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Launch the international Blu-ray release of Time of EVE: The Movie!
2,711 backers pledged $215,433 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Richard Shearwood on

      Well I missed all those by timezone incompatibility :( And I would have happily upped my level to the $150 when that slot became available too...
      Not that I'm actually unhappy you understand - there is so much excitement around this project, it's definitely happening and there is the still outstanding promise of the Fan book - although I can't believe that goal won't be reached either...
      Congratulations, lucky slot winners and to the Studio team as well!

    2. Missing avatar

      Olivier Gary on

      Hey hey hey thank you!

    3. Maura Werner on

      ...Apparently yes! ^^;; Congratulations to whoever was able to afford it!

    4. Maura Werner on

      ...and Shimei is the last one (of the high-end ones)! Will it be picked off before 24 hours have passed?!

    5. Kevin Lembcke on

      Unfortunately in the comment below it's said that Chayama cannot do anymore as he will be busy creating new cover art for the BD.

      Also I might add that he also has other material he must be working on for advertisement for Patema Inverted.

    6. Missing avatar

      JV on

      Could you add more slots to the $150 and $200 pledge levels for the Ryusuke Chayama drawings or maybe other rewards? I would upgrade and I think others would too but the top levels are very few and are quickly taken (though understandably for the one-off, $500 rewards)

    7. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Kelly on

      @Marek the trick is noodles. At least that is likely what I will be eating for a while after this... ;P

    8. Marek Lilleleht on

      Ah, if only I had this kind of money...

    9. Missing avatar

      Darren Duncan on

      @Pied Piper, thanks for your answer. I had managed to get one of the $150 sketches within the opening hour of this Kickstarter (#9 or so I think), which I was happy about. I regretted having to give it up in order to get one of the $500 drawings (I got the cafe interior at about 6:30 after the original person backed out). But with your clarity, I'm happy with my current position, original production art being more special. And now someone else was able to get a $150 sketch that maybe couldn't afford the other.

    10. Pied Piper / DIRECTIONS / Studio Rikka Creator on

      @ Darren, excellent question. Sorry about the confusion in our terminology. The $500 sketches are part of the original concept work that Yoshiura did when he was developing the story, so they date back to 2008. (In fact, you can see how the characters later evolved in some cases). At first he thought there weren't any original drawings left, but after we did the interview last week, he literally dug these out of a box in his closet. These are particularly special because his other concept drawings and storyboards were done on computer, so these are the only surviving works drawn by his own hand on paper. Hope that answers your questions!

    11. Kevin Lembcke on

      @Darren Kickstarter does not allow that. Typically people make another KS account in order to get the other reward. It's not optimal, but as far as I know it's the only way to ensure you do get both.

    12. Missing avatar

      Darren Duncan on

      So just to be absolutely clear, the $500 Yasuhiro Yoshiura sketches were part of the original production of the show before it was animated, and are probably the first appearances of the characters or the cafe interior right? They weren't drawn later for the Kickstarter campaign right? I ask because some of the same terminology, "original character drawing", was used for the $150 reward too.

      Also, a separate question. Is there any way to donate for multiple rewards, say if one made a donation that was the sum of 2 rewards? Kickstarter seems to only let you pick one item, rather than there being checkboxes to pick multiple.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andreas Bauer on

      Pied Piper, thanks a lot for the super-fast feedback! Wow.
      No need to apologize, you've done so much already, keeping the dialog up with us fans and constantly adding great stretch goals. It's a real pleasure to be a backer of this project!
      Thanks a million for this truly generous opportunity for international fans.

      And good luck in Annency!
      Hope Patema does really well. I can't wait to see it! It is one of the most creative story ideas I have seen in decades. What a brilliant idea! Really want to know how that story ends...

    14. Pied Piper / DIRECTIONS / Studio Rikka Creator on

      @ Andreas Bauer - yes, Yoshiura will sign the sketches! Sorry we didn't mention that before m(..)m Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm for his original drawings! Yoshiura will be so excited to see the responses to the drawings (he's in Annecy right now for the Patema screening)!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      @Andy cafe sketches were open for a little while, but right now they've gone again.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Congrats to person who was fast enough to get Akiko + Sammy! I was happy enough to get Akiko. Thank you Pied Piper/all involved for giving us an opportunity to get hold of these pieces, amazing stuff.

      The Cafe Interior sketches appear to be available again having initially gone?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      Yeah, sketches keep on being picked up and then opening up again, it's somewhat bewildering.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andreas Bauer on

      These sketches behave like crazy!
      Seems people changing their minds...
      Sketches that were gone are suddenly available again. Crazy. Glitch in the Kickstarter matrix?!?

      BTW are these sketches going to be signed by Yoshiurasan?
      That would be sweet.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      @Bryon Aw, doesn't Chie count?

    20. Thom on

      I really should be thanking whoever got the Sammy & Akiko sketch, as my wallet is dying, but I can't help but go ":(" lol. Congrats to whoever got it, ya lucky dog ;)
      Sad to hear that Chayama-San is unable to commit to more reward drawings :( work schedule's gotta be filled to the brim at this point.

    21. Kevin Lembcke on

      Well if you consider Chie a cat ;)

    22. Bryon Yamada on

      All the females are gone.

    23. Alex Clarke on

      @Michael, $500 for a hand drawn concept art sounds good to me, I'd definitely get it if I wasn't a student with hardly any money haha. I think the script could have gone for a lot, lot more, If they hadn't under estimated the attention this would get.

    24. Missing avatar

      Electric Sheep on

      aww, Sammy/Akiko gone before I could even click on it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      And there goes Nagi and the cafe sketches! Thanks, whoever you are, you've saved me the torment of staring at the cafe sketches and going back-and-forth.

    26. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Kelly on

      Yep only took all of like 2 seconds for Akiko to go. Missed :(, and well done fast clicker.

    27. Kevin Lembcke on

      I knew Akiko and Sammy would be the first to be snagged. Well done whoever you are!

    28. Missing avatar

      Electric Sheep on

      Thanks for the answer. One more question though: can you try to make that the digital art package future-proof? 4k/high DPI screens around the corner and all that.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      @Michael This is hand-drawn concept art, it's in a completely different ballpark.

    30. Michael on

      I would have thought the new art would be around the $150 mark seeing thats what the other 10 drawings are listed as
      $500 for the scrips I can understand but I dont think the new drawings would fit that compared to what you guys have released before

      just my 2 c's

    31. Pied Piper / DIRECTIONS / Studio Rikka Creator on

      sorry, that should have read "We are asking him to do 1 more original illustration for the Blu-ray cover" : )

    32. Kevin Lembcke on


      $500 is still a lot of money. I doubt they'll be gone after 10 minutes. Though I too would definitely get one if I could afford it.

    33. Pied Piper / DIRECTIONS / Studio Rikka Creator on

      @ Electric Sheep, good question about Chayama! We have been in touch with him, but at this point, he can't commit to doing any more original illustrations for rewards. We are asking him to do more more original illustration for the Blu-ray cover, but that is it... It seems we have tapped him out...

    34. Jimmy A. Guerrero on

      I say that these wont last even 10 minutes. If I was able to afford it I would not pass this chance.

    35. Missing avatar

      Electric Sheep on

      Any news from Chayama?

    36. Missing avatar

      Ruqiyah on

      @Ramlall I gather it won't be going up until we've actually hit the stretch goal for the fan book, so not until they've got $126,000 pledged.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ramlall Balkishun on

      There was a mention of a new tier between the $55 level and $100 level that would include the fan book. Do you know when is it going up?