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Launch the international Blu-ray release of Time of EVE: The Movie!
2,711 backers pledged $215,433 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Usakuun on

      Thank-you so much for all of your hard work. I'm holding my breath in anticipation. Can't wait for the next update! (But will be patient nonetheless :D)

    2. Simon R on

      Excellent stuff! Can’t wait for the Q&A with Yoshiura!

      I’m glad you’ve finally mentioned some of the potential stretch goals; with half of this campaign over now, I was beginning to get a little nervous. Not that I doubted you guys weren’t working your asses off, or what a bureaucratic nightmare licensing can be, but it’s just a relief to get actual confirmation, & not feel I was getting excited over something that was never even a possibility. With this announcement, I my mind can be put at ease. Even if some of the goals don't come to fruition, or are unable to be announced by the time the kickstarter is over, I’ll be happy in the knowledge that you gave it your best.

      So yeah, thanks for all the hard work. It’s greatly appreciated!

    3. Missing avatar

      Danilo Vladimiro Borek on

      Thank you Yoshiura! You and your team are great! :D

    4. Thom on

      It's already been said, but you've given us something great, Yoshiura-san :) Looking forward to more updates in the future, especially in regards to those answers ;)

    5. Kimiko on

      It's so nice to get a personal reply from a famous director like Yoshiura ! ^_^ Thank you!

      I understand that it would be a lot more work to add digital translations of the manga and light novel. If they answer the many questions left by the extra material in the movie though, I'd love to be able to read them.

    6. Jimmy A. Guerrero on

      Thank you for the update and the video. I am glad that you're looking at possibly giving us more material form the EVE world such as the manga and light novel, and would accept a delay of a month or two if this is all it would take to get some of those items.

      The passion that we feel you put into your project is why we are so passionate about it.

    7. Alex Clarke on

      Been eagerly awaiting the next update, thanks for keeping us updated. :D Very excited to see what you have in store for us! 16 days to go, hopefully you'll get loads more backers!

    8. Matias Giachino on

      Thank you Yoshiura for being such a wonderful storyteller, we are only reflecting back the passion that we felt from your works!

    9. Richard Shearwood on

      If we are passionate and committed it is because we sense that same thing in the story of Time of EVE. I think I am speaking for everyone if I say that we are all really happy to have a chance to own time of EVE on Blu-Ray which is something we thought we would never be able to do. We wish you luck in getting everything done and in getting support from all the companies and talented individuals that you need to speak to, in order to make this Blu-Ray a truly great example of the medium.
      But, you know, we are just happy that we are going to get the film. Thank you for launching this Kickstarter - you will surely succeed!

    10. Michael De Marco on

      I didnt even know that there was a manga or light novel, owning those would be cool. I also figured putting Pale Cocoon on the Bluray was another possibility. But hey, whatever the next goal is, it's got my support :) Looking forward to what you guys got.

    11. Missing avatar

      richard hadley on

      Thanks for letting us know what your are trying to sort out for us :D