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Wicked Dogs' Awesome Hot Dog Cart!'s video poster

Wicked Dogs will specialize in different cream cheese hot dogs for an amazing, unique hot dog experience! Read more

Seattle, WA Food
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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2012.

Wicked Dogs will specialize in different cream cheese hot dogs for an amazing, unique hot dog experience!

Seattle, WA Food
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Win a catered event OR a dj party!  Details -

First things case you are new to kickstarter, it's all or nothing!  In other words, if you are pledging to win the reward of a catered party or the dj party, keep in mind that if $3,000 in pledges are NOT met by May 2nd, the project is done and nothing happens.  You will not be charged and the project is over...that's why it's so important that we get the word out and give everyone a chance to win this awesome reward!  For every $5 you pledge, you receive a shot at winning either one of the above mentioned parties.  If you pledge $100, you receive 20 shots and so on.  I am restricted a bit by geographical distances but anything in the Seattle area, Bellingham up to the Canadian border, south to Portland, OR...all good for me to bring you your party!  And of course anyone that has already pledged on or before April 18th, of course you are ALSO entered...except for people like my sis that lives in Texas...sorry sis.  Ha  And it goes without saying that any rewards that you see on the right for different dollar amounts that have been pledged are totally separate.  In other words...your shot at the hot dog or dj party are completely separate and in addition!  Thank you everyone!

Cream cheese hot dogs - gone wild

The Seattle dog is everywhere here!  For the uninitiated, the typical Seattle dog is a quality hot dog smothered in cream cheese and onions.  (either chopped or grilled onions)

So what will I do that's different?  Most of us have had a chili cheese dog but imagine a chili cheese dog with homemade, hand crafted (yes, I flavor the cream cheese myself) roasted garlic cream cheese.  It's insane!  The apple sausage dog is hugely popular here too but when it's covered with sun dried tomato cream cheese?  This stuff should be illegal! 

That's my on to learn more about kickstarter and what the heck this site is all about...  

Here we go...

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and view my profile.  I hope you got a chuckle or two from the video...amazing what you can do with a Flip camera and a trial version of Sony Vegas!  Before I go any further I want to answer some f.a.q's about Kickstarter itself.  I have a feeling that my circle of friends and family may have never heard of so that seems like a good place to start.

What is

Let's start with what it's not. is not a charity.  It's not a site where people beg for money.  It's not a place where people are trying to get $ to pay off their car loans.  Kickstarter is an amazing community that has a website.  It's a place where for-profit entities can raise funding that they can’t come up with themselves, and can’t get a traditional loan for, so that the path from idea to reality is made easier.  It's a place where people, just like you and I, have a dream and share it with the world.  It's pay it forward...karma...whatever you want to call it.  Kickstarter believes that "a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement." 

Why would people offer support through

Yes, there is a touchy feely aspect of the whole process...the warm fuzzies.  The ability to be able to help someone change their lives by throwing down $10....and when you multiply 100 people tossing ten bucks into the ring, it's plain to see that one person really CAN make a difference. 

But it's also about rewards!  Not only do you get to be a part of something good (think big picture) you also get some cool, unique stuff depending on what level of support you choose. Look to the right and you'll see the breakdown of my swag offerings.

What kind of people support projects?

Anyone. People like you and me, friends, families, complete strangers that are told about the project and believe in it and are inspired and want a really cool Wicked Dogs t shirt!

So Kevin, why are you using

I'll admit it, I'm not a guy that makes a habit of asking for help from anyone for anything. My accomplishments have been achieved - for the most part - through my own efforts. I'm prideful, and not in a good way...too much of an island at times which can be extremely detrimental. (I remember one time moving a king size mattress up two flights of stairs all by myself years ago...that about killed me) It's not easy for me to do this but sometimes an opportunity comes along that is so amazing that you just have to try it...that's why my project is on

After watching the video, it looks like your cart is nearly done?  What's up?

I had everything planned out.  Right down to the penny.  I was working 6 nights a week and knew exactly how my "day job" was going to fund everything I needed to build the cart, buy initial supplies, pay for permits, etc.  As all of us know, the economy has been pretty fickle for sometime now and the bottom fell out of my work schedule. I went from 6 nights of work a week to 2. I've searched high and low to replace those missing hours but to no avail. Then along came! I am totally excited to reward people with really cool, unique items that they will love!

So can you break down the $ amount for me?

Remember that Kickstarter and Amazon (they facilitate the financial process) apply about a 5% fee each to the funds raised if the funding amount is pledged by the deadline.  So about 10% of the total funds ($300) go towards taking care of the fees for using kickstarter.  After that, my biggest hits will come from a very expensive refrigerator (health department requirement)  the health department approval and city permits once a location is chosen.  This will take up about half of the pledged funds.  The other items in need are signage for the cart, initial food costs, utensils and other cooking aparatus, business cards and other printed materials.

What happens if funding is unsuccessful?         Or what happens if pledges exceed the goal?

If the goal amount is not reached by the end of the 30 days, nothing happens.  Your credit card is not charged and the project is catagorized as being unsuccessfully funded.  And puppies and kittens will weep.  If the pledges exceed the goal amount the project moves forward and it's HUGELY successful!  In my case, extra $ means more money for extra food items which is always a good thing when serving food.   

So tell us about the hot dogs already!

Sorry, I thought it was important to go into detail about how all of this works and how accountability is extremely important to me. 

This is the exciting part!  My niche will be taking cream cheese dogs to a whole new level!  I'll start by serving hot dogs from locally owned Bavarian Meats.  Their dogs are delicous!  I will serve a longer, traditional, natural casing hot dog...the kind that snap when you bite into them!  My menu so far will include the ubiquitous Seattle Dog, a Chili Cheese Dog with roasted garlic cream cheese, a traditional Chicago Dog, a Chicken Apple Sausage Dog with sun dried tomato cream cheese, a Polish Sausage, a Kraut Dog, and of course a naked dog that you can dress with the typical condiments any way you want.    

Let's do this!

I appreciate your time and you believing in me!  I'd love to send out a ton of swag!  Let's make it your support for Wicked Dogs!  Let's make puppies and kittens dance in the street! Thank you!

Not much to look at but I've perfected the sundried tomato cream cheese!

And the roasted garlic cream cheese is to die for!


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    I will shout your name and exalt your generosity from the highest mountain top! Or at least on the Wicked Dogs Facebook page! Wowee!!!!

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    Your name will be mentioned, you will receive a Wicked Dogs refrigerator magnet, AND your first hot dog meal is on the house!

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    All of the above PLUS 5 meals already punched off a 10 meal punch card! NEWLY ADDED - PLUS a Wicked Dogs t shirt!

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    An awesome Wicked Dogs T shirt, a Wicked Dogs refrigerator magnet AND you get free hot dogs for a month!

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    Wanna dance? Not only will you get a Wicked Dogs T shirt and a Wicked Dogs refrigerator magnet, but I will also dj a private party for you! (Non - karaoke, Sun - Thur)

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    You get multiple rewards for this one! A Wicked Dogs T shirt, a Wicked Dogs refrigerator magnet, AND....are you ready for this? A 4 hour private karaoke/dance party hosted by yours truly! (you pick the location, any day of the week)

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    A Wicked Dogs T shirt and refrigerator magnet, AND I will cater your next event for up to 100 people!

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