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Winterborne is a unique Euro board game for 1-4 players with a fresh take on Deckbuilding and Kingdom Expansion.
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Posted by Talon Strikes Studios (Creator)

Hello Strikers,

Solo Mode Is Here!

Play your mighty clan against the hated Balaur clan from the old world. Your Heroes will face off against the Balaur in three different modes of play. Starting with 3 Objectives you can scale the difficulty of Solo Mode up to 5 Objectives. Increasing the objectives will not only make the Solo game tougher it will also increase the amount of bonus VP available for both sides.

Break out the awesome solo board shown below

Balaur Turn - When the Balaur take their turn you will flip one card and play it to the solo board. The Balaur can chain actions just like players can and create epic turns against you. Choosing the correct Heroes to maximize your actions will help lead your clan to victory in solo mode. 

When the project hits 835 Backers we will unlock this excellent addition to the game of Winterborne. As we push into our final days we will need to share and bring more folks in. 

I have also added a new Banner set as a Stretch Goal. 

More "The Wylds" Cards are waiting as well as more Winterborne Powers! Share and post. Lets get these goals added and create a even better game together!

Thank you for your continued support!

-The Talon Strikes Team

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