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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
4,270 backers pledged $736,112 to help bring this project to life.

Second shipment wave

Posted by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail (Creator)

Hello everyone,

The next batch of Portholes is scheduled to make a landing in Chicago April 20th. Unless there are delays in customs processing, we should be able to turn them around and ship to backers within a week after that. The following wave of Portholes should arrive in Chicago in mid-May.

Unfortunately, the production has not been continuing as smoothly as we had hoped. The glass manufacturer did not deliver the subsequent round of side glasses on time and we learned that they lost a huge number of parts to micro-fractures caused by a new tool. The cracks were not apparent until after the parts came out of the tempering bath, leading to thousands of glass sides produced between those steps that are not usable. The factory has identified the problem, corrected it, and has restarted production this week, causing a roughly 3-4 week delay in assembly.

Note to backers in the EU, Canada, and Rest of the World: We learned from some of our Kickstarter peers that international backers frequently get charged for duty, customs charges, and taxes. To avoid this, we're working on fulfillment with partners in multiple countries that would allow us to legally import the rewards and ship to you without incurring additional charges by local authorities or removal of the tea. EU and Canadian shipments are scheduled to ship with the next wave of Portholes. Australia, and the rest of the world will follow.

We appreciate your patience,

Martin and the Crucial Detail team


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    1. Kristin Hunt on

      If you look to the right, the pledge level you selected should be flagged. Below that entry, you should see a note indicating when you filled out the survey and a link that you can click to see your response. You can't change it, but there are instructions that lead you to send an email to correct any errors or addresses that aren't correct any longer.

    2. Kate Baldwin on

      I'm in the same boat. I would like to make sure you have the right shipping address on hand before my sends. Is there a way to check it and change it if needed? Thanks for the updates.

    3. Amie Toole on

      Hey Martin & team,

      Is there any way to let backers know where they stand "in line" to receive portholes? Thanks!


    4. MOLD on

      Will you be letting us know when our porthole is coming to us? i think that my shipping address has changed since i filled it in months ago!

    5. Missing avatar

      TaraNewman on

      First off, thank you so much for your hard work! I know that learning how to build something with foreign companies can be a painstaking process! Thanks for keeping us updated and I look forward to receiving my product.

      To all the other backers: This is a huge undertaking, what these guys are doing here. Almost every single kickstarter I have ever backed - all having the best intentions - have delayed their shipping. I am still waiting for my copy of Steve Jackson's Ogre, which was the very first project I ever backed. In my experience - don't plan on these getting to you immediately. They have to be made, and tested, and tested again - parts need to be remolded, mistakes happen. This isn't these guys day jobs (Well, actually Steve Jackson it is YOUR day job) and they want to make the BEST PRODUCT possible - so you have something really cool for a really long time.

      So, stay calm, carry on, we'll all get through this together.

    6. Missing avatar

      lauren on

      Pedro, with all due respect, this is kickstarter, a campaign to help get funding for a project. This isn't a store. These aren't being delayed because the team is just sitting around, not doing anything. They had issues out of their control, and they don't want to ship you portholes unless they're 100% to their standard.

    7. Pedro Chavez on

      Waiting for 1 porthole is one thing. But i ordered 10. Ten very late birthday and Christmas presents. I'm bummed. I feel like a jerk to let my friends know i was going to give them something and have them wait 5 months. Considering there are no updates with concrete dates, it's hard to believe that I might be getting what I purchased by next Christmas. I suspect manufacturing issues will continue for months as they have been. If possible, I'd like to get a refund. I've already spent money on alternative gifts.

    8. Missing avatar

      Donald Wojnicki on

      Is there any way to get a more accurate ship date on when each of us will be getting ours? Because this is getting a bit ridiculous. I (like many) ordered mine for a Christmas gift. I even went through the process of filling out the questionare in regards to confirming that i was planning on using it as a gift for Christmas when you guys said there would be an opportunity to get a few out in time. Clearly that wasn't a possibility, and here we are in April hearing that there's only still a portion of us scheduled to maybe get ours in "mid-May". I respect the process and understand there are things out of your control but it would be great if you were a little more on top of things and not so vague all the time.

    9. Keith Rome on

      Zorak - I think that is incorrect. There have only been 160 shipped to backers so far. The second batch (ramped up to 2000 instead of just 160) was supposed to be on the way to Chicago right now (five weeks after that update), and would have been sent out to backers within a week from that. BUT as explained above, that didn't happen and the new ETA for that first large batch is April 20th and then going out to backers within a week of that.

      So by end of April, 2160 units will have shipped - in the best case scenario. And then 2000 more each two to three weeks after that. With no more additional setbacks or delays, the last of the backer shipments would be going out roughly in the last week of June. Again, that's assuming no more issues.

      I'm betting there will be more issues though, because they haven't yet had to handle a 2000-unit shipment batch. That's a 6x scale-up from the first batch of 160 units, and that smaller batch had its own share of problems with the printer.

    10. Zorak on

      Can we have an update on potential shipping times for the remaining batches? If I have read the updates right, you have shipped out 2,000. 5 weeks later (now) you planned a second batch of 2,000. By my tally of the backer rewards, there are 8,046 portholes pledged. So with about 4,000 out the door, does that mean that 2,000 more will go in May and the rest in June? Further, with so many manufacturing defects being discovered, such as microfractures that are hard to detect, do you have a framework in place for returns if a backer finds an issue after delivery?

