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IhageeBy Ihagee
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IhageeBy Ihagee
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 4 2017 5:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Mistral75 on

      @Sachiro Oyama

      At the risk of being perceived as heterodox I would say that, for lenses without aperture coupling such as those from the brands listed below, a digital camera with an electronic viewfinder (which automatically adjusts the brightness) is the best platform.

      Indeed, framing and focusing with an SLR and a stopped down lens, when the optical viewfinder gets dark from f/4 onwards, or manually opening the aperture before framing and focusing and closing it afterwards, are for me a true pain in the... bottom.

      Automatic aperture and full aperture metering are achievements from the late '50s - early '60s and very valuable ones in my opinion.

    2. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Mistral 75
      Indeed ... is ELBAFLEX the best platform for those lenses?
      If so, I think Ihagee should advertise more seriously.
      For some technical questions (like you say, about the possibility of automatic diaphragm etc), I think that if reply from them is "possible", it will be a selling point.
      I think this is an opportunity for them. But, as you say, they may be giving up.
      I am disappointed.

      @ Thomas
      I am disappointed. I think it is difficult to solve all problems in three days.
      But I agree with you,and love genuine mechanical cameras.
      I think the genuine mechanical camera born in the 21st century is precious in itself.
      So, I will not withdraw support.
      (I think that "REFLEX" is a really interesting project, but it is hesitant with a lot of digital equipment components, I don't need wi-fi! And Moreover, it seems to use a rechargeable battery! what a thing! haha)

    3. Mistral75 on

      @Thomas E

      These guys are not new to publicity, marketing and crowdfunding. In addition to the Ihagee project they have launched at least 10 other projects on Kickstarter with a follow-up on Indiegogo for some of them:

      - as Meyer Optik Görlitz: five projects on Kickstarter (Trioplan 100mm f/2.8, Trioplan 50mm f/2.9, Primoplan 58mm f/1.9, Trioplan 35+ f/2.8 and Lydith 30mm f/3.5), the latter with a follow-up on Indiegogo

      - as Oprema Jena: one project on Kickstarter (Biotar 75mm f/1.5) and one on Indiegogo (Biotar 58mm f/2)

      - as Emil Busch A. G. Rathenau: one project on Kickstarter (Glaukar Anastigmat 97mm f/3.1)

      - as C.P. Goerz: one project on Kickstarter with a follow-up on Indiegogo (Citograph 35mm f/8)

      - as Globell: two projects on Kickstarter (globell Color and globell Color+).

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas E on

      Whoops, sorry for the typos, but I think you get the idea what I was trying to say :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas E on

      @Mistral75 & @Sachiro Oyama
      It is a great concept and a great product, but their publicity strategy is making the product fail. I am really disappointed, because they came up with a great project with a reasonable funding goal -> After the release the Start of the Kickstarter, they did publish a whole lot of information and failed to reply timely. Due to that, we might see this campaign fail.

      Nonetheless, I won't withdraw my support, as this is an important project for the future of analogue photography.

    6. Mistral75 on

      @Sachiro Oyama

      One might indeed consider that net SE (the German group behind the revival of Ihagee, Meyer-Optik Görlitz, Oprema Jena, Emil Busch A.G. Rathenau and C.P. Goerz and also behind Globell) have given up on their side.

    7. Sachiro Oyama on

      Only four more days are left.
      Ihagee has been silent for days.
      Shall we give up ...?

    8. Tïm Yöshida on

      Hi. Backed the Base version earlier and am wondering how I select the K mount version. Thanks.

    9. Mistral75 on

      Edit (sorry for that):

      The photographer will therefore have to manually = = open = = the aperture before framing and focusing and to close it just before shooting, so it seems.

    10. Mistral75 on

      @Ihagee @Creator

      I am afraid that, in the absence of any answer from your side five days after I asked my question, I must conclude that, indeed, there isn't any coupling between the camera and the lens's aperture in the case of the Pentax K and M42 versions of the camera.

      The photographer will therefore have to manually close the aperture before framing and focusing and to close it just before shooting, so it seems.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sajesh Cherian on


      Thank you for introducing the base version. How do I choose the M42 mount for my pledge?

    12. Mistral75 on

      @Ihagee @Creator

      Will the Elbaflex cameras in (i) M42 mount and (ii) Pentax K mount allow for automatic aperture preselection and full aperture framing and focusing, with full coupling between the camera and the lens's aperture, or will the photographer need to manually open and close the aperture?

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan Ko on

      What are the full names of your team? Michael, Rainer, Ivo and Roman didn't give their surnames. is Stefan Immes involved with your project?

