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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
4,270 backers pledged $736,112 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mike Green on

      Hey Martin,

      Any update on the next few waves. Would be great to have the Porthole for 4th of July!

    2. Missing avatar

      Susan MacDonald on

      @Tom, I am only hoping this means that waves 3/4 will be all delivered by July! Was hoping to have a post wave 2 update from Martin and the Crucial Detail team.....

    3. Tom on

      From crucialdetail website:
      We’re accepting backorders with estimated delivery in July 2013.
      Ground shipping and sales tax are included with pre-order.

    4. Tom on

      @Judith I'm with you... I got one for my father for Christmas and now I hope it shows up in time for his birthday (August).

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      michael colavecchia on

      Hey Martin,

      Was wondering whether there is anyway of figuring out when I will be receiving my Porthole? I pledged my support back in the fall.



      Hi there any way to order any more porthole kits. I pledged at $375, but I don't need five more only three. I must have missed the part about ordering extra in update #9. I understand if I'm too late, but since I've waited this long, what's another six months for the second order. I pledged at the very do you think I'll get the original order by August? I am very excited by this. Thanks.

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      Judith Klein on

      Please, could you just tell me when these are going to ship. I gave this as a Christmas present and they are beginning to think I just plain don't know what I am talking about.

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      ken ray on

      Hello Everyone,
      can you please give me an update on delivery. I'm opening a new restaurant in Miami Beach in 3 weeks and was planning on using my portholes.
      Ken Ray

    9. Theodore Cullen on

      Well Martin, It's been a month since the last update. When does it look like shipments will be complete?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Stackpole on

      Hello Martin, I am waiting for my Porthole. If it does not arrive by the 7th of June, You will need to send it to a different address. I will no longer be at the address I gave you initially. Please respond to me so I can share this new address with you.
      Thanks, Jennifer

    11. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Anderson on

      Waiting for The Porthole to arrive, can you please let me know when I may expect it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff Frederick on

      Just curious, if on the original shipping survey, when it asked if I needed it by the holidays or if I could wait. If I selected that I could wait, does that automatically put me at the bottom of the list? If I remember right I committed pretty early on in the campaign but I have not heard anything. Thank you

    13. Thy Leds on

      how about updating us on the 3rd batch?

    14. Missing avatar

      JamesF on

      I did the math and with my order date of August 15 that puts me easily in the first half of shipments which means end of this month or early June? I can't even remember if and when I received the survey for the shipping. Should I have heard something by now? Thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      joyce lee on

      Hello Martin & Team -- I got my porthole today and am very excited! Unfortunately one of the glasses arrived broken. Is there anyway to get a replacement? Just wanted to check. Thanks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Morgan on

      My shipment was due to arrive today ... and then UPS emails:
      "San Pablo, CA, United States 05/21/2013 6:00 P.M. Train derailment."


    17. Missing avatar

      Mark schneider on

      Martin & Team. I need a little information here. I ordered one porthole through the Kickstarter Campaign back in August/September of 2012. I've responded to survey, etc etc. I ordered two more portholes to be shipped before Christmas, 2012. That's long past and I have kept up with the issues related to the delays. When can I now expect the portholes? Seems like the pipeline is moving, however slowly. I must say the patience of your backers is impressive. I'm even impressed at my own patience. Thanks

    18. Jeremy Horwitz on

      Martin & Team, just wanted to thank you for delivering the first of my two Portholes. Everything that was supposed to be there arrived intact and looking beautiful. While I'm anxious to receive the second unit, I wanted to commend you for following through on what must have been a challenging process, and delivering such impressive products. Best regards, Jeremy

    19. Harsh Karmarkar on

      Hi Martin is there any indication as to when the $700 level backers will get their portholes? At least a note to let us know which wave we'll be in?

    20. Missing avatar

      Norma Oriz-Berrios on

      Hi Martin: Thanks for the reply to my question, but I didn't receive the UPS notice on Thurs or Fri.

    21. Missing avatar

      Susan MacDonald on

      Sounds like Wave 2 was sent out and people are really happy! Could you please provide a status update for the rest of us? Wave 3 timing? Maybe even Wave 4? Thank you.

    22. Laura Chant on

      Thank you for the reply Martin! Looking forward to it.


    23. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @JML The add-on backing is handled separately. Those rewards will be processed after all of the original reward kits have been shipped. Sorry for the confusion.

    24. Missing avatar

      JML on

      I received my first one today--totally awesome--but it didn't come with the others I purchased in response to your solicitation to increase the number we purchased (See kickstarter update #9). Will these be mailed in a separate package later? I really just want to make sure they weren't forgotten, b/c I would have expected them to be sent together. Much thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Roger Lane on

      My porthole just arrived and it is absolutely worth the wait! Yes, waiting so long was frustrating, but the quality of the product I received makes me understand why I waited so long. Thanks for the incredible chance to help make this a reality for Crucial Detail and I can't wait to get started!

    26. Missing avatar

      David Mordini on

      Worth the wait! I received an email about 2 weeks ago letting me know I was in the current wave of shipments. I received the UPS tracking info yesterday and it arrived today. The Porthole and glasses are amazing as is the packaging. The Porthole arrives in a custom box and the whole kit with glasses, instructions, 4 recipe cards, and tea come in equally impressive custom packaging. Sure, I waited a long time, but in the end it was worth the wait.

