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"Passing Harold Blumenthal" is a feature-length comedy about family in New York in the wake of a famous playwright's death.

What are we doing?

We are raising money to shoot the feature-length comedy, Passing Harold Blumenthal. Production is slated to begin this summer in New York City. We have an amazingly talented group of people on board to make this film great. Now we need your help!

What’s this film about?

Celebrated playwright, Harold Blumenthal, has passed away after succumbing to cardiac arrest while laughing at his own joke. Now, Harold’s estranged and jealous brother, Saul, must confront his personal hang-ups in order to deliver himself from an epic bout of constipation. Meanwhile, Saul’s second wife and troubled son must grapple with their own personal obstacles through a set of circumstances so improbably ironic they might as well have been lifted from one of Harold’s plays.

This film sounds awesome! Where can I learn more?

Come watch us make this movie at There, you can contact us directly with any questions or comments about the project.

What is Will my wife be angry if she catches me reading it?

When you donate to this project, we won't just take your money and leave you in the dust. You're coming with us! At, you can monitor our progress from now through post-production. There will be daily updates on all that we do, complete with behind-the-scenes footage and written updates from the cast and crew. Cool, right?

What happens if the money isn’t raised by the deadline? (IMPORTANT!)

If we do not reach our financial goal of $50,000 by the deadline, no pledges are processed, no money changes hands and Seth purchases the domain name

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

Nope. Only you and the project creator can see the pledge amount.  But take a look at the column to the right to learn more about the many ways you can get your name out there by donating! 

Can you exceed your fundraising goal?

YES! We are producing a low-budget film where every dollar spent shows up on-screen. The more money we raise, the better!

Where does the money go?

All of the money pledged goes straight to the production budget for “Passing Harold Blumenthal”. 

I’ve made a donation, but what else can I do to help?

Thanks! WE NEED YOUR HELP SPREADING THE WORD. Share our Kickstarter link with your friends, “like” us on facebook, tweet us, and write to your local congresswoman.


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    Thanks, every single dollar counts! High Five! Watch Us Make a Movie!

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    A luster-print production still and a two-handed high five!

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    DVD copy of “Passing Harold Blumenthal” … and all of the above.

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    Passing Harold Blumenthal Logo Ceramic Coffee Mug … and all of the above.

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    Watch Us Make a Movie – IN PERSON. Join us on a visit to the set!* … and all of the above. *Transportation and batteries not included

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    DRUM ROLL...........Have your name casually mentioned in dialogue in the film! How cool is that? And the Associate Producer Package! Talk about name dropping!

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    You get it all and more. You will literally BE IN THE MOVIES -- with a character named after YOU in Passing Harold Blumenthal, an Executive Producer credit … and all of the above.

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