolpakov
      Your Teon from forum? the moder and writer?
      Write me to

    4. Missing avatar

      Dheran on

      Honestly, I liked the old dogfight system better, It allowed you to have a decent chance at some of the more dangerous UFOs by using wingmen as decoys and just having superior turning capabilities than the bigger UFOs.
      This coupled with dead zones in UFO firing arcs allowed for an interesting high risk, high reward play. The fights felt much more like from the Independence Day - constant dodging and trying to get on the tail of a much more powerful opponent.

      The new system seems straight from the old X-COM and at a glance looks as if it was a simple match of "duke it out" with the UFO and seems much shallower than the old one.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Abberley on

      The Armour has to be light, with flexable joints not like that of the Knights of old, who had to wear the armour all the time so their bodies adjusted to the extra weight. A bathroom nightmare to be sure. So some modern tech Armour and the guns with enough power to take down enemy. Having read through your reports all seems to be in very good hands The interceptors needs to be a very good visual mini game, giving the player a choice of wapons from which you can load out the fighter with. As Joshua stated the X2 feel is good. Gunlord is right as I also ended up using auto-resolve. Emikochan also has a good point. I've been in hosptal for weeks and have missed the bit about founders and having a soldier placed in the game for founder memberes. I have been playing/testing games for 40 yrs + and look forward to another 40. Also like many, I had purchased a copy of the game as well as backing it. Kind regards to all. John

    6. Gunlord500 on

      I rather like the change. The real-time air combat was fun at first in the original Xenonauts, but after a while I just used auto-resolve most of the time. This might be better.

    7. emikochan on

      If you want some cool ideas for turn based ship combat there's this game on steam called Next Jump that is really interesting :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Joshua Paran Leong Chin Kuai on

      I agree with Eugeny Kolpakov and generally the rest of the comments. The air combat in X1 was enjoyable for me too, especially since it was pause-able but if we're set on the change to new mechanics I'm okay with it too.

      One suggestion for the new system. If there is to only be 1 displacing variable, I think it would be more user intuitive if the UFO/enemy displaces in relation to our aircraft. Similar reasons as to why the car remains relatively stationary to the competition in racing games. But this would then represent a challenge if there were multiple aircraft in pursuit that I don't have an answer to. Anyhoo, it feels janky to me seeing an aircraft moving backwards, even tho I know in actuality the UFO is the one that is moving further away/speeding up while remaining stationary in relation to the combat area. Hope you get what I meant.

      Great work on the game guys, am glad to have supported the project. The new additions look awesome, love the new interface, look, and feel of X2. The new core features are epic. Keep up the good work!

    9. Missing avatar

      0blade on

      A floating... brain... if I was a floating brain, I sure wouldn't want to float naked.

    10. Missing avatar

      0blade on

      I really hope the actual air combat will be way more entertaining than this... it may be really precise and fair, but I could as much play chess. Giving these commands for a "turn" and watch them executed in 3D - that sounds much better.

    11. BJ Tomiko

      I personally really like the new direction for air combat. Makes it more strategic and turn based to match the rest of the game.

    12. Missing avatar

      Timur Suleymenov on

      The more diverse aliens, the better.
      I really liked air combat X1, though. It feels like something close to an interceptor dog fight.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eugeny Kolpakov on

      My few points:

      1. New air combat looks much like air combat in the original X-Com. However, I think it's a change for the worse, as X1 air combat was quite enjoyable (at least to me), non-invasive (autoresolve) and allowed offsetting lack of firepower/tech advancements with skill. While there were some things to improve (like barrel rolls at min speed and maybe UFO AI), it's was one of the tiny differences that made X1 differ both from classic X-Com and modern reboot. IMHO, letting it go would be a major loss to the experience.
      1.1. Fighter pilots definitely deserve at least names or callsigns. Even very simple system (like in X-Com: LongWar) where they have a higher hit chance with every downed UFO might add additional depth to air combat - like "against battleship, should I send three rookies with a little chance of success (but loosing them would be not a big deal), or two veterans with a much higher chance of victory, but higher cost of casualties as well?"
      2. Regarding armour - please-please-please don't make the same mistake as in X1 (and in both old and new X-Coms), namely "one armour to rule them all". In X1 eventually everyone wore Sentinel at all times, except a few Heavies in Predator. So it would definitely be great to have some earlier game armour still make sense in late game.
      2.1. I think great example was "UFO: Aftermath" where suits significantly differed in damage resistance, environment resistance, inventory size (and shape!), perks (i.e. life-support suit increased healing) and ability to perform actions (like running/laying down/kneeling/etc.).

