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JAAP solves the two most pressing problems associated with truly wireless earphones: poor battery life and poor fit
JAAP solves the two most pressing problems associated with truly wireless earphones: poor battery life and poor fit
JAAP solves the two most pressing problems associated with truly wireless earphones: poor battery life and poor fit
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    1. President. 2020.

      Still have yet to receive my JAAP's. member.
      -Mr. Mathew Tyler, future President of the USA
      Sustainable: � Women’s rights ratified, ratification of "CEDAW" and "ERA" + �� Veterans adequately taken care of + Job opportunities for U.S.A. citizen + � Reoccurring money just for being a U.S.A. citizen + � Free modernized education + ⚕ Free modernized preventative healthcare + � 13% flat income tax.
      "Tell your friends about me."

    2. Angeal Brohier on

      I find that my unit disconnects every couple of minutes when phone in pocket, happens when phone in hand but less. Please advise

    3. DrLouies

      I got my Jaap,its working fine,the sound is very good ,the range of Bluetooth is excellent,and its fit good inside and around the ear.
      Still i will test it more while running and such.
      But for now its an excellent product ,thank you guys for your work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Beat Bucher on

      I returned from my trip this week-end and was able to pick up the parcel with the replacement earphones.. The parcel got lost once it had entered the country, but that's another story.
      As I tried to pair the left pieces, it worked right on the 1st attempt with my iPhone 6 and the right piece connected to the left without any issues.. I'm now a happy owner of a pair of stereo BT earphones, and they fit very well and nicely. Barely notice them when wearing, even with my glasses it's not hurting.
      I listened to a few podcasts and the sound it clear & great. Listened to a movie and it was equal great sound quality. My only grip is that you can't change the volume thru the headphones, which means you have to grab your phone in the pocket to do it.. not the most practical when you're running or walking.
      Other than that, they are great.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Mortimer on

      Can I buy a new portable charger

    6. Ky Lane on

      HI guys,

      Received my Jaaps finally :) Having a couple of issues.

      1. Connectivity - Even with my phone in my hands, or my mac on the desk at arms-reach away, I get cutouts when I turn my head? Sometimes just the slave, sometimes both? Seems random.

      2. Delay - When watching a movie on my phone, theres about .75sec delay between the vision and the audio - very VERY disconcerting when trying to watch a movie.

      Any help/advice would be appreciated!

    7. JoungHun Woo

      There seems to be a problem with shipping. The update is not working. It was scheduled to arrive in Korea around 8/10. I would like to update the shipping schedule.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Petrakis on

      My headphones arrived yesterday. I had some initial problems with the slave bud constantly dropping out, so I reset the earpieces to make the right side the master and that seems to be working fine now. So far have found the headphones comfortable and functional. Good work!

    9. Gregory Lo

      Just received mine here in Canada. The foam tips work extremely well; I tried the SpinFit tips, but they were a bit fussy and it was too easy to put them into a position that muffled the sound in on ear or the other, requiring readjustment (took me a while to figure out what was happening). The long battery life is very nice, indeed!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dany Gunawan on

      Hi Teo,
      Please ignore my questions no 2 and 3 below. They are connecting well now on my both device after i do some trials.


    11. Missing avatar

      Dany Gunawan on

      Hi Teo, i just received mine today. There is little bit delay due to incomplete address so i need to call my local post office and ask them to redeliver. I have some questions :

      1. When i charge the battery for both earpiece, the light blue means that the battery is full, isn't it?

      2. I wonder why they cannot be detected by my iPhone 6 at all?

      3. I first able to connect with my Samsung S7 Edge by using left earpiece as master headset and they are working fine.
      Then i disconnect them because i would like to try the right earpiece as the master. But i cannot connect them again with my S7 Edge at all. Even when i try to use left earpiece again as master, they are not detected.
      Right now i'm trying to recharge them to make sure the battery is full.

      4. Is there any battery indicator for how many hours left on the earpiece? When i long press button my plantronics, it can say how many hours left that i have.

      Thank you

    12. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @australian backers

      I am sorry to keep you guys waiting. I have finally gotten an answer from our logistics provider. There have been some delays in the clearance of the items in the Australian customs which resulted in the long waiting time.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark A

      Tested mine out earlier and was very impressed with the fit and the sound quality. I had some initial problems getting them to pair - when I attempted to pair the slave earpiece, my phone dropped the connection to the master. Once they finally paired, I had no issues and didn't experience any of the drop-outs others have reported. It's still early days, but so far I'm really happy with the Jaap.

