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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
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Production and fulfillment schedule update.

Posted by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail (Creator)

Hi everyone.

I really appreciate the patience of those of you who are still waiting for your Portholes, allowing us to work out the supply chain issues. Thank you!

We finally have a firm production schedule that the suppliers not only promised but also have been able to stick to over the past month. At the end of this week, the assembly line will hit a 5000 porthole mark and the entire Kickstarter edition production of well over 8000 will be complete at the end of June. The last Kickstarter rewards should be en route to backers at the end of July.

Our next wave of shipments won't take place until the end of June due to a 3 week delay in port on the way out of China. Our shipment has been rescheduled to arrive in Chicago 6/22. It should be quickly followed up by one on 6/29 and two more shipments in July. There still are variables in play that we don't control. On the Chinese side, we haven't been able to get export clearance prior to physically delivering our shipments to port and the freight forwarder doesn't book our container space until it has cleared, making it somewhat unpredictable since there isn't always space available on a short notice. While we are able to pre-clear our shipments with US customs, there still is a possibility of being selected for inspection, potentially adding more time to the process.

If you're wondering where you stand in terms of the shipping waves, most US backers who backed by 8/11 have received their Portholes. The next two late June shipments will get us to the backing date of 8/20. Those who backed after 8/20 should receive theirs at the end of July.

Canadian backers: Your Portholes are a part of the next wave shipping at the end of June.

European backers: The EU shipment experienced a similar outbound delay. It is scheduled to arrive at our warehouse in Spain 6/25. We expect to have all of those en route to you first week in July.

Rest of the World backers: Your Portholes are a part of the shipment currently scheduled to arrive 6/29. Depending on your location, they should be en route to you first or second week in July.

Thank you for your patience!
Martin and the Crucial Detail team


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    1. Morgan First on

      Thanks for giving us an idea of when they will arrive!!

    2. Debra on

      I have a new address since I became a backer as well. How do we proceed? Thanks! Debra

    3. Missing avatar

      John Homan on

      Hi my address is changing before the next shipment. How do I update you guys with my new address?

    4. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Ian Sorry about that. Multiple Kickstarter project creators we spoke to alerted us to customs issues associated with Canadian shipments. Hence the separate bulk shipment treatment.

    5. Julian Simpson on

      Thanks for the update Martin - I'm looking forward to getting the Porthole, however, given the wait, it has become somewhat of a frustrating process, a feeling I've seen echoed in a number of comments on your past updates. I backed the Porthole on the 28/8/2012, and from your latest update, I won't be receiving my update until the end of July, almost 11 months after backing. Being a product manager myself, I can understand the issues and frustrations associated with the reality of turning a prototype into a delivery schedule with associated economies of scale, however, given the sheer size of the backing (almost 750k), I'm not convinced a much more concerted effort could have gone into ensuring a smoother transition, more rapid production and final delivery.

      I know this hasn't been an easy process for you (another drawback of such an enormous response), and I understand that there have been elements out of your control as there always is with shipping between countries etc, however from what I can tell, despite what will most likely be an amazing final product, the sheer lateness of the product delivery will have left those who took a gamble to support you with a bitter taste in regards to Kickstarter in general, but also to backing any future products you may decide to fund in a similar manner.

      I'm sorry to join the ranks of the frustrated - I know we all take a risk in the backing of Kickstarter campaigns - however those of us that do our research, look into the company running the campaign and generally are happy to give significant leeway when it comes to delivery creep. Exceeding your estimated delivery date by almost 9 months (if that is when it arrives) has exceeded that leeway considerably.


    6. Missing avatar

      Julie Miller on

      Need a shipping address update - from 485 Burning Tree Dr. to 714 Graham Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

    7. kristin nienhuis on

      I am in need a change of address.

    8. Ian Tuck on

      Thanks, Martin. I really wish you would've told us Canadian shipments would be held back. I ordered on day 1. I would've had them shipped to a US address. Oh well, you'll know for next time (would you do a Kickstarter again after the headache this has likely become?)

    9. Missing avatar

      Patricia Philbin on

      this is Patricia Philbin. The delivery address will need to be changed as of June 28, 2013. New address: 2203 Onion Creek Parkway, #6, Austin TX 78747.
      (Old address is 4515 S. 3rd Street, Austin TX 78745).
      Thank you.

    10. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Lisa You can review your survey response on the right hand side at the bottom of the highlighted pledge level you selected.

    11. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Paul The white Porthole is the last in line for assembly because it is the most sensitive. The numbering and signature etching will be done here in Chicago adding another week to the process. They will most likely ship at the same time as the last batch of the Kickstarter Portholes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on

      Thanks for the additional details. The reports from the people who received their portholes was very encouraging.

    13. Lisa Benitez Kuehl on

      I have requested how I check to make sure you have my address ? How do I go about that please . Why is it I do not get a response on past questions ?

    14. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Jason We will send a survey prior to shipping, allowing people to update the address on file. The other alternative is sending me a message here on Kickstarter with the new address.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nina Tovish on

      I'm going to need to update my shipping address as well.

    16. Paul Kafadar on

      Any update on the white porthole shipment date?

    17. Missing avatar

      Krishna K. Gupta on

      same question - the address i had listed is no longer valid for the person i sent this to

    18. Jason Horn on

      I'm moving June 20 and need to update the shipping address for my Porthole. How can I do that?