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Launch the international Blu-ray release of Time of EVE: The Movie!
2,711 backers pledged $215,433 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Matthew C on

      I should have asked this last week. Sorry :(

      Is there any chance of a Limited Edition illustration of Akiko for $100?

    2. Missing avatar

      Griever_Zero on

      *Unique Slip case for kickstarters only?

      Kickstarter needs an edit function for comments :S

    3. Missing avatar

      Griever_Zero on

      Soundtrack would be a great stretch goal, Maybe a reverse cover and/or slip case? Maybe even a unique Slip cover for kickstarters only?

    4. Call on

      Yeah ! Let's do it. I hope you have some other stretch goals cause a lot of fans are asking about :
      -the soundtrack
      -the mugs !
      -and other pledges / ideas :3

      Keep the good work !

    5. Michael De Marco on

      At this rate, I can see 125k as a possibility. I am wondering what the next stretch goals would be (I wouldnt be surprised if we already broke one at 100k). Depending on what they are, we might actually be able to reach something higher, maybe 150k or 175k, if its something a lot of people want.

      I wonder what it could be at this point. We have a dub already, maybe some more money could go to that production. Some on disc extras or collectible extras (a CD maybe) to go with the BR? A bluray/DVD combo pack? Guess will find out eventually. It does have me surprising antsy waiting to hear what it is though lol

    6. Usakuun on

      Given a chance, fans will unite and show support. Kickstarter just gives us a place to connect with the creators we love. This is a message to creators all across the world: We are all ready to pledge for what we believe in. Take the first steps and we can carry you across the finish line! Believe in us! We believe in you!

    7. Shane mussell on

      I know I would have paid a lot more for some artwork to hang on my wall ;)
      Awesome project and won't be too surprised to see it reach 250k

    8. PKN on

      Ruben - this was another successful Japanese animation Kickstarter:

      Also, there have been Japanese animation projects successfully funded on non-U.S. websites. I hope more Asian animation companies sit-up and take notice and begin to release projects they were previously nervous about localizing to the U.S. We tend to get the safer bets/easy sells - but not the more experimental anime.

    9. Ruben Grest on

      I'm pretty interest in how other developers in Japan react to this — if they do, that is. I know that there are some Japanese websites already talking about this Kickstarter project's success. Kick-Heart was another successful Kickstarter project, but I can't think of more major Kickstarter projects from Japanese developers. I would be delighted if more companies realized the potential that lies in the crowd. We might be on a good way, though this realization will probably come slowly.

      Anyway, thanks for everything again! Never loose your Indie spirit and keep maintaining a close relationship with your fans. :)

    10. Torgamous on

      @Electric Sheep: The rate of backers always drops towards the middle of a project, and it usually picks back up towards the end. Around 150k is reasonable, but 120k is unrealistically pessimistic.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Stratton on

      I hadn't thought about it until now, but perhaps success here could open up the option of releasing Patema Inverted in a similar fashion. Then again it probably needs to be released before anything like that could be considered.

    12. Missing avatar

      Electric Sheep on

      250k? No, I don't think so. Consider that the number of daily backers is tailing off, have a look at (ignore the projections/trends, since they seem to assume linear progression, not exponential decay)

      Somewhere around 120-150k is more realistic.

      Of course higher/improved pledge rewards might make some people upgrade, that's another way to bump up the amount without getting additional backers.

    13. Manuel Rodriguez on

      250k is realistic imho

    14. metsallica on

      Count me among the chorus that is only where they are tier-wise because they got here too late! I've adored Time of Eve since it first aired on Crunchyroll and would relish the opportunity to share more support. Heck, I imported the Japanese Blu-Rays years ago and am still participating!

    15. Industrial Scribe on

      If they open up some more high tier stuff I don't see 150k being a problem to get by the end.

    16. Missing avatar

      richard hadley on

      Been check over 20 times a day for an update as don't want to miss a thing, can't wait to find out what you have been working on :D

    17. Kevin Lembcke on

      I know it's really hard to be completely open to your fans and supporters, but I really think it would be much appreciated by practically everyone here if you states which possible goals are just not possible for this kickstarter. Keeping silent about something that you know will be unfeasible is never a good idea, as all it does is gradually raise hope that it really might occur.

      Thanks for all that you've done. It's great to have had a chance to communicate with one of the brightest directors in the anime industry.

    18. Jimmy on

      About to break 100k today. I hope the new stretch goals would already be covered. I think this will finish around 120k before Kickstarter ends in June.

    19. Ginko-sensei on

      Nice, I can't wait to watch this interview. :-D