    27. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @ Laura Gardner UK shipments are a part of the EU portion which is processed separately and will ship from a warehouse in Spain. We're planning for this batch to go out in mid-June but port terminal turnaround times, customs processing, and warehouse fulfillment rescheduling (should any of the previous two be delayed) can all cause a slip of days or even weeks as was the case with this wave of US shipments.

    28. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Matthew Glaspey We're trying to respond to all messages on a weekly basis. Your was mistakenly marked as read. Sorry about that.

      @Emily Raab @Dean Wilhite I'll be posting a new update in the next few days.

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Glaspey on

      I would really appreciate some sort of update as to where my order stands. I have sent 3 emails requesting any sort of update information and haven't received anything back. To echo others statements I understand the delays, but no communication back with so many months delayed is starting to get very frustrating. I would greatly appreciate some sort of idea of when I can expect to receive the porthole. Thank you.

    30. Chuck Marshall on

      Got my UPS email today. My 5 will arrive next week!

    31. Missing avatar

      Emily Raab on

      I have now had two emails asking me to update my address and i have yet to hear anything back. I understand that you are having some issues with the product but I think we would all appreciate some sort of update since we all took the chance on backing your product and it has almost been 8 months since we were told you would have the first shipments out. I am fine waiting I just would like know on more concrete terms when I can expect my shipment as i do feel a little bit like we are being taken advantage of.

    32. Dean Wilhite on

      Any update news? This project is why I haven't backed any other Kickstarter projects.

    33. Laura Chant on

      Hi Martin,

      Thank you for the update. I don't mind the delays as I am happier to have a quality product than fast delivery, but I am starting to wonder whether the UK backers are going to get their portholes anytime soon. Can you tell me when the UK shipment is likely to go out?

      Many Thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Nee on

      Hi Martin, I know you sent out an email for backers to send in their mailing address. How can I make sure that information was received by you? Thanks.

    35. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Tim In the US, we're shipping in the order in which Portholes were backed. EU, Canada and Rest of the World shipments are shipped by location. The US shipments should be processed in 4 waves but if the manufacturers keep having trouble delivering on schedule, there will be multiple smaller batches.

      @Morgan I'm checking to see if we can build a web page allowing people to check where they stand.

    36. Tim Thraves on

      I keep seeing "waves". Is there anyway to know/find out which wave I'll be in and how I ended up in wave "x"? I haven't received any emails yet, so one assumes I'm not in wave 2. Just trying to understand if there are 8 waves? 4 waves? Is is determined by order date? Alphabetical? $$ donated? I think at least knowing where we stand will help assuage a lot of the concerns.

    37. Morgan First on

      Hey Martin! Is there any way you can release a list with backers first names in the order they were placed, so we have an idea where we fall on the list? I thought I backed the project on the early side, and I don't mind waiting but knowing where I stand in the list would be awesome so I have more of an idea of when mine might arrive.

      Thanks and keep up the AWESOME work!

    38. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Ingmar We won't be able to ship to EU backers before the end of the month. Until the shipment has been unloaded in port an cleared by customs, it's hard to give a delivery date range but based on our experiences here in the US, we're most likely looking at mid-to-late-June shipping to backers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on


      as per Creator Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail on April 25
      @Jennie @Jonathan Per our previous update, the EU portion of the rewards is en route to a fulfillment facility there. They should all ship before the end of next month.

      Is this still valid?

    40. Missing avatar

      Juan ignacio Acosta on

      Martin, when the international shipments starts?

    41. Jennifer L on

      No email update request for me so when is my shipping wave? I think Kickstarter needs to institute some kind of stop gap so that projects don't sell out to the level that the makers can't fulfill -- it looks like you've got a super product but way too many dissatisfied funders.

    42. Missing avatar

      Justin Crider on

      Thanks for the shipping update Martin. Looking forward to it!

    43. Missing avatar


      do you expect this same slip in the next shipment (the one that is supposed to go out in late may)?

    44. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Norma If you're in this wave of shipments and you received an email from us within the past two weeks, you should receive a tracking number from UPS on Thursday.

    45. Missing avatar

      Norma Oriz-Berrios on

      Does this mean that we should receive the UPS Notice by Thursday or Friday?

    46. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Roger, @Hugh etc. Our 2nd wave shipment was delayed due to logistical issues. The warehouse is assembling the kits now and is scheduled to ship this wave on Thursday. If you received an address update email from us in the last two weeks then your Portholes are in this wave. You will also receive a separate tracking notice from UPS.

    47. Missing avatar

      Roger Lane on

      I'm in the second wave (I assume since I got the email telling me to update my address if necessary) and yet I still haven't received my porthole. Obviously, the 2nd wave has NOT shipped. No idea why though since they have them in hand and should have been able to ship them out.

    48. Hugh Pritchett on

      Did 2nd wave ship? It's May 14 and according to Apr 24 update 2nd wave should have shipped by now. Would appreciate any comments by 1st or 2nd waves to see if ANYONE who subscribed has actually ever received their Porthole yet.

    49. Mary Couse on

      Thank you Nick DiCeglie for that very helpful chart. It disabuses me of any notion I may have had that I'll see my order for Portholes any time soon. :-)

      I realize response on this project was overwhelming and thus the manufacturing process as a whole takes longer than expected, but my guess is that many backers feel like I do: delays are easier to handle if expectations are set. Right now delivery is completely open-ended with no target dates for overall completion. If you know the bus won't arrive for half an hour, you're less likely to look for it every minute an a half.