    14. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Ihagee
      Thank you for the wonderful news.
      Addition of M42 mount, K mount is a very happy news for me.
      I also like the Nikon F mount, but I also like M42 and K mount lenses.
      By the way, SNS still does not understand the wonderful meaning of being able to buy a completely new mechanical camera.
      I agree with the concept of ELBAFLEX.
      It is wonderful to use cameras that have already passed forty years (because they are not broken for at least 40 years), but the significance that using a new mechanical camera for the next 40 years brings to the culture of photography is immeasurable.

      Also, you told me that you are ready to answer my other questions.
      I believe that if technically feasible you can have more than a certain impact on the world.
      Thank you.

    15. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Garp222,
      let us answer your question one by one:
      1. the Lydith is limited because it has a Titanium Oxidation. We have put this into the pledge to make it clear. Thank you for pointing this out.
      2. The historic Trioplan 50 is different from the current Trioplan 50 which has a front focus capability. This allows a very close distance to the object and turns the lens into an almost macro lens but it reduces the sharpness of the lens at open aperture. The original Trioplan 50 did not have this capability and we thought with this camera it would be a good idea to go back to an easy-to-use straight forward 50mm lens
      3. The special Tessar type lens cannot be bought anywhere else but in this project! Honestly we think it is a great opportunity.
      All the best
      The Ihagee team

    16. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Sachiro, sorry for the days of silence. We have been thinking and testing some technical things mainly the possibility to have not only Nikon mount. As we updated today we also have the possibility now to offer a camera with M42 lens mount and Pentax K as well. M42 is especailly interesting as it opens the opportunity to get vintage lenses at very low cost. So many may find this an opportunity to get into analog photography at very reasonable cost. We also offer a base model now without leather, wooden grip and a shorter guarantee or better we have increased the guarantee of the Prime model to five (!) years.
      As far as your other questions are concerned we will get back to you.
      All the best
      The Ihagee Team

    17. Mistral75 on

      @Colin Lowe

      Since you asked your question two days ago and Ihagee seem to have lost any interest in their project (no answer or comment in five days), let me give you this piece of information: the Kiev 19M had a metal shutter curtain with a vertical travel (from bottom to top).

    18. Colin Lowe on

      Shutter question is it
      'A' horizontal cloth
      'B' vertical metal ?

    19. Missing avatar

      garp222 on

      I am looking forward to the success of this project.
      Is there a way to add multiple lenses to a supported set?

      I would like to ask the details of the attached lens set.

      [Lydith 30 mm / f 3.5 lens]
      What kind of limited version is it?
      Is the color or shape different from the model being sold by Meyer-Optik?

      [Trioplan 50 lens]
      What a historic version ?
      What is the difference with the model currently being sold by Meyer-Optik?

      [historic 50mm/2.8 Tessar type lens]
      This lens is a new lens completely different from the model currently on sale by Meyer-Optik and it is a recognition that there is no way to get it other than this project.
      Is my recognition correct?

    20. Sachiro Oyama on

      With your reliable technology, I think we can continue to use it for our life.
      I would like to support you as much as possible.

      I know that the new ELBAFLEX is made with new design, new material, new mechanism.
      However, at SNS, this camera has been condemned to have only the just same capabilities as Kiev 19M.(I think Kiev19M has a mechanism that is not complicated and has solid capability.)
      Is it possible to add 1/1000 second, 1 second to the shutter speed?
      Is it possible to change the synchronization speed of the flash?
      It may be technologically difficult, but if you can improve performance, the bad reputation on the web will be canceled and the backers will increase.
      I wanna use this camera next summer.
      In 15 days, I hope that the target funds will gather.

    21. Sachiro Oyama on

      What is the film used in the sample photos?

    22. JosephR on

      After reading the comments I think this an exclusive opportunity not to be missed. I'm passionate about my photography and I'm truely excited to expand my creative abilities and explore new areas of photography with this camera.

    23. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear all,
      we have been seeing some comments in regard to the camera being a "Kiev19M with a wooden grip". We would like to straighten this out a bit. The camera is build in the Ukraine by former people from the Arsenal factory which used to build the Kiev. We are using tooling that was used for the Kiev 19M but we made considerable changes especially by using new materials and making the shutter mechanism far more reliable. At the end that is the heart of the mechanical components that we have paid special attention to. So first of all the shutter mechanism is built with improved materials and is therefore much more reliable. We are also including a new mechanism which makes the mirror movement quieter and less strainful on the material. So altogether the inside is an improvement over the Kiev in the critical parts.
      The body - or the outside - has the same looks than the Kiev 19M which is simply because we are using the tooling because there is no way to get new tooling/casts at a cost that would allow us to build a camera in small quantities. But the body parts are newly build components as well! Brand-new!
      The whole production, sourcing and quality control is overlooked by the German part of the project
      So, yes: the design is based on the Kiev 19M but you are getting a brand new camera with a guarantee. We would be very thankful if you share this with your friends and all photography enthusiasts you know.
      Best regards
      The Ihagee Team

    24. Missing avatar

      Abbalinio on

      Great Idea, can’t wait to get my hands on the new Elbaflex!