    14. Tactical Dragon Inc on

      @gck I agree with you, I strongly believe that they are jsut repeating the same old stuff and falling in the same old mechanics that JUST DONT WORK.

      This new system is awful, one of the nice things of the old one is the aircombat. Why developers dont just focus on real changes like World invasion mechanics? Storyline? Events? TU Mechanics? Techtree?

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicolas COLIN on

      Never fan of air combat, I always use autoresolve ^^

    16. Missing avatar

      Windrider on

      Air combat was the biggest surprise for me in X1. And I can't fully agree that it was too much "reactions over good tactics" since it was pause-able. Suggested X2 approach might still be interesting but if I were to vote I'd stick with X1 version.

    17. PapaDragon666 on

      I had a good feeling about this game (probably why I backed), and it's getting better with each update ! Huzzah !!

    18. Missing avatar

      Joe Bell on

      floating brain gets my vote. also like the idea of pilot characters

    19. Steven Campbell on

      as far as the air combat i miss the interactive fun of the first one. this seems to simplify it alot.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tor Sognelien on

      One question, and this was my main nitpick about the first game, and I guess its one of my deepest wishes for this one; Does a soldiers skill improve the more you use it..., per mission? Or is it like the first one, where no matter how you use the soldier, the fact that the skill is being used will advance the skill by a set amount?

      Because, back in my ol' days playing XCom, I tried to strategically use certain soldiers skills for certain action, aiming to increase the chance of extra skill gain for them, even thou a rookie could have take the shot; I'd have my experienced soldier come in to take the shot, for even more skill gain?

      This added so much strategic depth, and I missed it alot in the first Xenonauts game where I believe you gained the same amount, no matter how much you used an attribute on a mission.

    21. Russonc

      Nice update... I'm one who really didn't like the air combat in X1 (maybe because I was so bad at it). I think I'll like the change.

    22. Inca on

      I think R&D, Production, Intel gathering and Treatment of wounded soldiers has to be contracted out to outside Labs, Manufacturing Companies and Hospitals.
      It seems to be an unrealistic goal to contain all of those functions within a tiny base.
      Instead the base has to have gym, shooting range, armory, basically actual things you find at a military outpost.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tor Nordmark on

      Will you stick to the old idea of no psionic powers for humans? Will there maybe be things like Cybernetics or some such for later stages?
      Really looking forward to seeing the game in action and to test it out when the closed beta kicks off! The air combat as an idea seem interesting in theory, but hard to tell with how it looks now.

    24. Missing avatar

      gck on

      Perhaps I'm missing something, but the new type air combat seems considerably dumbed-down from X1. I hope there is a lot more to the new system than what is shown. X1 system was really well done.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Harrison on

      In all these style games, I feel the interceptor pilots are unsung heroes.

      I feel the need for the interceptor pilots to be able to gain experience, but also have the opportunity for downtime training, and also have a similar skill-set as the ground troops have.....after all, if they don't shoot the aliens down, the grunts do not have a job!?

      They need to be valued individuals too, like the rest of the team.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Murphy on

      I want to be supportive (I backed the game after all), and I am very excited, but I think I'll missed Xen1's air combat. The maneuvering into blind spots was incredibly fun. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Jakub Vanous on

      It looks great but it definitely need more of this:…

    28. Scott on

      and they called him Mr. Know-It-All