    11. Nick Malloy on

      I also am moving in May what should I do? I dont know when the porthole will ship what address should I have listed?

    12. Gerard Viverito on

      I cannot remember which address i left to ship to. I have moved homes and cannot remember if I gave my business address or not. How do we check?

    13. Morgan Schapiro on

      Is it possible to change the shipping address? I will not be living at the same place in May.

    14. Missing avatar

      timothy loy on

      martin, thanks for the updates. all the hiccups have been incredibly unfortunate. i hope they don't stop awesome projects like this in the future! patiently looking forward to seeing the product.

    15. Missing avatar

      Meg Thomason on

      I would also appreciate a note informing me where I am in line. Thanks!!

    16. Kerri Mahoney on

      I would also appreciate a note informing me where I am in line. Thanks so much!

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Hogan

      Not to worry about duty on shipments to Australia unless the value is over $1000


      Martin...I can see the end of the tunnel! From reading all these comments I can see there are some very anxious people that need to chill a little...yikes! Personally, I am so glad you are working out all the kinks. The total bummer would be getting delivery & things not working out. The good idea that I read was just an email right before shipment so we can plan to take delivery. I'd hate for not to be there & it ending up on my front porch. Thanks again for all your diligence in keeping us up to date.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      I'd like to echo the comments of many others here that it would be nice to get an update of where we stand. I understand delays in a project like this, but it's frustrating to have no idea when to expect our porthole(s) to arrive.

    20. Michael C on

      Thanks for the update! I backed this product because I thought it was super cool and in hopes that I could give it to my mom for Christmas, but that has obviously passed. My next hope was to give this to her for her birthday, which is April 15, but I don' think that will happen either. I backed this project on 8/9/12, so I was hopping to be in the first few batches of Portholes that went out. You said you were averaging about 2 Portholes per backer, so any way of knowing how far along I am in the list. I know a lot of people want to know. I don't need an exact date or anything like that, just about how many are actually shipping in each batch so I can do the math myself.
      Thanks, Michael

    21. Aaron Reber on

      How do I find out what batch I am in? This is a Christmas present for my boss. It's 4 months late. I'm trying to be patient, but seriously c'mon.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gillian Vickers on

      Is there an email sent out to those who should be expecting an imminment delivery? If not, can you please do so? With Spring and Summer travel season coming up I'd like to be able to know I'm expecting a package so that I can ask a neighbor to retrieve it. Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      Noah Sweet on

      First, thank you Martin and the CD team for keeping us up to date with info, and especially for making sure the portholes are of the highest quality. I can only imagine how reaching this level of orders has changed your production plans, and greatly appreciate your constant efforts. While I can't wait to get my portholes home to play with, I understand the delays and am glad you are doing all of this QA.

      Second, to everyone who is complaining about not getting theirs yet, or how their "order" has not shipped.... Chill out. As many before have said, this isn't amazon. If you want instant gratification go shopping at a mall. Kickstarter is pretty much VC funding, except instead of equity you get a product. Be patient, the more Martin has to be on here dealing with your bitching, the less time he has to work on getting all of us our portholes. Martin has taken a risk with this project, how about anyone who is bitching try and do this better?

    24. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Thank you for being diligent with updates! Seeing the Porthole featured in Bon Appetit was torture, but I'm still excited for it.

    25. Terry Manning on

      To everyone asking how to update your address: click on your reward tier (it should be highlighted in green) and a popup will open with a link to message the project manager if you need to change surveyed information.

    26. Christy Altman on

      Dear Martin & Team,

      I understand that you are experiencing production problems. However, I was supposed to receive the portholes I ordered quite a few months ago. My patience is wearing a bit thin. According to the last update some of them have already shipped to your customers. Can you please let me know when I will receive my order?

      Thank you,
      Christy Altman

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mak on

      Still no update on how to change our shipping address, and how we can verify you actually have updated it in your system, an FAQ would be nice, a reply would be nicer.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kevin Dragotto on

      Hi Martin,

      Do you have any numbers on how many are shipping in April and in May? No impatience here, I just want to pass this info on to people who received them as gifts. Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Bob Brooke on

      Dear Martin.............

      I will be changing my residence soon. In lieu of the address in Palm Desert, CA, will you now please ship both Portholes to the address in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho? (Which should be in your current shipping instructions.) Thank you,

      Robert D. (Bob) Brooke

    30. Missing avatar

      Linda Florio on

      Thank you for the many updates. However, receiving this product would be the absolute best

    31. Pete on

      Wow, I'm really impressed by your attention to the delivery process for your non-US backers. I had been concerned about getting the tea through our customs as a private package and had considered asking for no tea to be sent. However I know it will be fine if handled by someone with experience importing here commercially.
      Great job!!

    32. Natala Menezes on

      Really appreciate the updates -- it has been interesting to hear about all the manufacturing and the details. Can't wait for my porthole!

    33. Dean Wilhite on

      I vote for a bonus crucial for every month past due. What do you say?

    34. Elizabeth Rhodes on

      How can I find out whether I am in the April or the May batch? It woulda me the endless waiting a little easier if I know not to get my hopes up about April if mine will not be considered until May.

    35. Missing avatar

      Natalie Mathis on

      We have moved since we ordered the porthole, how do we update out current address?

    36. Dilip Andrade on

      As with many Kickstarter projects, I expect there to be delays. Although I would really love to be infusing a drink right now, I appreciate the effort you're putting in to keeping us abreast of the production process.