    25. Missing avatar

      Dr.Who on

      I am followeing them since Trioplan 100. I like those vintage camera products. All lenses have been fantastic ( even though the Primoplan 58 was a little late ;-) )

    26. Mistral75 on


      It is nice to see somebody so enthusiastic about this project, in particular considering that all the six projects you backed or are backing on Kickstarter (including this one) are emanating from the same entity, the German, Koblenz-headquartered 'net SE' group :).

    27. Missing avatar

      Dr.Who on

      Based on my personal experience I can say that I’m a friend of analogue photography. I have purchased a used Nikon FM and a Nikon FM 2 on eBay a few years ago. Both cameras were in good optical condition. After shooting the first pictures, I recognized that the lighting was incorrect. The shutters of both cameras were working but in fact defective as they were not really in line with the settings. The Nikon service told me that this happened since both camera had not been used for some time, so the shutters got stuck. I purchased a Nikon FE2, as this camera had been recommended to me. This camera was working fine in the beginning. But after shooting some role of films the same error occurred. Nikon service told me that the light meter was defective. I have read in different forums that this is a common issue. My last try was then a Nikon F801. This one was working fine for about 10 films until the winder did not insert the film properly anymore. Nikon service told me that those cameras have got issues with the internal electronic boards. These boards simply brake over time. There are no spareparts available anymore. It is like spareparts for oldtimer cars.
      I’m very thankful that the Elbaflex will come to life. It is very consistent that no light meter will be included. There are many good apps out available and these can do much more and better than the little meters in the camera. So pricing for that camera is absolutely OK for me, as production has to be build up again. As far as I know no cameras have been built in Kiev for at least about 15 years. As the Ukraine has been hit economically during the past I am glad that the camera production will be supported there.
      @creator: Thank you very much for starting that project and supporting the analogue photography! I cannot wait to start shooting with that camera!

    28. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Frank, thank you for detecting our typo. It has been corrected of course. Congratulations for finding a Kiev 19M in mint condition. But let me tell you what is different in our camera. We are using the Kiev tools to produce a new camera. Nobody could afford new tooling for the smaller quantities of the analog camera market. But we improve the inside mechanism quite a bit by the choice of materials which improves the quality of the shutter mechanism substantually. The mirror by the way catches onto a high quality foam that we insert. We furthermore produce a new body which we then enhance by a leather coating and a wodden grip. Given these changes and the construction of a new body I think we are offering a fair price for a new camera to our backers. Best regards The Ihagee team

    29. Allan Tan on

      @Creator @Mistral75
      Thanks for sharing! Ahh... bad news... have to skip this T_T

    30. Missing avatar

      Frank Gosebruch on

      Well, as one of your big supporters I just wanted to tell you that I am a little disappointed, now.
      You are the new Ihagee people, but it seems that you even don't know how to spell the name of the most famous Ihagee camera, the Exakta, correctly:
      And even not on your own website?
      Just a few days ago I purchased a used Kiev 19M (an "advanced" Elbaflex) at Ebay for $10.- in almost "mint" condition.
      Hmmm... synch speed 1/60, shortest shutter time 1/500, but at least a built-in light meter.
      Yes, you're right, I missed this little piece of dark German oak wood on the left side of the camera. Is that small part really worth 500 bucks?

    31. Mistral75 on

      @Ihagee @Creator

      Considering that the Ihagee Elbaflex has no light meter and with a view to advocating the use of a proper handheld meter and encouraging people to try incident readings, would you be prepared to add the combination of an Elbaflex and a refurbished / CLA'ed Sverdlovsk light meter (or any other light meter but a Sverdlovsk one would be more 'local colour') as a new reward or to offer such light meter as an add-on?

      Just food for thought.

    32. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Sachiro & Mistral, all parts are of course metal. Best regards The Ihagee team

    33. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Ihagee
      Dear creator, Thank you for answering my questions carefully.
      Although ELBAFLEX is similar to KIEV, I feel that the material and texture are far wonderful. (Wooden grips are truly wonderful in particular)
      Also I learned that the internal structure also makes good improvements to KIEV.
      I am convinced that the operation feeling is very good. Especially, film winding and rewinding will work smoothly, neatly (lol)
      And, as Mistral75 says, I want to know what the material of each part is. (I hope it is metal!)

    34. Mistral75 on

      @Ihagee @Creator You wrote:

      "The body is build with tools from the Kiev 19M."

