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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
4,270 backers pledged $736,112 to help bring this project to life.

manufacturing is done

Posted by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail (Creator)

Hi everyone.

Third wave of Porthole reward kits is now being assembled and those slated to receive them have been sent an email survey. This includes our Canadian and European backers. If you haven't received our survey yet, your rewards will be shipping in one of the subsequent waves and you will be hearing from us several days prior to shipping. 

The Kickstarter edition Porthole manufacturing is done and the last ones are en route to Chicago. We will be shipping the remaining rewards in three additional waves roughly two weeks apart.

Rest of the World backers: Your rewards will be shipping in the next wave, currently scheduled to land July 6 and ship the following week.

White Porthole backers: Your rewards will be shipping in the final wave, currently scheduled for first week in August.

Poster level backers: Please respond to the message sent to you here on Kickstarter with the size of your choice. Be sure to check and fill out the Kickstarter survey if you haven't already done so.

Address changes: The best way to update your shipping address is to fill out our email survey sent via Survey Monkey several days before shipping.

Tracking: Everyone receives a notice with a tracking number once their shipment is processed and ready for pickup.

Thank you,

Martin and the Crucial Detail team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hannah Tappis on

      I ordered two black portholes - one for me and another as a gift. Is it possible to have them shipped to two separate addresses? There was only room for one on my survey. Thanks so much!

    2. Missing avatar

      Barry Robinson on


      I signed up for 5 porthole to use a xmas gifts. I still have not received any. Did I miss a survey?


    3. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Joshua You should have received our survey, your rewards will ship next week. Since you don't need to update your info, there is no ned to respond. You will receive a tracking number notice from UPS when the shipment has been processed.

    4. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @John You will receive a new survey form us few days prior to shipment. You can update your address using the survey.

    5. Missing avatar

      Timothy Wood on

      My two Portholes arrived (yay!), but two of the four glasses where broken on arrival, despite being padded with some cottony stuff and a metric boatload of cardboard. Is there a procedure for getting replacement glasses for breakage?

    6. Joshua Zelenka on


      Quick correction to the post below, I apparently completed the survey in November (or so says this page) - information is still valid. Please advise if there is anything additional you need.

    7. Joshua Zelenka on


      I'm in the same boat as Vanessa Laws (backed at the $375 value back in 8/21/2012). Please advise as to when surveys and delivery should be expected. Thanks!

      Josh Zelenka

    8. Missing avatar

      John on

      @Martin - I backed on 8/31 and hopefully will be getting the porthole soon. I've moved since I originally backed. I wasn't sure, will I be getting a new survey for address or will I have to send you the address change?

    9. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Ingmar They did arrive in port on that date. We didn't anticipate the processing to take this long but they were finally released on Thursday and should arrive in the warehouse in Madrid on Monday. It will take about a week to prepare the kits for shipment.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Bryan Garcia on

      @Martin / Crucial team:

      I back your project twice and have yet to receive the portholes. I am just curious as to when and where in the pack do I stand?

      Please let me know your comments.

      Kind regards,

      Bryan Garcia (Woodbridge, VA - 22192)

    12. Monica on

      Hi, @Martin. I've pledged for two black portholes in November. I'm going to be traveling for awhile with no address to ship to. Is it possible to get a refund? Thank you!

      -Monica Lo

    13. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Again. Stupid auto correct. Sorry.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Oops, @Martine of course, lmao.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Europe (Madrid) on 25th last month. I don't know whether they effectively arrived on that date, but I haven't heard anything since.
      Was the European shipment on schedule?

    16. Neil Parikh on

      Hey guys! Was wondering if you could update me on if mine has shipped or not. Bought it as a wedding gift for someone so don't know if they've received it..

    17. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Mefw There aren't very many of those but whatever complete kits will be left over will be offered to backers.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher J. Harrington on

      Martin, I've lost track of when I'll be receiving my Porthole. Can you bring me up to speed on that. Today's date is July 10, 2013. Thank you very much. Regards, Chris Harrington

    19. Missing avatar

      Mefw on

      Out of curiosity, would it be possible for previous backers to purchase the Kickstarter Edition Portholes that are now unclaimed due to people given refunds? :)

    20. Tom on

      Just got mine today. It looks awesome. Looking forward to some summer cocktails.