    14. Missing avatar

      Beat Bucher on

      Thank you @Dan,
      I got in touch with the support at Alpha&Delta, and they agreed that this seems to be a defective pair of earpieces.. I shot 2 videos to show them that it's not pairing the 2nd side once the 1st is connected to the phone.. They're going to send a pair of replacement units for exchange..
      Cross the fingers that those one will work.. The quality of the sound was actually pretty good compared to some other Hi-Fi headsets, but only one side at the time will not make it :-).. I'm leaving for an extended travel in 2 weeks, and hoped I'd get them with me on my long-haul flights.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I received my pair yesterday and have been able to reliably pair the two together following the instructions included in the manual.
      Phone is a OnePlus 5. Put the left side in pairing mode, turned on bluetooth on phone, after the left side had paired to the phone as the master, I then paired the right earpiece as the slave. I have noticed that the slave will drop connection if I cover the pair with my hands.

      Small issue with the aesthetics of the earpieces though. The wiring/casing connecting the earpiece and the battery are not symmetrical on my pair and this is causing the battery to hang at different heights, and one side is pinching the top of my ear.

    16. Missing avatar

      Beat Bucher on

      Was anyone able to successfully pair the two earpieces? So far, even following all the instructions religiously, I wasn't able to get both working together… it's either one or the other, but not both.. My iPhone6 I'd on iOS 10.3.1, and I've been using successfully all sorts of BT headsets without any issues..

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark A

      I finally received mine in Australia today. Thanks!

    18. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @Thomas, your tracking number has been sent to you a few weeks ago. You can find it in your message box. Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar


      Can you give my tracking number?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      2017-08-28 13:29 The item has arrived in the country of destination.

      An update finally. If Bear Bucher'd information is anything to go by, I'll be receiving my JAAP; in 3-4 days.

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Petrakis on

      In Australia. Still waiting. Last I heard Burke & Wills had them at Cooper Creek. i hope they make it...

    22. Missing avatar

      Beat Bucher on

      To Aussie buddies.. I'm living in Canada and the tracking was showing the parcel in carrier for two weeks and all of a sudden it was "in country"... It took another 3-4 days to get delivered.
      My feeling is that the products have been bulk shipped from the Netherlands by ground shipping, that's why it takes so long.. Australia being even farther than Canada from the European coast �.. Quite strange they weren't direct shipped from Hong Kong or Singapore?

    23. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      Creator, please get back to us AUSTRALIAN backers asap.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jack Rezal

      Hi Creator, my connectivity issue seems to have gone away. Thanks for contacting me. Thumbs up. �

    25. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      From Melbourne, Australia, similar to the other Australian backers the shipment seems to have been held up in Netherlands. Please advise when you have an update. Much appreciated.

    26. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @dean @alaric Hi, I am sorry to keep you guys waiting. It seems that this delay is affecting all Australian customers. I am in touch with our logistic provider to understand what went wrong. I am sorry to keep you guys waiting!

    27. Missing avatar

      Dean Langford on

      Backer from Melbourne, Australia. Haven't received mine yet either, tracking shows it at the PostNL sorting centre since 9th August.

    28. Alaric Chan Yu-Heng on

      Backer from Newcastle, NSW. Still haven't received my product. My tracking number is RS805804205NL and its been in the same place for 2 weeks. Please advise

    29. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @alan I am sorry for the lack of response. I have put up an enquiry to our logistic provider and we are waiting for their reply. I am sorry to keep you waiting!

    30. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @michael It seems that you have gotten a lemon set. I will be in touch with you with regards to sending a replacement to you.

    31. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @michael It seems that you have gotten a lemon set. I will be in touch with you with regards to sending a replacement to you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      Backer from Sydney, AU. Still havent received my product. My tracking number is RS805805038NL and its been in the same place for nearly 2 weeks. Tried messaging creator privately but still no reply

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael McCormack on

      Yep, after using them at the gym, I can confirm these are unusable. Even while stationary, these cut out every 2 seconds. While working out or running or walking, it is impossible to hear/identify the song I'm listening to.

    34. Alan Tsui

      Incredible battery life, drops out occasionally but that's a known issue. However, my version is only visible to iOS devices. Is there something wrong with my pair of JAAP?