      The first batch of Kiev 19M cameras have a metal top plate. The later cameras have plastic top and bottom plates, front panel and grip.

      The Ihagee Elabaflex grip is made of wood. Will its top plate, bottom plate and front panel be made of metal or plastic?

    35. Mistral75 on

      @Allan Tan

      There is no such thing as a stupid question, only unanswered questions :-).

      The register of the Canon EF (EOS) mount (I presume you meant the Canon EF autofocus mount and not the older Canon FD mount) is 44mm, shorter than the register of the Nikon F mount (46.5mm as written before).

      You can therefore use Nikon lenses on a Canon camera with an adapter but not vice versa.

    36. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Sachiro, the inside of the camera is designed by our Ukrainian colleagues and made with the tools from the Arsenal factory. We are changing the materials used so that the reliabilty is higher. We have also done some changes to the shutter mechanism. The body is build with tools from the Kiev 19M. It would be impossible to produce new tools for those parts as this is too costly for the small quantities.Therefore the camera looks similar. Best regards The Ihagee Team

    37. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Clara, sorry we used only lenses with Nikon mount. Best regards

    38. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Allan, this is not a stupid question! But we are afraid that will not work.

    39. Allan Tan on

      @mistral75 / @creator sorry for a stupid question, can I user canon-nikon adaptor for canon lens at this camera?

    40. Mistral75 on

      @Clara Me

      In order to mount a lens on a camera with an adapter, the distance between the mount flange and the film plane (a.k.a. register) has to be longer for the lens's mount than for the camera's mount.

      Indeed, the thickness of the adapter has to be equal to the difference between the lens's register and the camera's register, so that the camera's register plus the adapter's thickness put the lens at the exact distance from the film plane the lens has been designed for (there can't be any adapter with a 'negative thickness').

      The Nikon F mount has one of the longest registers of all 24x36 SLR mounts: 46.5mm.Only the Leica R (47mm), Contax N (48mm), Icarex (48mm) and Praktina (50mm) mounts have a longer register.

      Contax N lenses can't be used since their aperture is electrically commanded. Lenses in Icarex and Praktina mounts are quite few.

      You could also use medium format lenses with an adapter (their register is longer than those of 24x36 SLR mounts) but these lenses have been optimised for a larger film area and the outcome with the smaller 24x36 film is often disappointing.

      In practice, people who have Nikon cameras (or cameras with Nikon F mount) only use Leica R lenses as third-mount lenses. See for instance the Leitax website to learn how this can be done:


      The adapter being a mere spacer without any glass (or, in the Leitax case, an adapted lens mount), the outcome will only depend on the lens used. Many Leica R lenses are gorgeous in this respect.

    41. Clara Me on

      Do you have some samples of photos shot with lenses using an adaptor?

    42. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Ihagee
      Please allow me to ask you many times.
      This camera seems to be "KIEV 19M with the exposure meter removed".
      I do not mind that we do not have an exposure meter, but is the internal mechanism the same as KIEV?
      Or did you redesign a new one?

    43. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Ricardo,you can buy film online, e.g. On Amazon, some stores still carry it. Development is similar. You can send it to a lab or more and more stores are providing the service again.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Barrios

      Where can you purchase and develope the 35mm film?

    45. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Ihagee
      Thank you for your reply.
      I think that it is an increasingly wonderful camera.

    46. Ihagee Creator on

      Dear Sachiro, the names are laser engraved. The Ihagee Team

    47. Mistral75 on

      @Tran Phuoc Thien

      As for metering there are external light meters such as Sekonic or Gossen ones. You can also use an app on your smartphone.

      As for focusing, you'll have to rely on the on-board focusing aids such as split prism and microprism ring.

      @Ihagee @Creator

      Nice job of revamping a 1988 Kiev 19M!

    48. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Ihagee
      I appreciate having developed this wonderful camera.
      I already love this camera.
      I will ask dear developer.
      Is "Ihagee" and "ELBAFLEX" logo printed ones?
      If so, is it possible to change to an engraved one?

    49. Sachiro Oyama on

      @Tran Phuoc Thien
      Ihagee says that this camera does not have an exposure meter.
      It is a "complete" mechanical camera.
      Use the shutter speed adjustment dial mounted on the body and the aperture adjustment function attached to the lens to determine the exposure. (Please use the Nikon F mount lens you love)

      And in order for you to focus, you have to look through the viewfinder and manipulate the focus ring of the manual lens attached to the camera body with your own hand. At that time there will be a moment when the two images are combined in the circular part in the center of the viewfinder. That is in focus.

      Let's enjoy the joy and pleasure that you can operate everything with your own hands to take a picture!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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