    21. Missing avatar

      SkinnyFatGuy on

      @CrucialDetail , My daddy is a lawyer, and he is gonna sue you for keeping my money for 9 months while you create an amazing product that I have not heard one single complaint of from those that have received them!

      I love this thread. Thanks guys for keeping me entertained during the day! Thanks Crucial, looking forward to mine!

    22. marilynn lomazow on

      I don't remember if I was asked for a shipping address? It's been so long. i thought I pretty much a backer from the start.. maybe not very early, but in the group.. anyway. hopefully I will receive it in 3rd "Rest of the work shipment"
      Marilynn Lomazow Montlcair NJ

    23. Hugh Pritchett on

      I have two portholes on order. One is for an out of town gift. Is packaging OK for re-shipment or should I specify the gift shipment to the alternate address when I get my survey?

    24. Hugh Pritchett on

      According to records my date is 8/27. Which shipment group am I in? 8/27 is one of the perameters. Don't know which side of the fence I fall into. With my luck I'll fall into the latter one! I had hoped to be able to infuse bourbon with mint for Derby Day juleps!! Can I have my portholes by Labor Day? Not sure what to infuse for that occasion!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      One of my two shipping addresses has changed since I pledged; how can I change that address?

    26. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Marcia @Joshua US backers are continuing to receive their rewards in the order of backing. So far we've shipped rewards to backers who pledged prior to 8/18. All remaining rewards are scheduled to ship over the course of the next four weeks. You will receive a new survey from us several days prior to the shipment and a UPS tracking notice once it ships.
      International orders are handled separately from the US, not necessarily later, that's why I specifically mentioned them in the update.
      I apologize for the confusion.

    27. Missing avatar

      Joshua Reynolds on

      Should all USA people have been sent the survey by now considering your starting the rest of the world stuff I still
      Haven't seen anything?

    28. Missing avatar

      marcia on

      Could I please have some communication on this??? I see others are in the same boat... Just contacting and telling us when the approximate mail date would be appreciated. Lack of communication is not a good business practice.

    29. Missing avatar

      marcia on

      Could someone please advise why I have not received my porthole????? I have ask repeatedly and have been most patient of the first to support. I still have not received my porthole. Who do I contact to inquire further????? Marcia B. Ward Maybe a refund is in order?

    30. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on

      Wheeee, got my tracking number today. First infusion Tuesday night.

    31. Missing avatar

      rohit garg on

      Hello All, Refund was fully credited to my paypal a/c. Appreciate Martin's prompt response to my request for refund. I am happy that Crucial's team hasnt disappointed on this front and i do see myself buying one of Portholes once its avl in stores. All the best again!

    32. Keith Rome on

      Sure you can. It's up to the project creator's discretion whether they wish to honor any requests for refunds, but many do. Of course some don't, and Kickstarter doesn't require it.

      That said, it seems silly to me to ask for a refund now after waiting for so many months and knowing that they will be shipped within just a few weeks.

    33. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on

      LOL! reading these posts is better entertainment than looking at facebook. All these goofballs asking for a refund! LMAO!!! You can't have a refund on KickStarter!!! LOL. either you wait for the product or you get screwed when it does not show up!

    34. Missing avatar

      rohit garg on

      If thats an attitute and kind of response u have for backers, i would probably like to have money refunded. Admit it that execution has been at its weakest which is one of the primary reasons for many startups to fail. why is delay happening is your problem and not a customer's.
      I dont want to hang around for more and m sure there would be many like me , so pls refund and set a good example at least doing this maintian trust for clients to buy your products in future.. Thnx and all the best..Rohit Garg, Singapore

    35. Missing avatar

      Ralf Scherer on

      i can't understand all the people who complain about the long wait. kickstarter is a platform for products to be developed, not finished goods. There is a difference if people have to satisfy 40 backers, or more than 4000. If you want to buy finished Goods, keep away from Kickstarter...

