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The acclaimed Xenonauts franchise continues with another deep & complex turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic X-Com titles!
6,827 backers pledged £191,107 to help bring this project to life.

Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Completed!

Posted by Goldhawk Interactive (Creator)

After thirty days our Kickstarter has come to a close, and what a journey it's been! We asked for £50,000 to help us develop the game and your generosity saw us raise a grand total of £191,057 / $250,000 from 6,826 backers - almost 400% our initial target!

All of us here at Goldhawk are hugely grateful for all the backing you have given us, and it's also been really nice to read all of the comments from people who enjoyed the first game. We want to say a massive thank you to all of our backers and we'll be working hard to repay your faith in us!

Stretch Goals:

We've unlocked a total of five stretch goals for the final game:

  • #1 Modular Weapons
  • #2 Geoscape Situations
  • #3 Locational Injuries
  • #4 MARS Weapon Platform & Sentry Guns 
  • #5 Additional Community Edition & Modding Support

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the Community Edition & Modding Support stretch goal has been unlocked even though we didn't quite hit the £200,000 target. We had a quick chat within the team earlier today and we all feel that we should show our gratitude by unlocking the next stretch goal too!

Next Steps & Backer Surveys:

If you've backed our Kickstarter you will receive a Backer Survey from us in the next few days that will ask you to provide all the information needed for us to fulfill your rewards - this is where you specify whether you want a Steam key or a GOG key, provide the details and portrait code of your custom soldier, etc.

I don't know exactly when those will be sent out - we only get one chance to do a Backer Survey, so we have to be super-careful about making sure we don't miss out any questions the first time around. Expect them to arrive before the end of next week though!

The Steam / GOG keys will be emailed to you prior to the launch of the closed beta around October if you pledged at the £25+ tier or above, or before the Early Access launch in around January if you backed at the £18 tier.

We will of course be keeping you guys informed via Kickstarter Updates as we approach these two launch dates, so keep your eyes peeled for your keys when they arrive!

For one final time - a massive thanks for all of your generosity and I can tell you with certainty Xenonauts-2 will be a much better game as a result of it!


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    1. David Law on

      Congratulations on your Kickstarter and well done to everyone who backed it! We're getting a sequel! And thank you Goldhawk for unlocking the 200k stretch goal!

    2. Michael Christopher Compitus on

      @ Xenonauts 2 Dev Team

      Many MANY thanks for unlocking the Additional Community Edition & Modding Support stretch goal.

      In addition to the Xenonauts 2 Dev team, it's unbelievable, given the support in the Kickstarter campaign, the potential unlocked in the public and the thoughts and ideas they'll bring and inject into the game with their mod ideas once it goes live.

      I hope this game has the new potential to 'blow the socks off' the new rival turn-based games in the genre and if not, at least give them a 'run for their money' and see them up their game.

      True backer input and influence making dreams become reality.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pysiu on

      Congratz to you and to us, gamers. I have high hopes in your Team especially after having so much fun with X1.
      Next, Jagged Alliance please ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Moagim on

      Congrats, the first game was great and I am sure the new one will be even better.

    5. Raul Lazar on

      Thanks! I'm happy to be a small drop in an ocean, love your first game and I'm confident we'll see an even better game.

    6. Plumpbiscuit on

      The mod support will make this game last for even longer now!

    7. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Thanks for unlocking the 5th :)

      Now bout those Reavers... ;D

    8. Dan Atkinson on

      Congratulations! I really enjoyed the first game and am really excited for the follow-up!

    9. Xinef on

      Yay for the (additional) modding support!

      I don't think overshadowing is much of a problem here. XCOM had better marketing, and focus on graphics that got the attention of people who buy primarily based on visuals, but I wouldn't be surprised if XCOM's success had a positive effect on Xenonauts, getting it attention from people who were looking for games similar to XCOM after finishing it.

      Now Xenonauts stood out in terms of gameplay (especially more meaningful macromanagement), and I assume Xenonauts 2 will too. Now if there's anything else I'd like to see Xenonauts 2 shining in, it would be replayability. My problem with games like this is that often, once you've finished the game once, there's not much else to do, other than trying on a harder difficulty or with some self-imposed challenges.
      Now, things that could make the game more replayable would definitely include mods, but also complex game mechanics that are hard enough to master that you would still be learning new tricks and strategies even after several games... then there are other ways to add replayability such as randomness/procedurally generated content (if done right...) and multiplayer. But I'm not sure if adding the latter would work for Xenonauts, since the playerbase are mostly interested in single player, and as for adding replayability through randomness... well, it would have to be something significant to make each game feel different from the last. Something like getting access to technologies in a completely different order, or facing enemies with completely different strengths and weaknesses. Not the easiest thing to implement for sure. So, I'm counting on mods to be the primary source of replayability.

    10. Nick

      Congrats guys! Really glad to see a sequel be made with full modding support, although a bit sad there's no art book to add to my collection this time around =P

    11. Missing avatar

      Ivan Chevelev on

      THANK YOU you for including Mods! I had so much fun with mods in the first game!


    12. Missing avatar

      Avid on

      That is awesome! Thank you Chris :)

    13. Brian Sloan on

      My MasterCard was not able to process the transaction due to it being overseas. How can I pay and keep my pledge?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jan Prušák on

      So happy the mods made it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jürgen Lochbrunner on

      GREAT move to unlock the mods!

    16. DagonW on

      Ive been watching people play the demo on Youtube. The graphics look awesome.
      I loved the 1st Xenonauts and was a backer. Completed it twice! :)
      Guys...just a creative critism...
      I felt the 1st one came out at a bad time (against XCOM), but it helpd to promote and pave the way for the return of this genre in gaming (squad turn-based tactics).
      I love how it looks so far and cant wait to play it, but my critism is that you may want to seriously think hard about how you're going to make it stand out. There are a lot of squad turn based tactic games coming out later this year and next (Pheonix point amount them).
      I think you need to implement something that is going to make people really notice other than the loyal fanbase and the lovers of the genre.
      What can that be? Depends on budget etc. I know, but seriously think and brainstorm amoungst yourselves and the community because there is a lot of competition on the horizon and I dont want to see this title get overshadowed.
      LOVE you guys!!

    17. Fluffy Fiend of the Obsidian Order on

      Woo, we get modding!! Smart move, ultimately the community can make way more content than any developer.

    18. Blackstaff on

      Congrats guys !

    19. Missing avatar

      Nikita Khakham on

      Thank you for unlocking the mods!

    20. Waric Anderson on

      Congratulations ! And Thks to add mods :)
      I'm looking forward too for beta version ^^
      see you soon and good luck all the team :)


    21. Sven Kauber on

      So cool. thanks!

    22. Russonc

      Oh, nice on adding the additional SG... Congratulations. Looking forward to Beta!