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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, July 12 2017 5:02 PM UTC +00:00


COSHARE (Community Share) - A First of its Kind Trust Networking Solution.  

In the year 2017 it's amazing to me that we still haven't figured out a way to connect people via the web safely, without some intermediary charging a fee.  Enough already, people should be able to interact and transact freely from web to real-life without fear and without risk of bodily harm.   

Welcome to COSHARE.  I have developed a proprietary method for establishing instant credibility in online transactions and interactions without engaging in background checks, or social security numbers.  This ensures that, when the transaction or interaction moves from online to offline, both parties will be confident in knowing that the other party is acting in good faith.  

With this platform, people will be comfortable listing their diamond rings on craigslist, because they will have the information they need to know that the person they are dealing with is COSHARE - approved.  Never again will you have to pay Amazon 20% of your sales price because you were afraid to list your used electronics on craigslist, because sites like craigslist will be safe again, and sites that claim to be safe like AirBnb, will now be even safer.  

 This is not a ranking system, we do not generate scores. This is not Yelp for people, we do not score or rank people, and no negative information will ever be disclosed or kept.  


There is an immediate need for this level of assurance online both as a horizontal and a vertical.  

As a horizontally integrated platform, COSHARE work across the verticals.  That is, regardless of whether the transaction is craigslist, AirBnb or even Tinder, people will have the assurances they need to continue with a transaction or interaction.  

Wouldn't an AirBnb host love to know that the a person they might be hosting is someone that they can trust.  Sure there is insurance, but who wants to deal with that.  Knowing someone is COSHARE approved is an extra layer of protection we can provide to all AirBNB hosts.  

There is also opportunity as a stand alone vertical.  For example, let's say it's 5:00 and there are two people who need to go to the airport. One person is driving their car, and the other is taking a taxi.  What if, instead of taking that taxi, that person was connected, through the COSHARE platform, with the other person who was taking their personal car.  And, after that connection is made both parties feel comfortable to share a ride to the airport.  No middle man, no need to become an uber driver, or set up an uber pool.  It's almost like being able to hitchhike legally and safely.  

As a vertical I intend to develop a platform that allows people to engage in a variety of direct person to person community transactions with the added element of trust.  

Risks and challenges


I need funding and I need support. I've pitched this to one or two ex-IBM and Microsoft employees who don't see the value in such a system, despite the fact that Trust Networking has been a hot topic lately.

As much as they say demo's aren't important, I think visually seeing how it works would help get things moving. Almost more important than money right now, I could really use an experienced coder, so that I have something to show investors.

Access to VCs. Living in Connecticut it's not as if we have VCs around every corner. Therefore, it may be challenging to get VC support. That being said, I'm less than an hour from NYC, but I'm not sure how strong the .com VC space is in NY at the moment. Obviously, if this project were to strike, I would consider moving operations to Brooklyn, Manhattan or even to the West Coast, but that's many steps ahead of where I am now.

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