    35. Missing avatar

      Opbzil on

      Got them today! So far very nice. Th3e instruction manual is a bit skympy but overall the headphones paired nicelly and sound quality is very nice!!

      very happy with them! thank you!

    36. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @justin I am sorry for the trouble that you are facing. I would like to understand the issue further. I will be sending you a private message now.

    37. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @mark I will check if I have spare ones for you :)

    38. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @superleung, @roland, @mark thank you for the kind words!

    39. Justin Sise

      Received my buds and they only hear audio out of the right earbud. All indicators show they are connected correctly. I looked through the comments and used troubleshooting I found online regarding wireless earbuds with master/slave connections to no avail. What can I do to get a new pair?

    40. Missing avatar

      mark hochdorffer on

      Is there anyway to get more ear tips the foam ones (which are my favorite bc the fit the best and keep out ambient noise the best) have already torn and need to be replaced there seems to be a problem with the seam. Other than that best bluetooth headphones I've used!

    41. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @fearlessleader have you tried the spinfit twinblades? what kind of silicon tips do you usually use?

    42. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      Dear Pete,

      Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry that the manual is missing! Yes, we will be putting up the manual soon on our website. I will be sure to send you the link once we put it up.

    43. Pete on

      Hi, Hong Kong backer here. Just received JAAP and I am enjoying playing with it. A few comments below.

      1. I bought a buddy pack (which comes with two pairs of JAAP), while the user manual is missing in one of the boxes. Maybe it's a good idea to put an electronic copy of the user manual on the AD web site? (Or there is actually one but i simply missed it?)

      2. I am glad that JAAP comes with spinfit. Using the original silicon tips, the earphones were hanged in the air above my ear, which caused discomfort as it keeps hitting my ear back when I was running. Now I changed to the spinfit tips and all the problems are solved.

      Will post more comment after further use :)
      Great product and i really love it

    44. Missing avatar


      @creator Please share your ideas / solutions for @Edward Burgos with all of us. I can't get any ear tip - even a three flange - to get into my ear canal either equating to virtually no seal. The shell is so big that I guess it keeps the nozzle from getting close enough.

      Also, suggestion for V2: put the micro USB jack onto the battery portion that sits behind the ear rather than onto the shell. Then the rubber cover sticking out won't be any bother.

    45. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @Edward Burgos Can you take a photo and send it to contact @ A picture speaks a thousand words. I believe I should be able to help you from there. :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Roland Willis on

      Received earphones a couple days ago in UK. I have experienced some pairing difficulties but this is common with truly wireless earphones. It is really important that the master earbud does not connect before syncing with the slave so make sure bluetooth devices are not going to autoconnect to the master earbud before it has synced to the slave. I have found that turning on the master and very shortly after turning on the slave and THEN turning on the bluetooth device works for the most part flawlessly.
      The slave does seem to cut out a bit but again I have found this with every truly wireless earphone and it really seems to depend on location and wireless radio noise. To be fair JAAP does not do this as much as others (Jabees were shocking and unusable for example).
      The sound quality is actually fantastic and they are comfortable to wear. Big fan of spinfit tips anyway. Overall happy with backing the project, just hope that the master slave connection is improved as better technology comes out.

    47. Edward Burgos on

      Hi there just received my headphones but I think I am doing something wrong as they fall out with little to no motion. The supposed 360 earbuds do not seem to move. When they are in the bass and lower tones are lost cause the earbud is resting on my ear as opposed to fitting inside it. Could I get some advice as to what I'm doing wrong?

    48. Missing avatar


      Just recieved mine in Hong Kong. I had it for a 10 Km run. Sound quality is great but right side lose connection sometime. After a second, it connected again. It is ok for me. It fits my ears and do not come out when running. Great earphone

    49. Teo Shi Jie Creator on

      @bionic beast I hope I understand the situation correctly. Based on my understanding, you have paired both sides of Jaap individually before on the same phone and now you want both sides to connect together? This might be because there are multiple bluetooth profiles called Jaap on the phone that is causing conflicts. You can try forgetting the bluetooth profiles and then pair Jaap again.

    50. Bionic Beast on

      Very strange. I was using the headphones fine all day yesterday. But today, I can only get one headset to play audio. I can pair both of them individually to the device, but once I turn on the 2nd headset, the two earbuds will not connect to one another. So sound only plays out of one headset even though both are on. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

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