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Frederick on

      Okay I understand peoples' frustration with the long unexpected delay in this project, and I will admit it did being to bother me too. However, you must look at this from the other side, say Martin did not show an enormous attention to detail about his product and just let the manufacturer go on as they were, you would all be complaining about the bad quality. Sometimes things go wrong. Lastly, let me just ask all of you this question would you rather wait for a quality product or gotten an inferior product on time?

    37. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Ho Ching Ng : The second Porthole was an add-on purchase from November. Those will be shipped in early August after all of the original Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled.

    38. Ho Ching Ng on

      I have pledged twice for the portholes and only received one so far. Can you advise me on when I will receive my second porthole please?

    39. Missing avatar

      Kathy Hale on

      I get production issues but this wait seems beyond reasonable and I'm more than tempted to ask for a refund of my money which I know I sent you well before Christmas 2012 as I had expected to give the porthole as a Christmas gift. I don't recall if I've received a survey and assume it isnot required to recieve the products that I've paid for. Please advise as to my specific status asap.

    40. Ian Zander on

      Not sure why I am still waiting for my shipment of two portholes. I want to make sure they are set for delivery

    41. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Jenna When you look at your backer history, under the Pledge column, it shows the date.
      You backed on August 27th.
      International orders are handled separately from the US, not necessarily later, that's why I specifically mentioned them in the update.
      I apologize for the confusion.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      I'm sorry to be difficult, but how on earth am I supposed to remember when I backed this, to know if I should have gotten an email already? It was almost a year ago! I live in CA - why are updates about the rest of the world going out when the US shipments aren't even complete? It sounds like I should have gotten an email already, which I have not, and I would really appreciate if someone would contact me rather than make me wait for an email which sounds like isn't even coming to everyone consistently!

    43. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      So far we've processed US pledges up to 8/18 - those backers should have received our survey. Subsequent waves will ship pledges through 8/20 (mid-July shipment), 8/27 (late-July shipment), and 9/4 (early August shipment).

      Survey note: So far we have received one notice from a backer that has not received our survey despite having been confirmed by SurveyMonkey as delivered. If you backed prior to 8/18 and haven't received our survey on Friday, please send me a message. Also, SurveyMonkey servers were down for a couple of hours on Saturday. If you tried to respond and the link wasn't working, please try again now.

    44. Colleen L Malloy on

      Im just going to add my two cents I backed on August 27th for 5 black portholes have only been seeing the updates still have had no email about delivery. It would be nice to know how long after these updates we can expect email verifying our delivery address?

    45. Missing avatar


      I, too, am excited to get my Porthole, but...

      Kickstarter is not a store. Things did not go quite as planned, and they needed to address QC issues. Yes, mine was a gift as well, but quality HAS to come before timliness. I am glad that crucial detail feels the same way...

    46. Missing avatar

      Laura Zaccaria on

      I'm like bob brook, in that I pledged my $175, filled out the questionnaire, and have not received ANY product from you. I am anxious to have my portholes, which were intended to be an Xmas gift, and have will have to be a birthday gift due to the 9-month delay!

    47. Missing avatar

      Bob Brooke on

      I pledged $175, but I do not know the terminology of my wave. At the bottom of my group it says estimated delivery October 2012, and Survey sent 11-19-12. My survey response was sent 11-20-12, and I subsequently received the extra glasses I had ordered. But I never received the two Portholes, nor the recipes. Was it shipped in November 2012, and therefore has be lost in the mail?? Or are the Portholes still to be shipped in some future wave? I do have a new address, so if they were sent in November (never received), I need to advise you of new address before you ship replacements. Thanks.

    48. Tim Thraves on

      Are the apertif glasses still part of the shipments?

    49. Missing avatar

      Catherine Curtis on

      I am extremely disappointed in this project! It will be a year for me to receive the portholes, one of which had been purchased as a Christmas gift!